Joker Card

If you want to play on a video slot machine but don’t love too many decorations or distractions, then Joker Card could be right for you.

Based on a card game there’s no confusing slot games or interface, and you can focus on spinning the wheels for immediate cash prizes. However, will you end up playing boom or bust? Here’s a peek at Joker Card with everything you must know.
Online video slots don’t have to be too difficult to have good fun, and this is a concept that Joker card slot game has.

The background design of this slot game is just green, nostalgic color of the classic online casinos. This color is in stark contrast to the wheels which are shiny and active with figures that are multicolored.
However, although the figures are bright, the interface persists the same with letters playing high-value cards. The gameboard is a bright purple and placed against this are cherry red, lime greens, sunflower yellow, azure blue, and a lurid cerise, so there’s no chance of you missing the figures on the reels!

Game Rules

Joker Card rewards out if you hit figures on an ongoing payline but how much you get depends on the figure that you settle. All of the figures are worth various amounts, and this, together with the number you match determines what prize you will win. The lowest wanted match is three on an operating payline, and unlike many other slots, it’s easy to recognize which one is deserving the most because they run in order from the minimum card to the maximum!
The king carries the top slot among the regular figures, offering a gain of 1000 if you match five. As well as the simple symbols, there are some extras which could help you hold up the prizes.
The wild figure of the Joker Card can replace the others on the board and looks it’s easier to hit a winning line. There’s also a bonus spins figure which awards players with between 1 and 10 free spins depending on whether 3, 4 or 5 are paired. But before you do start to play you’ll have to make sure you’ve set up your betting decisions accurately.
There are five wheels to play on with a regular arrangement of 5x3. The highest number of paylines is 25, but this can be decreased. Every coin is worth 0.01, but you could bet up to 100 coins per running payline, a feature which gives original versatility in the betting.

Playing Joker card

If you like to bet big, you can click on the Max Bet button on the left of the wheels, and all the game settings will increase to the highest level.
For players who like getting a little bit of a gamble, the gamble feature might be a beautiful option. This feature is granted every time you settle a win on the wheels. Rather than collecting your money, you can choose to gamble it in a particular side game for the chance to either double or quadruple your money.
To win the gamble feature, all you need to do is pick the color or suit of the card that’s suitable. It’s up to you which one you bet on; choosing the color could win you double of your bet while guessing the suit will win you x4.
It may sound easy, but Joker Card is a play of chance, and you’ve got just as much opportunity of winning as losing. So if you are going to lose, you’ll return to the primary game without a penny of your prize….