Magic 81

Are you looking for some traditional slot machine menu? Well, Magic 81 could be the right slot game for you. This fruity slot machine game gives a fresh cocktail of figures which are ready for spinning. With four wheels and 81 channels to rank up winning combinations, this game will allow some exciting winnings too. However, players who like their games to come with special slot game features will be frustrated to find out that this slot game doesn’t offer anything other than a pure gamble game.

This classic themed slot game, however, goes back to the basics of the game by performing a simple set of fruit figures over a minimal game screen. While this may look a bit boring to many spinners, Magic 81 Lines is a slot which presents vintage charm by the fruit-bowl load. There are sour lemons, red cherries, and sweet oranges, as well as plump plums, yummy grapes, and mouth-watering watermelons. There is also a bar symbol and a lucky 7, to complete the vintage charm.

Game Rules

Because there are several possible wins on offer with each spin of the wheels, the pay table is almost ungenerous, especially when it comes to the minimum end of the win spectrum. The minimum available win will return your stake, and it is possible when you line up three of the following game figures: cherries, bars, lemons, oranges, and plums. Four bars will double the win while four of the fruits will quadruple winning amount. Four grape figures, on the other hand, will return 40x the total bet and four watermelons will award a multiplier of 60x. The most paid icon of all is the big red 7, four of which on facing wheels will increase the total bet by 160x. Hence, spinners could collect up to 1,600,000 credits out of this slot machine if they play an entire stake of 10,000.

Playing Magic 81

The truth is, there are lots of famous games out there with more effective graphics than this one. However, this slot game represents an adequately colorful collection of pictures which are designed to follow the authentic figures of the genre. What’s more, arcade-style sound effects make an additional element of vintage credibility – and you won’t ask for much more than that.

The demand of many classic slot machines usually extends in their straightforward gameplay. In many directions, Magic 81 Lines presents on this front, but in an unusual route. That is because there are no pay lines affected at all. Preferably, all wins are made by following up matching fruits and symbols on consecutive wheels beginning from the leftmost and moving to the right. So, there are 81 various ways to find wins with each spin.

As a conclusion of Magic 81 gameplay features, players only have to manage one variable value – the total bet amount, which can be found below the four wheels in the control panel. The available bets start at 40 and go all the way up to 10,000 in many increments. So, you don’t indeed have much time enough to enjoy the timeless gambling activity.