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There are a lot of different online casino software reviews on the Internet.  You can a designer’s name, and the word “review” and you are going to be flooded with results. The problem is not to get reviews, and it is about finding prejudice-free and fair reviews. The quality of the software is an undervalued feature. You can find better-quality online casino software reviews that spend a paragraph to describe details of casino software. It is ridiculous because the software is how users plan on interacting with the site. The software that a site operates is the first way users will be interacting with that site.

It is evident that it is hard to find a comprehensive review of primary software platforms available. That’s why instead of going through the history of the companies and other features which waste too much time on, we will share details on quality gaming software.

Online Casino Software review categories


The casino software is a quite broad subject. A lot of determinants are available to take into consideration, and you have to know that “the best” is entirely subjective. To find out something close to an objective aspect, we have created three categories to use to compare various designers.

Biggest Game Library

The number of games offered is the main criteria while comparing gaming software platforms.

The best game variety

In this category, we are going to make a comparison between various casino game categories available, since you can not judge the quality of a game according to the number of games.

The best overall design

This is a broad category. Something that the other two groups do not have is going to be mentioned here. The design includes both looks of games and unique features that betting man ought to know about.

Casino Software

We have listed the five designers that are the biggest names in online casino design. We wanted to mention software that has many users. We tried to go through a contrary point of view to the platforms which are poorly reviewed everywhere on the Internet. We considered those and prepared a shortlist of nominees. The designers on our list are all lawful operators at mobile gaming venues and Web.

The five vying for the title of quality online casino software:

  • Realtime Gaming (RTG)
  • Microgaming
  • Playtech
  • Betsoft
  • Net Entertainment

The biggest Casino Game Library


Which platform has on our list provide users with more games? It is Microgaming. It offers just over 600 various games to its players. The next one is Playtech which includes 273 games. Concluding the the list: Real-time Gaming – 174, BetSoft – 150, Net Entertainment – 146.

How important is the platform’s library size? There are two answers:

If you prefer to bat around a lot in land-based casinos, in this case, the size of the library is so critical. You would be happy with Microgaming’s software rather than Net Entertainment powered site.

On the contrary, the size of the library may not be too critical. We would not like to use a cliche, but from the point of online casino software design, having a bigger size does not always mean better. For instance, you can read a general complaint that is about having the same look and acting on almost all the games in gaming forum posts and users’ reviews about Microgaming. Although Net Entertainment is smaller, you will not see this type of discussions about it. The smaller library can offer you better looking and more variation compared to the huge one.

As a result, it is not judicious to give the quality online casino software award to Microgaming. We have another significant factor that is about the titles’ variety in the library.

The Best Casino Game Variety


Which platform on our list has a more varied library? Before answering the question, we would like to make the simple method clear for identifying the overall variety. Variation of online casinos is about the various game’s ratio to one another. Typically, slots own the most significant part of whole games, that’s why we made a comparison between the number of slot games and the total number of games on every gaming platform and found out a percentage. The amount we got is the percentage of slot machine games.

So, variety score of BetSoft is 66%, and the quality software belongs to it. Next, to BetSoft, Net Entertainments scored 68%. Both casino software platforms offer extraordinary variety in respect of the online casino industry.

What about other platforms? The third place is Microgaming, with a score of 70%. Playtech and RTG have performed low variety scores. RTG – 73%, Playtech – 80%

How important is this category? There are two possible answers, as we mentioned above. Depending on a player it changes. Someone who is keen on playing slot games, he/she will probably take a contrary perspective and believe that the best is the one which has the most significant percentage of slots to the total number of games in the library.

The Best Overall Design


Which one on our list owns the best overall design? It starts getting more subjective herein since we are going to talk about personal opinions such as colors, design, and special effects.

The best design award honor goes to Net Entertainment and BetSoft. When we think about high-quality online gambling game design, firstly, these two companies come to our mind. Despite the fact that these two companies are smaller compared to Microgaming and Playtech.

The problem I faced in games of industry giants is that these companies are more likely to care about quantity instead of quality. It seems fantastic to place hundreds of games in the library. However, variety does not make any sense, if the titles are similar or the same at all.


The final decision on quality software race

Regarding the information described in the categories above, we can say that Net Entertainment produces today’s quality online casino software.

How did we choose the winner? Realtime Gaming scored the least points in all three categories, and it is evident that it is not the best one. Next one, Playtech, seemed well only in library size category and even there they were not the best one. When it comes to Microgaming, it took top honors in the library size category. However, their performance was poor in the other two groups.

It means that our final judgment was between Net Entertainment and BetSoft. At this point, we got a rigorously objective. We preferred to look at facts rather than consider individual preferences.

Games on Net Entertainment get better reviews on the Internet, compared to games on BetSoft

It is more available to get more information about games on Net Entertainment than other companies, and it is a good point.

There are no sections on BetSoft like the mini-games section in the Net Entertainment library. Players can not experience similar something in BetSoft library.

You can have the complete opposite opinion about some nuance of comparison. However, by the section, we scored the absolute winner is Net Entertainment. BetSoft comes in a close second on the online casino software. The other three platforms that are quite bigger than our two winners provide its players with inferior products.