Pharaoh’s Ring

The Pharaoh’s Ring has not performed the same benefit as some of the more popular online slot games, such as Lord of the Rings, but it does have some unique features that players can undoubtedly enjoy.
Most of the icons used in the game are the same ones used in other Egyptian and Pharaoh themed games. The one figure that makes this game different from similar games is its ancient book, known as the Book of Ra, which has its own slot as everybody knows (the Book of Ra slot machine).
It is the only one that can replace the game’s other figures to help players win money, and this makes it the most significant figure in the game. When a player gets minimum three of the ancient book figures on the wheels at the same time the bonus spins feature is triggered. Players get ten bonus spins to test their luck. During the bonus spins feature, expanded figures can lead to increased winnings.
Extra bets can be activated during the game, adding an additional element of excitement to actions. The Pharaoh’s ring figure is considered a wild symbol while other stakes are in play.

Game Rules

With five reels and 20 paylines, Pharaoh’s Ring offers a maximum payout to winning players that is 5,000x an original wager. For some players, this will be enough to make up for the lack of a progressive jackpot, but for others, it won’t.
There are certainly some compelling reasons to give this game a try, but it just doesn’t have the legs to really to be an online casino contender by the looks of things.
There is an undeniable lack of features to be found within Pharaoh’s ring, but in defense of the game was it made available is easy enough to access. Everything within the game is displayed and explain clearly, which the game particularly simple from a function standpoint. It certainly stands for something that this game can be picked up and played without too much thought.

Playing The Pharaoh’s Ring

Most spinners think that the interface of Pharaoh’s Ring is easy to understand and operate. The game features a “start” button that makes players get the action going. Other highlights of the game’s interface include its gamble feature, a feature that is available in many slot machines. The gamble feature enables players at any time through the game to bet the entire amount that they have won in that special session of play. Lucky spinners will have their winning amount increased, but unlucky players fail all of the winnings they have.

In regard to winning the gamble feature players have to accurately pick whether the next playing cards color is black or red. They can return the gamble feature as many times as they want to and When a player has had enough of the gamble feature they can exit out it and return regular gameplay.