Do you remember enrolling in contests that offered attractive prizes on simply following or commenting on a post? At most, you were to share the post or forward a link to your contacts. It took a small investment of time to have a chance to win something huge. In a new trend now, online casinos include gaming sweepstakes too.     

The casinos that include gaming sweepstakes are proven to rank higher than ones that don’t. This is simply because sweepstakes are exciting and fun. Everyone loves the adrenaline rush that comes with the possibility of substantial winnings that sweepstakes offer. The sweepstakes industry is on the rise. You don’t need complicated licensing to include them, and they are a great marketing tool for your online casino at the same time.

What are Sweepstakes?

A sweepstake giveaway entails gifts or monetary rewards on completion of a task. This task is usually related to subscribing to a page or forwarding promotional messages. These enable you to promote your online casino to audiences far and wide. What distinguishes gaming sweepstakes from contests and lotteries is the fact that these don’t require any monetary purchase on the part of the entrants. This is also the legal requirement for sweepstakes – the entry cannot be purchased. Gaming sweepstakes do not require any skill, and the results are purely dependent on luck instead. That is where contests differ from sweepstakes. Contests are based on the capabilities of the players.

Benefits of Sweepstakes

  • Creating Awareness – Sweepstakes are a cost-effective way to drive engagement with audiences. You can target your traffic to lead you to more interested players. Gaming sweepstakes are usually a secondary activity that players indulge in. They don’t require any strategy to play, and this is what drives players to them.

For instance – if you offer video game sweepstakes, fanatics are likely to enroll and let other video game enthusiasts know about the promotion too. The chances are that your online casino will come into the spotlight. By offering video game statistics, you will end up boosting your casino’s awareness among the masses. Therefore, a marked surge in your incoming traffic is bound to follow.

  • Creating a Community – By including sweepstakes, you can form a loyal community to improve your casino’s credibility. This is because people will lead to more people and form dense branches. The connections will only grow more. When you hold regular gaming sweepstakes, your followers will notice and stick to you.
  • Helps you in Market Research – Marketing is an essential component for any virtual casino. When you come in direct contact with your customers, you get to learn more about them. You can record their likes, dislikes, and online behavior. As a result, you can make your marketing efforts even more effective this way.

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How to Include Sweepstakes in Your Online Casino

gaming sweepstakes

If you feel that offering gaming sweepstakes is a wise investment for your online casino, hesitate no more. We will teach you how to get started with hosting video game sweepstakes to other giveaways on your platform.

Since the online gambling laws are in favor of gaming sweepstakes, the first step on your part would be to develop a web-platform for your games. Hire full-stack developers to design the website and ensure flawless functionality. The site will be integrated with the internet sweepstakes software, which will also feature games. The web-platform must be visually pleasing and intuitive.   

Most casinos have a website dedicated to gaming sweepstakes. The site runs in integration with sweepstakes software. Therefore, the software you choose must be of prime quality. You can assess the quality of any sweepstakes software using various parameters like –

  • Are the servers secure and tested rigorously?
  • Is technical support available?
  • Do they provide marketing solutions?
  • Do you get access to data analytics?
  • Are the interface and design attractive, intuitive?
  • Are the graphics impressive?
  • Is there an ample bonuse for players?
  • Do they offer regular updates?
  • Are there varied payment methods available?

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Top Gaming Sweepstakes Providers


Igrosoft is a Russian developer known for creating attractive online slot games . The games are visually appealing and also convenient. The gaming sweepstakes software enables players to withdraw gains when they please. In case of a super game, the players may reject the proposal and get his winnings. Two directions decide the winning combinations. These additional features are not all they offer. Igrosoft also has a rule for updating their slots regularly. Its functionality and quality are what make their software the best.


Playtech is a 1999 company that provides various gambling solutions. Video game sweepstakes are one of them. Multiple projects are integrated and unified under its IMS (Internet Management System), which makes them smooth. Playtech also supports numerous languages. The company also offers POP – an open platform with popular casino games online. Thus, players can access it at any time. It is one of the most significant worldwide suppliers of gambling software.        


In the industry for 20 years now, Amatic has been supplying top quality gambling software to online casinos. They provide the most extensive collection of popular games. They also offer a high winning percentage and hefty bonuses. The players are sure to love games (like Admiral Nelson and Dragon Pearl) from this software.


Novomatic owns this company. Gaminator offers software to online casinos in 80 countries and is very reliable. It provides cross-platform, multi-lingual support. The games have a high return rate and attract players with its massive jackpots and bonuses. The games are visually aesthetic and therefore have lots of online gambling fans from all over the world. Their video slots are especially popular for their engaging narratives and widely appreciated by casino players.


gaming sweepstakes

In the gambling scene since 1996 now, NetEnt has become a renowned name in the gambling industry. With the latest technology and highly entertaining games, the company has something for both casino owners and players. They feature the most famous games, like Starburst and Jack Hammer. What sets them apart is their visualization technique. The games are highly appealing and have great winnings in store for gamers. As a result, they are acknowledged throughout the world for their solutions.  


Betsoft has been creating 3D slot games since 2005. Games like Black Gold, After Night Falls, At The Copa have been productions of BetSoft. The famous flatform “Shift’ has been launched under the patronage of BetSoft only. This is just another feather in its cap. You can trust BetSoft to provide you reliable software with excellent graphics and popular games.


Gaming sweepstakes can prove to be very beneficial for your online casino. Their popularity is on the rise. Players who love to gamble but cannot owing to gambling laws can still play sweepstakes legally. Moreover, the owners benefit in terms of new marketing options with them. We hope that this segment was a helpful one. At Skillmine, we also provide internet cafe consultation and other services related to the world of online casino. Along with Sweepstake solutions, we also have internet café and online casino software. We offer a vast collection of fully personalized games to our clients. Head over to us to discover the best online casino resources and technology.