Today, you’ll find out how to win big in popular slot games; the way the pros do it. In the process, we’ll also put a debate as old as time itself aka since the 1890s (the slot machine invented this year) to rest: are popular slot games rigged? 

The answer is yes. But hold your horses, before you start packing your backs, it’s not in the way you might be thinking. All casino games are rigged according to Mathematical principles. This way, nobody has control over the ultimate outcomes. Not even the house or the online casino software; meaning, the odds of big payouts on bets don’t change within a particular play session. 

Take, for instance, your chances of hitting the jackpot in one of the most popular slot machines (Sizzling Hot) is 1 out of 1000, and you win. On your next spin, the odds of winning the jackpot again remains unchanged – 1 out of 1000. 

That is the rig!

Your odds don’t increase or decrease simply because of the playing session you’ve had on any particular day. 

Be that as it may, you would agree that there must be a good reason why players choose popular slot games over other online casino games. And no, it is not just because of the great-looking themes or the cool sound effects. 

For those who aren’t too familiar with the latest, most popular slots machines, we’ll look at them in a minute. We only need to pinpoint one thing. 

What Makes a Great Slot Game?

Whether in-house or online, popular slots games attract a lot of players and are simply impossible to ignore. But what makes some slot games so excellent and fascinating to players? The slot machine has undergone a great deal of change since its humble beginnings in a California tavern. 

Today’s slot games are technical marvels (don’t take my word for it, check out the list of the most popular ones below). Fit with several breathtaking features and impressive bonuses that have players always coming back for more. 

The features below are the main factors separating the most popular slot machines from the others.

Themes, Sound, and Graphics

popular slot games

In the not so good old days, even the most popular slot games came with only three spinning reels. Which were pretty binary if you ask me, it was either a win or a loss. Today, the game has moved to the next level, with incredible graphics, uniquely crafted storylines, and fascinating character tie-ins; making spinning a real treat. 

Number of Lines

It is not unusual to see the most popular slot machines of today designed to include over 25 pay lines. Which is very appealing, since it allows for more winning chances every time you spin. Also, one must bear in mind that more lines mean higher bets with every spin. If you are a slot enthusiast, then you’ve often been in a position where you had to find the perfect balance between winning opportunities and wager per spin. 

Added Features and Bonuses

The inclusion of bonus features was the single innovation that revolutionized the way gambler interacted with online casino slots. These all-new inclusive addons kept players more engaged.

Eye-popping Payouts

Let’s face it, the eye-catching designs of the most popular slot games would be useless without a matching payout percentage. It’s true, graphics and stories certainly play a significant role in getting you invested. But, it’s the attractive payout that seals the deal and makes all the difference.

So, whether you’re a huge fan of popular slot games because it ties-in your favorite celebrity and plays a hit song while you spin; you remain hopeful for your next big win online nonetheless. Primarily because of some of the latest big win stories of slot players. These are some of the main reasons why some slots games are more popular than others. For those not too familiar with the latter, they’re coming right up. 

11 Most Popular Slot Games Online

It takes being around for a while to make it into the best of all-time list. Below are the slot games that have endured the test of time and still going strong.

  • Miss Kitty 
  • Starburst
  • Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
  • Arising Phoenix 
  • Wheel of Fortune: On Tour
  • Double Diamond
  • Xtra Hot
  • Deal or No Deal
  • Magic 81 
  • Bruce Lee: Fire of the Dragon
  • Mega Joker

Do you agree with this list? Let me know of any other honorable mentions. Those who are yet to try these, you need to try this. Do you want big wins? These are the popular slot games you should be playing. 

As far as winning goes, lots of factors determine the outcome, one of which is blind luck.

But if you are like most people, you’d rather not bet your hard-earned cash on luck. You would prefer some inside knowledge before you make your bet.

3 Ways to Increase Your Winnings With Online Casino Slots

popular slot games

Who wouldn’t like to be a top-secret agent like James Bond, Evelyn Salt, Jack Bauer, Ethan Hunt or Jason Bourne? Everybody would like the unique treatments, cool gadgets, and most importantly, the classified intel. 

A little search and you’ll find there are lots of “advice” all over the web. But, what makes you different from the average joe when playing popular slot games is the inside info you’ve got. I’ve searched, researched, and experimented most of the tips and tricks out there, and these three are the real deal. The three gems outlined below are the secrets of making you a high-tech game spy among ordinary gamblers. 

Know Which Slots Not to Pay

Like any other endeavor, there is the good, the bad and ugly. A quick hack to pick the best paying slot game may focus on which slots promise the best. But it also helps to know which of them to avoid. 

Reviews and articles like this one are reading are critical to increasing your winnings with popular slot games. There are many slot machines online. All are promising the skies, but not many deliver the real goods. Other players will call out the best online slots with high payout percentages are always called out by players.

Explains why it’s good to trust other players(unless you were playing poker). Read comments, check the reviews, and look at the ratings. Make sure you do your homework. Many online casinos slots run on pretty much the similar slot game software. Should you care enough to access the strengths and weaknesses of the different online casino software, you uniquely position yourself to pick the best games. Also, you want to check and compare the pay tables to know which slot machines pay the best. 

Avoid Suspicious Slots

In addition to these, a great way to increase your bankroll is to take advantage of slots that offer special bonus offers from time to time. It is common knowledge that online casinos providers exciting bonuses periodically. You can thank your casino’s marketing department for these brilliant internal and retention strategies. 

Keep your ears to the ground by signing up with your online casino to receive special offer emails. This way nothing good passes you by, and you are guaranteed to turn that $20 deposit into an unbelievable bankroll. And genuinely extend your playtime. 

