We’ve all heard about online casino tricks and how fast they can make us winners. However, not all of them work. In this article, we’re going to find out which of them work and which don’t. The online casino industry earns around 50$ million dollars every year and gives out almost as much as that. Everybody knows about the 1$ million dollar casino slots, jackpots, and table games bets. Gambling can make you so much money, and nowadays, you can get productive from home.

Online casino websites are trending for a while now because of the comfort factor and the games variety. Each site has a lobby where you can choose from at least 25 slot games and other table ones. However, scammers came up with a scam for almost every type of play. Sweepstakes software providers update their products continuously to prevent online casino tricks. As we all know, security is one of the top features of online casino software. Let’s see which casino tricks still succeed and how they work!

1. No deposits

online casino tricks

Most online casino websites promote their no deposit bonuses if they offer any. No deposit bonuses are great for testing new waters, and you can consider them free money. Use the reward at online casino slots and win some easy prizes. Use those winnings as bets for other games. Everything is connected somehow, but the outcome depends on you. This type of bonuses come up when you make a new account. Invest the gift by playing other games. You can try different games to get a real insight into the gambling platform. This activity is a type of research as well, and you can find useful information. For example, you can acknowledge the software provider, the game variety, and so on. However, if you do win, some websites might ask for a deposit so you can transfer your prize.

2. Loose slots & Online Casino Tricks

online casino tricks

This is one of the easiest online casino winning tips out there, but it is efficient. Most gamblers know the “loose slots” term from land-based casinos. Typically, a loose slot is a machine with a low volatility rate. Volatility refers to how fast or how easy a casino slot would pay out. Low volatility slot games payout quite quickly but never significant amounts of money. Play these games if you want to get some experience and some fast betting money. Not to mention that loose slots don’t require large bets. Therefore, you can have fun and hit some pots without spending a lot of money. If you want extra details, you can check the casino slots RTP.

Online Casino Tricks

The return to player percentage states how much money you can get back from your bets. However, this percentage refers to all the bets on a specific slot in a certain period. Let’s say that a casino slot has a 95% RTP; this means that you can get 9.5$ dollars back out of a 10$ dollars bet. By using these slots data, you can see the gaming pattern used on the website. After seeing these features, you can decide if you want to stick with the loose slots or try high volatility ones. Just know that high volatility casino slots require more time and more money. So, you might as well have fun and enjoy the low volatility slot games. 

3. Jackpot type


There are two types of jackpots in online casinos. The website can hold a local or a network jackpot. What’s the difference? It’s like you order food from a food app or go to an actual restaurant. Local pots belong to one casino only, so specific casino slots generate money. Network jackpots belong to more than one online casino. Therefore, you will compete with several players playing the same casino slot as you are, at the same time. Most players know this type of pots as progressive jackpots. The games that have this feature are top-rated because of the massive money amounts.

The casino slots are usually multi-slot games, so they allow the prize to keep on rising. Even though this type of jackpot seems tempting, we recommend the local ones. Playing only local casino slots, especially in the beginning, can help you a lot. As a reminder, this kind of games are usually loose slots, so you win much more accessible. Online casino software developers invested a lot in progressive jackpots lately, but the strategy didn’t change much. You will still need to spend time on the same game and bet quite a lot of money. Therefore, for an enjoyable gaming experience, we recommend online casinos with local jackpots. 

4. Free spins

free spins

You might say that these kinds of online casino tricks are a bit out there. However, there is more to it; then it seems because free spins are great bonuses. This kind of rewards are present in every game, and every online gambler loves them. Besides, they come up quite often during the gameplay. Most people have fun with these bonuses, but the truth is, they can bring you closer to the jackpot. Free spins create more gaming opportunities. For example, a free spin can multiply your bet or give out more rewards.

You can check out the online casino features in advance and see what kind of bonuses they offer. Most websites choose to display this information, so why not take advantage? Choose the online casino that suits you the best. Also, a lot of gambling platforms give out free spins when you sign up or if you enter daily.  Take account of this kind of bonuses and many others and increase your winnings!

5. Research of Online Casino Tricks

researching online slots

You could always use some online casino research. This is a great tip to establish online gambling leaders. With a few clicks, you can figure out which are the most popular online casinos and which are blacklisted. As you all know, the online casino industry keeps on growing. Therefore, the competition is pretty stiff in this business, and everyone is fighting for the throne. Because of this, all websites give out attracting bonuses, signing-up, or VIP club rewards.

