Magic Owl

On a misty, rainy night, the owls are out and about, driving their way into pitch dark thick of the fog, getting nothing but the deep magic and immediate sense of the doom. The Lady of Luck is also in anticipation of strange things, and when all the figures fall into their places, there will be set the luckiest player of the night. Is that going to be you? Well, to make sure, you can only start on the play table and start spinning some mad wheels in Magic Owl, a brilliant 2D video slot where coins fall with as many as three scatter figures competing to win your consideration!

There is Magic Owl Everywhere!
Watch around – there is mistery everywhere. You only need to have open eyes to see it. If not, turning a few wheels at Magic Owl and earning grand money out of foggy air could be a great option.

Game Rules

Playing Magic Owl – It’s Work Time, People.
Without much effort, Magic Owl performs about the job at hand, that is to let spinners to entertain themselves in the big strong rush that real money slot games are famous all around the world for it.

Before you engage yourself in this world of charms and luck, however, you have to make yourself a world of ideal to understand how to go about the game. There are five standard wheels to start the game here, followed by no less than 50 paylines!

The wheel to a payline ratio of 0.10 is something that we, at Skillmine Games online, support. It does not only give you plenty room to lay your bets, but it also allows a spacious enough pool of combinations to express from – something that can make your life as a constant slotter pretty comforting – both monetarily and fun-wise.
Lots of figures are hot in the nature of Magic Owl. For beginners, you have a chance of betting up to 50 coins per turn. These can be compared to $150 per spin, as per coin can be rated at a max of $3. It is a fair deal and looks as if it should satisfy newbies and high-rollers equal.

Playing Magic Owl

Then there is the icon-business. It is entirely reasonable to say that more figures regularly lead to a minor possibility of combinations being punched. Therefore, a score of six regular icons over five wheels and 50 paylines allows users a good shot at breaking down good, satisfying combos that cannot only offset their bets but also settle them in stable, profitable waters!

Among these, the highest paying icon is the Magic Owl itself. For 5-on-5 of its combinations with active lines, it rewards 250 coins each.