The gaming business on the Internet is very attractive for entrepreneurs: it seems that with the minimal investment you can become a millionaire tomorrow. But as in any other field, without any effort, there will be no result. You must clearly understand that without best gambling software your business may suffer failure. Be prepared for the fact that the independent creation of a gambling establishment is a big time and financial cost. If you have the right attitude towards gambling software solutions and online casino development go to the development itself. Establishments like online casino provide access to various types of entertainment: from the simplest slot machines to roulette, poker, etc.

Online casino is a fairly broad concept. Most often, online casinos provide games on their site, however lately many gamers use particular downloadable consumers for their devices, also apps for mobile phones.

Creating an online casino at first glance may seem like a daunting task. Undoubtedly, an entrepreneur will need a real passion for his business, a desire to invest and not give up if he wants to receive a good income from a business. The entrepreneur who is seeking for success gives importance to choosing software.  


Thanks to the software in the gambling field slots, payment systems, and analytics tools work. It is clear that the foundation must be strong. Otherwise, the entire system will collapse. In this article, we will look at the software solutions and online casino development describe in detail what you should look for when choosing your favorite platform provider for a casino.

First appearance of the online casino


Microgaming developed the first platform for online gaming business in 1994. Immediately after its release, the state of Antigua and Barbuda passed a bill that allowed issuing licenses for the provision of online gambling. Thanks to these two events, a virtual gaming business was born.


Along with Microgaming, Cryptologic company is considered the pioneer of the online casino industry. Its specialists were among the first to start developing particular online applications and games. In 1999, they were joined by the famous developer of Playtech.

Further online casino development


At first, the industry was developing at the expense of bookmakers and virtual analogs of popular casinos. However, in 1998 there was another surge in user activity, which led to the emergence of a considerable number of exclusively virtual projects. The reason for the hype was the development and widespread introduction of the concept of “progressive jackpot.” Its essence came down to the fact that some of the money lost by users accumulated and was issued in the form of a jackpot. The number of such gains proliferated and reached astronomical scales, attracting the attention of an increasing number of gambling public.


Since 2001, the online gambling business has become one of the most promising and highly profitable — significantly increased competition between manufacturers of software. The range of games has grown considerably, and the quality has improved. Moreover, new gambling sites generated more and more progressive jackpots. If in 2001 the maximum gain was 415 thousand dollars, then in 2002 the successful player received 1.5 million dollars. To date, the number of payments for the most massive jackpots reach 10 million dollars.

Gambling software solutions

Modern software solutions for online gaming – the key to the flawless operation of online casinos

Gambling software is the foundation of a multi-faceted online casino project. Each operator must be familiar with the basic requirements for software products to create a virtual establishment in order to minimize risks and expenses during the project implementation.

Today, the market for gambling products offers easy and affordable solutions to run online casinos. For example, the software is developed in such a way that even people far from this sphere could understand it, and laws on gaming are formulated clearly.


Selection of online casino software in the market

Online gaming is continuously evolving and improving. Therefore, due to the enormous demand, there are new developers who are trying to win a top spot among software providers. There are a few simple things you should learn before choosing your favorite software provider.


The quality of technology behind every gamble is the number one factor determining success.


Free Spins

When reviewing the list of software providers, make sure that this provider is available in your country.


How to compare providers

The best way to compare online casino gambling providers is to read reviews about them or test slot machines for free in a demo mode.


Software features in online casinos

The basis of any online casino is high-quality software and technology that it uses. Each platform has its unique content in game development, and you should pay attention to some key software features that you should be aware of:

User-friendly interface – one of the most critical aspects of the software.

Which you can invest or withdraw money is another feature worth highlighting.

The availability of your most favorite gambling on mobile devices is a determining factor.

A variety of gambling is also an essential element to consider. A right provider will be able to understand the needs of its users and focus on them while maintaining the latest technologies and innovations.

Pay attention to the payout percentage of the game


The main reason why people play online gambling is to win money. The chances and expected returns on your investment are what you need to consider when choosing an online casino game provider. The expected rate of return (payout ratio in the game, RTP) is the first thing that you should pay attention to after you have found a company with excellent technology, user-friendly interface and all the other stuff mentioned above. The priority will be those gambling, where the payout percentage of the game is more than 95%.


The future of online gambling

Online providers are continually evolving and increasing their product range, and it is likely that some significant changes will occur soon. Traditionally, casinos were supported by a single software provider. Nevertheless, new casinos beat traditions, and on their sites, they show slot machines and table gambling from different suppliers.


Gaming providers are many and varied, so you need to be well versed in what to look for in your casino games. NetEnt, Microgaming company, NextGen Gaming, Play’N GO and Playtech are in the top list when it comes to platform providers in the casino.


The software in the gaming market

Many gambling software companies can provide you with services to create a casino in the complex. Find a provider which works for just a good team. If you have a desire to do business, but there is no clear understanding, the best software in the gaming market experts will advise on all issues and help with making a decision.


Choose a reliable software provider

Obtaining high-quality gambling software is a very critical level in starting a casino business as it defines and determines special expectations. That’s why this is utterly necessary to buy with a good software supplier. It will be beneficial to assess every detail: pricing and warranty requirements to the analysis of online games and safety features. You should be attentive with the content of the games, specific requirements of the agreement, documentation and technical support.

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