Reel King

Though it’s not uncommon for a fruit-filled video slot game to serve as a modern-day edition of the traditional fruit slots to advance to classic slot fans, Reel King stands on its own, despite the competition. This 5-weel slot allows 20 paylines and is loaded with a mixture of traditional figures, including Plums, Cherries, 7s, Jackpot symbols designated by shooting pockets of gold, and the Wild. It also plays secondary symbols – K, Q, J, and 10 like the ones featured on online Joker Poker casino games.

The Wild figure can help to achieve winning payouts that it replaces missing icons when it lands in the right position within an incomplete combination to win the payout. Get stacked Jackpot figures on all wheels when playing at the maximum 100-coin bet, and unlock the maximum 50,000-coin jackpot.

Game Rules

Bonus spin feature of the Reel King makes a cameo symbol to play his own slot game (he can do what he wants, because he’s the king). This game pays actual homage to the regular 3-wheel slots to which the king is clearly partial. The most fantastic feature of this game is, paying out wins on any combination of colored 7s. It starts at 2.00 (3 7s any color) and provides maximum slot payouts of up to 25.00 (3 Red 7s). It continues until a zero 7 symbol appears. At that period, the game ends, and the player will be awarded any winnings amount acquired as a result of the king’s random act of blessing. Also, the Reel King bonus feature will apply a spinner worth anywhere from 5X to 500X your total bet.

With bets each line beginning at 0.02 bets per line and a flexible 20 lines, actually, the lowest bet possible for Reel King players is 0.02, which would just get you one active payline. While there are players who play in this way, it does not allow players to get the complete advantage of the game and is more or less way just to play free slots but for actual money. In other words, it is not likely that the one line bet on is performing to result in a winning prize that often, and the gains not going to be very meaningful anyway. So, many players don’t see a point in this, but some do just like to spin the wheels without much worry about the risk to pay odds and such.

Playing Reel King

Still, people who do like to spin all the lines open on a game to make cash on every and all winning combinations, Reel King makes it affordable to do just that with a mere 0.40 bet total on all 20 lines (playing at the lower 0.02 bet/line level. On another side of the spectrum, a 5.00 bet/line max is set, and to cover all 20 paylines in Reel King, it will cost a 100.00-bet coin. There are also several other possibilities that lie between these two extreme models. All that being said, Reel King can support the majority of bankrolls for online slot spinners who budget for more extended sessions or higher payout moments.