The online casino industry, including real money slots, is worth billions of dollars and by 2020 it will reach 60$ million dollars per year. In 2019 we saw so many innovations that will significantly change online casinos. Features like virtual reality, cryptocurrency or very advanced graphics and sound effects are just some examples of this kind. The gamblers are also asking for more as each year passes, so online casino software developers need to be on top of their game always. Real money slots took the world by storm when they first launched because most platforms operated on tokens or coins. By playing these games, you can win incredible amounts of money but also start with higher bets. In this article, we are going to present this year’s best real money slots online casinos out there. Besides, we will explore what makes them so good and what attracts the customers.

How do we choose the best online casinos

Being the best means that you offer high-quality products that make you stand out of the crowd. The online casino industry is trending right now. Therefore a lot of investors jump in and start businesses in this field. As you already know, there are hundreds if not thousands of online casino platforms available on the internet. However, not all of them offer great games, and some of them don’t even have a license. If you are a slots games beginner or you just got lost along the way, here are some quick, useful tips:

Safety – this is the most important aspect of any online casino software. The best casinos are fully licensed and respect the law 100% percent. You can check a website by reading the reviews or about its operating company. More so, most online casino websites associate with specific brands. These partnerships say a lot about the quality offered by the platform. If the slots game platform associated at some point with a shady or illegal brand, it can raise a huge question mark.

Always read the service terms and conditions, and the privacy policy of an online gambling site. You need to consider that you risk your own money and usually, gamblers end up spending much more than they thought. By carefully reading these terms, you will risk less, and you will be fully informed. Also, rules are important deciding factors when it comes to online slot games. 

Lastly, real money slots require safe and secure payouts. An excellent online casino cares about its customers so they will ensure safe and reliable banking options. You should be able to transfer money and make deposits easily without any delays or

Mobile Devices

Real Money Slots

User-friendly – adapted to mobile devices as well. Every respectable gambling software developer knows that comfort is essential. Players want to enjoy real money slots while at home or while walking in a park, for example. Therefore, these slots games need to be adapted to smaller screens as well. Their graphics need to look great and without any hold-ups or bugs. Also, navigation should run smoothly. To summarize, mobile slot games should work like their original versions or even better. 

Best online casino websites offer the same game variety on mobile devices as they do on regular desktops. Access to the same lobby is an essential aspect of mobile real money slots. For those of you not familiar with the term “lobby,” it refers to the game selection area. There you can choose and search through the full real money slots collection the site provides. Graphics should work as beautiful as they do on bigger screen versions as well. On top of that, banking transactions should operate correctly on smartphones too. The bonus claiming option is also very important and as a gambler, you shouldn’t miss reading information about that.

The Lobby

Lobby – we briefly mentioned the lobby earlier, and we explained what it is. You should also know that this feature is considered a grading parameter. Best online casinos invest the most in the lobby because it represents the brands face. There they present their game selection and choose which games they should promote less or more. The most popular real money slots should mix with easier ones, that allow faster wins. Online gamblers know a lot about this industry, therefore about its providers and developers. Great gambling websites choose games from different software companies and different game categories. The slots should come in different versions, from classics to video ones. Also, the bonus range and progressive jackpot settings should allow players to choose their favorites. Even if slots are the most popular games, players would like to see poker, roulette or blackjack as well.


Bonuses – a gambler’s best friend. These features attract most players, especially in the online casino world. Most websites give out free bonuses for signing up and for daily or weekly entries. Prizes come in handy in real money slots because they provide more winning chances. Bonuses like free spins and bonus round are mere appearances, and they can do wonders. They can multiply best and give out second lucky chances. There are also built-in bonus games that hold other bonuses within them. 

The best online gambling sites ensure that all players can access bonuses. If you are playing for low-stakes or trying your luck for the big jackpot, all rewards should be the same. Also, most online casino platforms give out a deposit or no deposit bonus. If your desired website has these features, you can rely on it because they care about customer diversity.

If you read the terms and conditions, you will see that there s a bonus section. Some bonuses might look attractive, but on a closer look, they can seem shady. Make sure you get fair wagering requirements and respect the rules.

If you are a real money slots enthusiast, this will interest you. We are talking about VIP features and loyalty clubs. If you have a favorite online casino, you can become a member and receive special prizes and bonuses. However, not all platforms provide this feature. The ones that do clearly care about their customers and their happiness.

Technical Support

Real Money Slots

Support – critical for any online casino website. If you play online real money slots, you probably play them from home. This means that in a future crisis, you might need authorized help. Therefore, gambling sites should ensure 24/7 technical support, available at any time for any region. You know you play slots on a high platform when you see multiple communication ways. Most online casinos provide live chats, hotlines, and other contact data such as emails or phone numbers. However, even if the site offers these features that don’t necessarily mean they provide excellent services, Customer service is vital for any business, and online casinos need that as well. You can check different reviews to find out more about how different companies treat their customers.