Gather some information related to these features before choosing an online casino. You can save up a lot of money, win easier, and also get better customer service. Not all online casino websites work with good sweepstakes software companies. If you check it in advance, you will also be able to read some customer reviews. Of course, you will never select a site that treats its guests poorly. Always take the time to do some research and find out more online casino insights. 

6. Bet max option

The bet max option is a handy one among online casino tricks. A maximum bet in online slots is the best bet you can get. However, it depends on the number of paylines that you bet on for the current spin. Most of the time, the Bet Max option is one click away from us, and we can select it any time. But, never forget to check this option when you start a game. Most online slots or progressive sweepstakes slots link their jackpots to this option.

So, if you don’t select the maximum bet at every spin, you cannot get the grand pot. If you have a low online casino budget, look for online slots with small maximum bets. Generally speaking, not selecting this option is a huge mistake. The Bet Max option is one of the simplest online casino tricks that can get you massive wins in the blink of an eye.

On a second note, the maximum bet setting connects with coin denominations. Most online slots use coins instead of real money, and sometimes one coin means more in real life. Knowing more information about coin denomination helps you set the record straight. Most online casinos that have this option use coins at the same value as regular currency. For example, one online slots coin is worth one penny. Therefore, it allows higher bets and a more extensive slot range limit. Top denomination slots also have higher maximum bet options and higher jackpots. Whenever you are gambling, do your research and make sure you don’t miss these online slots

7.  VIP club


Most online gamblers never stick to just one website, but they surely have their favorites. Most likely, they visit those online casinos regularly and choose to spend most of their time playing their games. Experienced players and online casino professionals came up with a lot of smart online casino tricks. This trick is all about your favorite casino sites and their VIP sections, more precisely. Everybody knows that getting a VIP membership comes with fantastic bonuses and exclusive deals and packages. Also, it is worth it from a financial point of view. You can take more money home while playing and paying smarter. You can also get free demos from new casino games and exclusive access to specific tournaments. Seize your opportunity and enter the VIP club of your favorite online casino.

8.  Search for free games

That’s right; some online casinos offer free games. This means that you can play online slots without investing a single penny. This is one of the greatest online casino tricks because you can make some extra coins and gain experience. We will be honest with you, and we’ll tell you that you can’t make a lot of money out of free slots, but they come in handy either way. 

9. Special offers

special offers

Some online casino websites offer exclusive deals and packages for a limited time. Most of the times, they include crazy amounts of bonuses, free coins, and even sales on their VIP packs. It can be anything you ever imagined, and as it goes in online slots, very handy at all times. Therefore, make sure you enter your favorite websites regularly and browse their blog or news sections. Their promotions are easy to find and very advertised, but we all know how easy it is to miss them. Online casino sites are famous for their catchy design and graphics. 

10. Bankroll

This one is more different than other online casino tricks. Our final online casino trick is all about you, the gambler. Most players end up spending way more than what they can afford because of poor management skills. To prevent this kind of events, plan. Set a gambling limit or a budget for each game or each gaming session. You won’t have to worry about overspending or losing too much. Manage your money wisely and enjoy your online casino experience at its fullest. 


online casino tricks

In conclusion, online casino tricks are not necessarily scams or cheat codes. Most of them are just smart gambling strategies meant to improve your gaming experience and raise your profits. They are not hidden, as a matter of fact, they are right under our noses, waiting for you to find them. Options like the maximum bet and bonuses like free spins are the perfect examples. The bet max is one click away, and it dramatically changes your faith. You could try winning for one hour at the same game, and as soon as you activate Bet Max, you could win. It goes the same way with the bonuses.

Free spins are not the only prizes on the list, but they surely are the most useful. These extra spins appear more often than any other bonus, and they speed up the gaming process. You can win coins or another bonus game or even the big pot. You never know with these prizes, and this is why online slots, in general, are so much fun. However, if you are looking even deeper, you can find more online casino tricks. But, the online casino world used us with reading between the lines.

Random Number Generator’s Role

This time, it’s about the random number generator and the return to player percentage. This is vital online slots data that you can use in your advantage. Checking out these stats can tell you if the game is worth it or not. Online slots with low RTP or volatility, are your go-to. We are saying this because loose slots payout very often even if they don’t have enormous payouts. You can make money easily and then spend them on higher volatility online slots and try your shot at the grand prize. Designing online casino world is all about being smart and knowing your assets. Before gambling, do your research first. 

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