Hot Star

If you like to play a little wild or a lot wild when you’re playing classic figure slot machines – you will love “Hot Star” slot machine. Not only it does payout some good prizes for lining-up all the popular classic figures such as oranges, cherries, plums, lemons, grapes, and melons. It also has a glorious Wild Feature in which when you settle a Wild Star on the wheels, not only does that Wild figure replace for all other symbols, it turns all the nearby symbols into Wilds which substitute as well – and this can guide to some huge wins.

The single 5 x 3 wheel grid this slot is played on is very nostalgic, old-style casino slots that have been famous with slot players around the globe for years. Also, there are no cheats or tricks to distract you from your aim of trying to win some big prizes.

Game Rules

You can begin getting prizes from your very first turn, and they can be awarded in any order. However, the lowest payout figure is the little cherry, though even that’s able to award up to 2,000 coins prize amount. Amount of winning prizes for the top oranges and lemons is 4,000 coins, for grapes and plums 6,000 coins, melons 8,000 coins, and the 7’s a good 25,000 coins.

However, the fun begins when you start to play wild culture of the Wild Hot Stars. When Wild Hot Stars settles on the wheels, it will instantly turn each nearby symbol into a Wild, too. If it settles in a corner, it will set the three adjacent symbols into Wilds, granting you a 2 x 2 block of wild symbols, which all that will replace for other figures to try and build winning combinotions. However, if the Wild hits on a middle window position on wheels 2, 3 or 4 – a 3 x 3 window block of wild symbols will appear, promising multiple winning lines – and some potentially huge wins.

Playing Hot Stars

If you prefer gambles, you can then gamble all winnings on the Hot Stars gamble highlight, in which you can double your winnings by guessing whether a card will be black or red, or quadruple it by guessing what suit it will be.