If you are a creature of the habit of playing casino games, and you don’t have enough time to go real casino, then you must be triggered by online casino games. The advancement of technology and development of mobile devices have been made the online casino games very popular. But today, there are a lot of participants in the online casino games market. It is intensely high competitive and boiling industry which generates billions of dollars every year. That is why as a player you have numerous options with different features, and of course, it may take time to decide to choose the best gaming software. There is a range of components to evaluate the best gaming software and all software developers have their strong sides. Plus this depends entirely on the personal taste of the player.

Nowadays, almost every emerging or already well-established casino uses gaming software developed by another company. Participants of the software industry are racing for technological perfection, so every emerging developer needs to be able to introduce their own innovations to cover the standards set by their predecessors. These standards are derived from many factors such as customer experience, clients’ taste for the game and previous standards. If a software developer could not cover any of these requirements eventually, the players will end up disappointed.




How to choose the best software

But some general tools and factors are indicating the quality of software. We have provided some of these classifications and evaluation criteria which will help you to choose the best software.

User experience

Best gaming software companies are continually upgrading their games through better graphics, next-generation animation, cutting-edge sound effects, and other features to increase the overall quality of the platform. Considering the fact of the high competitiveness of the software market, the long industrial experience and long-term customer relationship play a significant role to come up with an idea about the quality of the casino gaming software. Thus, the historical background is the first core element of your early estimation.

Payment software 

Should have the ability for a gaming platform to perform financial transactions or operations such as receiving and sending money because it is the lifeblood for the online casino business. Considering the fact that this aspect is most heavily regulated and monitored by official law-governing authorities, only the best software providers could achieve the profound development functions of payment software.

Multi-device support

Because computer and phone manufacturers create their own operating systems, online software developers started re-working or completely redesigning their gaming platforms. Thus, the next factor in choosing the right software is being accessible by all types of computer and mobile devices. Today, high-quality software is developed for devices that operate on Android, iOS ( Apple) and Windows OS.


Even though it is a virtue for a software development company to create its own platform with multi-device support, certain groups of businesses work exclusively in a specific direction. For instance, the company Play’n Go specializes exclusively towards mobile games, while Evolution Gaming developers focus on live casino applications. Both companies successfully continue to stand among other competitors that have been in the market for many years.



The best 5 online software provider companies in 2019

Based on the classifications mentioned above and criteria, especially considering customer feedbacks, rating scores, and public reputation, we have provided the list of the software developers. It has been underlined the strong sides of this software and highlighted features which make them the best ones.

Evolution gaming

Sometimes, people think that you are playing live dealer casino games, you don’t need software. This is not the case at all. It does not mean that you don’t need software to power the rest of the experience, just because you are using real playing cards, dice and roulette wheel. Evolution gaming is considered probably the best gaming software for live dealer casinos. It is a publicly traded company listed on Swedish stock exchange and has seen an outstanding growth rate of 51% over the last couple of years. For live dealer casino games, the first suggestion is to look for a casino which uses Evolution Gaming.

Net Entertainment

Net Entertainment (sometimes called NetEnt) is one of the most famous online casino software providers. By employing more than 700 game designers, they handle billions of online gaming transactions a year. All around the world, just over 100 different online casinos use that software by offering more than 200 different games. The company has specialized in instant play games and 3D slot machine games. Also, they have an exciting selection of online progressive jackpot games.


The Playtech company holds a soft spot in their customers’ heart. Having a strong reputation and public image among its clients is explained by a large market size. Besides, offering slot machine games and video versions of table games, they also power sports betting platforms, as well as bingo and lottery games. The vast majority of their games, also are mobile compatible which is a strategic business move. Moreover, the Playtech provides multi-language support for its games.



It is one of the oldest companies in the gaming industry which was launched 5 years earlier than Playtech. Microgaming was well-known for having the biggest and the most progressive games initially, but they have specialized in virtual gaming. They offer more than 850 games including 40 progressive jackpots, and 300 of them are mobile compatible. Most of their games are available in both downloadable and instant play versions

Realtime Gaming (RTG)

As probably you know, there is strict regulations and limits for playing online casino games with real money in the US. There is good news that Realtime Gaming is one of the few software providers who still allow their licenses to accept real money anywhere within the USA. Because they are a private company that makes them more flexible when it comes to these kinds of risks. Realtime Gaming offers over 300 different casino games, but the vast majority of them are slot machine games.



That is the list of the best online casino software providers in 2019.

These are the biggest companies in the software market. We tried to focus mostly on the companies which provide software both instant play games, but also the leaders of live dealer games and mobile games also are on the list. There is one thing to keep in mind that if you are reading this from the US, don’t disappoint if a specific casino software provider is not allowed to accept real money by depending on your jurisdiction. But anyway, in all case you can enjoy playing your favorite games via high-quality services of the best gaming software providers in the world.

Besides, the gaming industry changes consistently, thus you can expect to find new companies in 2019 and beyond which are pushing the limits of what online gaming. Of course, the companies listed above will continue to innovate and develop their gaming activities. That is why it is better to keep an eye on new products and services they will introduce to the market. You can find more and detailed information about the best gaming software and games in here.