Who knows? You might hit it big!

Last but not least, take advantage of casinos like Skillmine Games that offer free spins. A free spin presents an opportunity to try out some of the most popular slot machines. You find out how to win and get a feel of the best ways to place your bet — all without spending a dime. And if you happen to make a few bucks while you at it all the better. 

Choose Random over Progressive Jackpots

progressive jackpots

Many times the best tips are counterintuitive. In the sense that they do defy conventional logic. Explaining why it’s not always in your best interest to go with the obvious option. So, as impressive as an online casino’s most played slots may always remember they still want your money(Good thing licenses and regulations exist to keep online casinos inline). Making most of them reliable for payouts. 

You’ve checked the payout, and taken your time to make the right choice among all the list of most popular slot machines. Now you ready to win a jackpot. But, not so fast. You want to select the right kind of prize carefully. To the newbie out there; there are two types of slots jackpots; random jackpots and progressive jackpots. 

The trick is to play random jackpots. And I will explain why. But let’s begin by looking at the progressive jackpots. Progressives collect players money and base the overall payout on the number of people that play a specific slot. They are the mega jackpots programmed into the online casino software. Because of this, many gamblers believe they will walk start a slot game a pauper and it to the Forbes’ top millionaires by the end of a spinning session. 

Why Random Jackpots are Better?

Explains why they are more tempting, right? 

But just let me the next time any gambler you know personally, makes it to the Forbes list(will be saying my prayers for them). Best to avoid such wild temptations. 

Hence random jackpots do the trick because not all slots are created equal. As the name implies, the random prizes governed by the laws of probability. So, by choosing random over progressive, your chances of hitting more but smaller jackpots go way higher. Ponder it for a second, if you were the one designing the progressive and random jackpot which would you give a higher chance of a home run? 

Don’t know about you; but, I choose a slow and surer approach to the millionaire’s club. Don’t you agree? Might not sound as breathtaking as a one-time mega win but you can’t deny it. The random jackpot tilts the odds in your favor. Irrespective of the online casino slots you choose to play.  

The Most Popular Slot Games

The less complicated the slot game is, the higher the odds. Naturally, we all gravitate toward the more complex popular slot games. However, do you know the more complex the game (you know their names), the lower the odds? We all love the extra features and additives that come with the very complex slot machines. But these are the very features that render it difficult to keep track of the things that matter. Examples, tracking bonuses, progressive jackpots, and multipliers become complicated with all the extra activities that are usually going on in complex slot games.

So you want to go for the online slots that increase your winnings, but you also want to keep it simple. Just stick to the best paying online slot machines that aren’t complicated to get the best odds each time you bet. Like I mentioned earlier, you can try out this fact and see for yourself with free spins. 

This way, instead of just taking my word for it, you test the complex and less complicated to verify this point. This strategy is what I call “PESA” – Pick Evaluate Score Adapt. This simple strategy has allowed me to create a list of the most trending and profitable slots games to play. And I keep track of my payouts on the different slots I played.

Know When to Quit 

when to quit

It’s all fun when playing slots from; however, if you want it to remain that way, you need to know when to pull the plugs. Hence all slot experts will tell you to have an action plan or a game plan. This game plan defines your objectives for playing slots. And your purpose will determine the amount of time and money you will be spending to spin slots online. Having these at the back of your head, you are better positioned to play responsibly. Because you know your limits. And with a bit of discipline, you won’t exceed them.

I can still picture the last poker hand in Casino Royale when Daniel Craig’s James Bond won a total of $150,000 000, Le Chiffre’s car and got the girl too. I always wondered why Le Chiffre didn’t stop while he was ahead. Casino Royale was a great movie, but I learned a precious lesson; know when to stop. Le Chiffre allowed his ego and emotions to get the best of him. And he paid a high price for it. Thankfully, we aren’t playing poker with James Bond (imagine that). And lives aren’t on the line.

Nevertheless, you don’t want a bad experience like Le Chiffre’s either. Because like it or not, all gambling(whether online or offline) has some level of risk. Our job as gamblers is to manage the risk. Especially since time and money are involved.

Calculate The Risks

These two aren’t all there is to life, but they’re right up there with Oxygen.

Gone are the days I would be so caught up in the exhilaration and the drill of the game. And spend way more than I can afford in hot pursuit of a payout. Which I never caught. Today, life is much easier on the best online casino slot games. I find the new slots to play, keep my head out of the clouds, and get paid while at it simply because I have a great game plan. I know what to look out for when choosing which of the popular slot games to play. And which slots to avoid. Going only for the top-rated online slot games and most importantly sticking to my game plan.

If I have done it, then so can you. It only takes a few minutes and a little attention to details. This step will make all the difference and turn your fortune around. The adventure awaits you; all you need is a strategy that works. These three tips are useful, straightforward, and easy steps that can drastically increase your chances of winning big in popular online casino games.

Tie-it-all Together for a Great Slot Payout

popular slot games

We’ve covered a lot about online slot games. Enough to guarantee you a great time playing your favorite online slot games and increase your chances of winning. With that said, we can simplify it all into three main points.

  1. Know what makes a great online slot game
  2. 11 examples of popular slot games
  3. 3 Ways to increase your winnings 

These should make it practical and very applicable to everyone. Whether you are new to slot machines in general, or you are a seasoned veteran of the online casino slot.


Finally, always remember that playing any game of chance can be at different levels. We’ll always have the amateurs, world-class, and those who are in-between. Which would you rather be? The choice is yours. You should instead choose to play popular slot games and increase your chances of winning. After all, who wouldn’t like to be a millionaire at the click of a button?

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