Online slots are one of the most entertaining types of games that you can play in casinos. In these games, players are able to gain many exciting prizes. Bonuses are an essential part of slot games. Several decades ago, players did not have the advantage of online casino portals. Thus they were using land-based casinos for entertainment. In those brick and mortar casinos, players were enjoying slot machine games. Today, we have online casinos in which we are able to play online slots that pay real money. This post will address online slots that pay real money. 

Slot games in the online casino business

As we discuss the topic of slot games, we will see that the success of these games in online casino business is no coincidence. Online casinos are offering various slot games, and fans from all over the world love it. The joy and excitement that players are getting from casino slot games are second to none. Slot games are offering exciting features, high-quality design, and enormous bonuses for the customers. Let’s explore those features. 

Classic slot games are the ones that have three or more reels. Today we have different kinds of online slots that pay real money. Nowadays, internet cafe software provides many types of online slot games such as slots with storylines, 3D effects, etc. High-quality slot games are available in every popular online casino. By playing them, you can earn real money. In today’s world, advanced technology helps developers to create new features for slots and also improve them. Online slots are profitable as well as entertaining. So, let’s list the best online casino slots that are paying real money. 

50 Dragons

The first slot game that we will explore in this list is the 50 Dragons. 50 Dragons offered by Skillmine gaming company. Rules of this game are the same as other online casino slots. In50 Dragons, you will encounter mystic dragons that portrayed as the clones of fifty lions. This game has five reels. Moreover, you will meet fifty pay lines. This game is very affordable and has many exciting features.

In 50 Dragons, if players can manage to get all five reels with matching golden dragon symbol, then, they will acquire the highest reward. What is that? In 50 Dragons slot game that pays real money, multipliers are incredibly efficient. For example, if you match fifty golden dragon symbols, your wager will be multiplied by fifty. It is a golden opportunity for slot game players who like to risk it all on the table. In this game, the theory is simple; if you gamble a lot, then your awards will be higher. 

Main features 

There are enormously great features that 50 Dragons slot game offers. It is very convenient for players who like to play in physical slot machines. This game allows you to play it whether you are in an online casino portal or and brick and mortar casinos. It is accessible through any electronic devices as well. 50 Dragons are giving you many great opportunities for getting great sweepstakes prizes. For instance, there are fifty lines in this slot game, and a player can put his/her money on any given pay line. This feature is giving you more chances of winning the game. Besides, if a player wager coins in more than twenty pay lines, the winning percentage of that player goes higher. 

Design and Bonus opportunities in 50 Dragons

The design of 50 Dragons is exciting. The main character of the game is the Golden Dragon, which is one of the legendary mystic animals. In this online slots win the real money, you will get the best results by matching dragon symbols. Sets are essential for gaining rewards, and in 50 Dragons, you can create various sets.

Moreover, wild symbols can replace the main icons in this game while you are trying to build a collection. After playing for some rounds, you will see many colorful symbols in 50 Dragons. Moreover, the scatter logo for this game is the Gold metal piece. You will manage to earn free spins, free rounds, and re-spin bonuses by matching three out of five symbols in 50 Dragons. 

Online slots that pay real money- Big Red

Big Red is a very entertaining and vastly known slot machine game. The high volatility rate of online slot games makes it even better. As we all know, the volatility is measuring your chances of winning, so in Big Red, you will get the idea of online slots to win real money games. Excellent design and exciting gameplay of Big Red made it very famous in Australia and significant parts of the world. It is no coincidence because the main character of the game is a kangaroo. Let’s move on to the adventure gameplay and the fantastic design of the game. 

RTP and bonuses of the Big Red

Return to the player rate of this slot game is very useful. Payouts are being at 97.04 are the key to success in Big Red. This rate percentage is very high if you consider the average slot games RTPs in the market. Players will manage to get extra rewards by playing Big Red. That is one of the online slots that pay real money games in which you can play for both credits and real money. The Big Red consists of five reels and fifteen pay lines.

Additionally, there are three rows in this online casino game. You can put a deposit as low as one dollar in this game. The calculation of the rewards is similar to the other casino games. So, it counts as the multiplication of the deposit and the pay lines that you played. 

Design of the Big Red

The design of the Big Red is unique. Australian landscape described in the background of The Big Red. It will capture your attention as soon as you enter the game. Natural habitats of this landscape portrayed effectively in The Big Red. Animations are simple, though has very creative design. You will see many natural habitats of this region while playing this slot game. 

For instance, tall trees, eagles, bears, dingoes, wild crocodiles, and the main character kangaroo are among them. Not all online slots that pay real money have a high-quality design just like this online casino game. Absorb visual, and easy control of the Big Red, helps you to enjoy your time and rest while playing intense games. The pace of the game is fast, the bonuses are high, and most importantly, it is very cheap. If you would like to know more about The Big Red, check it out. Thank you for reading. Hopefully, you will manage to find the best real money slot game that fits you well.

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