Internet Cafe Software

The Internet Cafe Software (ICS) is designed to automate the work of computer clubs, Internet cafes accounting paid games time, work on the Internet, sales of additional services (coffee, sandwiches, writing to a USB flash drive). Not paid or time out computers are blocked. It can turn off the power of the TVs to control any game console. Increases income from club work keeping an eye on administrators (prevents theft). Detailed reports are protected from change. Client computers are under reliable control. It has a lot of users around the world. Internet cafe software lets you control and secure cyber cafes, WiFi, public computers, game center and more.

The most impressive features of Internet Cafe Software

  • You will decide how you want to charge the computer and console usage by using this sweepstakes software.
  • You can charge time blocks, minutes, the timing of the day with altered prices and more.
  • Customers can utilize the same account for multiple entries until their report ends.
  • You can also restrict access to Ctrl + Alt + Del and other system keys, Control Panel, and local drives.
  • You can use the internet cafe taskbar and hide the Windows Start button in any Windows version.
  • This tool controls the lifetime of the game consoles and computers.
  • Client online casino software restricts customer activity to your liking: it can hide desktop icons, access to the system, and the Windows button.
  • This internet cafe software efficiently manages client accounts, security, program usage, and slot games.