Are you a creature of habit who loves gambling or thrill of casino gaming, but you don’t have time to visit real casino and play (or perhaps there is no any casino in your area)? Don’t worry, online casinos have brought the best of the casino games to your fingerprints. Today, thanks to the advanced information and computer technologies, modern casinos use online casino providers which allows them to offer Internet-based services. Online casino providers give the users a chance to place virtual bets on a game of chance in real-time, using real money. Online gambling was one of the first industries that took advantage of the digital age by establishing casinos via the internet. With the gradual increase in popularity and competition, new technology has successfully propelled gambling into the digital age. The gambling industry is a very competitive and boiling market.

Gambling Services

Today, there are hundreds or even thousands of websites which offer casino services. They are backed by different numerous software providers by various software companies, professional casinos and management groups. Finding appropriate online casino providers are much more than about merely finding a place to spend all your money or winning some if you just get lucky. Choosing the right software provider can lead to hours of endless fun while making the wrong decision of online casino software will cause serious consequences. There are thousands of online casinos all which accept new customers from all over the world, and they use only redeeming factor as a trick in the book to win over potential customers. These all mean that you have a range of alternatives to choose the best ones. Choices are a lot, how would you make a decision? Don’t worry, here is the solution, we have the answers and ever information you need to know.


Before to make a decision of purchasing a software provider for your gambling business, to make an evaluation based on the following criteria and classification will help you to have a clear idea.

How to choose the best software provider?

Before making your choice, you need to check the features of the providers whether are appropriate for your device or not. In today’s digital age, you have two alternatives to pick from depending on what kind of device you want to play on. There are generally two types.

1- Instant Play Casinos – these are sites where it is available to play casino games via an internet browser without downloading any software onto your computer. Or, you could download software which requires installation and customer registration in order to play and make a wager on the games.

2- Mobile Casinos – they are app-based online casino games for handheld devices and specialized for the players who are always on the move. The development of smartphones has triggered the use of handheld devices to play casino games. The qualified online casino providers have the features a dedicated mobile page that enables users to play almost all their games via their mobile phones or tablet devices.

It should be admitted that finding a high-quality provider is very difficult, especially considering all the legal and security concerns regarding online transactions. But here there is a list of tricks, slot game tips, and factors to take into consideration to help you narrow down your search for online casino partners. Based on the following classifications and evaluations, you can compare the best and worst providers.


User considerations

Location – Despite there have been no reported arrests made solely on the basis of online gambling in the US, there are many laws that restrict the use of online transactions with gambling sites. These laws, also challenge the banks about transacting with gambling websites. All these harsh requirements and legal barriers have to lead the consequences that the big casino players around the world have pulled their operations out of the US, including a lot if back-end software developers. Thus, there has been only a handful of online casinos to choose from, but these, fortunately, include some of the best, most exciting and reputable casinos in the world. They use cutting-edge gambling software platforms from big players such as BetSoft and Real-Time Gaming. So, make sure that the casino software provider has legal permission to operate in the country and provide all the requirement of law.


As mentioned above, users can play slot games in two ways; instant-play or mobile-based. Not all casinos provide you with software which is compatible with all devices. The best online casino providers are supported by software which is compatible with both computer operating systems (Mac and Windows) and apps for both Android and iOS platforms.


In the world of doubtful casino names and online thieves, the most significant factor to consider is a reputation of the provider company. One of the most reassuring methods of researching software is checking the reliability and credibility of the provider company. Especially, the reviews and rating scores are chore elements for evaluation.

Licensing and registration

Users need to verify that the provider possesses the necessary gambling licenses and it is registered with appropriate authorities. Because Numerous dubious websites are running without the requisite licenses.

online casino providers

Site security

This is the most critical part because it concerns your money. All users want to ensure that the casinos they are dealing with offer safety, security, and fairness in dealing with payments. That is why it would be better to examine that the software provider offers reliable and secure payment systems, security and privacy solutions, fairness structure of games.

Actual games

Even though every one of them offers the same basic set of games and similar gaming experience across all platforms, it would be better to consider your pathway in choosing the types of games and intensity of gaming. That is why you need to be aware that the online casino software provider has its own set of games.

Because all internet casinos use one or multiple casino software providers, you will notice lots of game similarities. Almost every casino have a casino games link which indicates previews of a number of games. Currently, based on high-ranking scores, high-quality level of services, and range set of the game library, the leaders of the market could be listed as follows:

Microgaming, Netent, Betsoft, NextGen, Play’n Go, Playtech, Cryptologic (or Wagerlogic to be specific) and RTG (RealTime Gaming). Behind these world giants, there are lesser known online casino providers such as Leander, Wagerworks, Kismet, WMS, and IGT. Generally speaking, these are all established and recognized online casino software providers, each has a strong enough reputation in their fields. You can find more information about the best online casino software here.

Finally, taking into account that the credibility and reliability of the online casino providers reflect the overall quality of your gambling business. It is worth to notice that you also need to keep in mind paying attention to the internet cafe software to provide safe playing with real money. Because, casino software impacts so much of the player experience online such as the games they play, the odd they get, the rules they have to follow, table limits and so much more.