Payment methods

Banking is vital in real money slots games. Popular online casinos provide multiple payment systems available for different countries and regions. Also, they should work with credit card companies but also e-wallet services. Players should be able to deposit or withdraw money whenever they want without any difficulties. If the casino transfers the money fast, that is a huge plus. Nevertheless, we promote safe and secure transactions. If they tell you it will take a couple of days, but it will be safe, it is perfectly fine. We stated earlier that reliable online casinos promote diversity and are accessible to everyone. This aspect affects banking, as well. Low minimum deposits and withdrawal limits are desirable features. If you come across them, it means that the software provider cares about high rollers but also low-stake players.

We talked about what reliable online casinos should offer, and now it’s time to present them. Real money slots are different than regular slot games because of the money feature. Therefore, you need a trustworthy online casino website, and we have the best picks.

Spin Casino 

This the top rated real money casino website of 2019. The software developer that powers Spin Casino is one of the most powerful in this branch. The online casino has a 97.5% percent winning rate, which is incredibly good news for any player out there. Reviewers rate it with almost five out of five stars because of its exceptional services. They pay out any money amounts in a maximum of three days, and they ensure security as well. Most players would talk about their easy-to-use interface and game variety. Spin casino provides around 600 desktop real money slots and another 200 mobile device slot games. The online casino is famous for its progressive jackpots that reach millions of dollars.

This platform pays out around 5$ million dollars daily. If you have general trust issues, this online casino offers free trials so you can test their products. This company gained popularity through the bonuses as well. They offer massive amounts of bonuses in each game, but they also provide other kinds of prizes. Players get bonuses when they sign up and after a while, loyalty rewards.

Certification wise, they are fully licensed and available all around the globe. You can find everything you need to know about this on their website. However, if you need assisted help, their technical support line is one of the best available online. Their support team works 24/7, and you can reach them in various ways.

Jackpot City

Real Money Slots

This online casino became very popular in 2019.  Their overall rating is 4.8 out of 5, and we can tell you why. This online gambling platform operates transactions in one or two days, so players never wait for their prizes. This aspect says a lot about how this casino treats its customers. We can say that customer service earned their spot this year. Besides, they have a 98% payout percentage, so winning probabilities are enormous. Jackpot City offers more than 450 real money slot games. Also, mobile device supported. The casino also has excellent bonuses and a unique loyalty campaign. Loyal members receive daily awards and gifts and other extras. This online casino is under the protection of a sweepstake software giant. Therefore, you will never worry about security or payment safety when gambling. Asides, you can navigate easily on the website, and everything appears in a user-friendly way. 

Ruby Fortune

Ruby Fortune has an overall rating of almost five out of five. What makes them unique is their user-friendly interface. Their motto is actually “fair, easy, safe and fun” and players can’t deny its truth. They provide enforced safety, and all of their games go through individual testing before their upload. Ruby Fortune Casino offers over 300 real money slots games with irresistible bonuses. They give out substantial welcoming bonuses and also hold one of the biggest jackpots available from their developer. Needles to say that they work with one of the best sweepstake software companies in this industry. Their games have a 97% percent payout rate, and they give out the winnings in a maximum of two days. This online casino website puts its clients need first, and it shows. That’s why they gained so much notoriety over the years.

Platinum Play

Platinum Play pays out the winnings and bets in one day. The player goes crazy about this detail, but there is also much more left. This casino has very high payouts for its real money slots, averaging 96% percent. Specialty reviewers list this website as fully licensed and periodically audited. Besides, they work under safe parameters and rules. This website’s lobby resembles a brick and mortar casino. They use state-of-the-art graphics and animations, ready to delight every player. The online casino has a vast gaming portfolio, and most games are mobile-friendly and stacked with bonuses. So far, this casino knows things about customer service. However, they have a VIP section as well, reserved for their loyal customers.

This club’s members can even receive real money bonuses and other substantial prizes. Most loyal members can also try new game demos and state their opinions. As their name mentions, Platinum  Play treats its customers like stars. They use great sweepstakes software that provides the best real money slots out there.


online slot games

In conclusion, the best real money slots websites put their customer’s needs first. They ensure game security but also safe transactions. Even so, players should read the terms and conditions carefully, no matter how good the reviews look. These casinos should make their games available for smartphones as well while ensuring the same quality and gaming experience. Never forget that gaming experiences are not all about graphics and good navigation. We also need high stimulants, like bonuses. The best online casinos offer plenty of gifts like free spins, bonus rounds, or bonus games. You receive these rewards when you make an account and for daily or weekly entries.

Nevertheless, if you have a problem, you should receive a helping hand immediately. Make sure your desired gambling website has 24/7 technical support and multiple communication ways. Last but not least, payment methods are essential in real money slots. The casino website should provide various payment systems available anytime and anywhere. Besides, they should pay out their winnings as fast as they can. The best online casinos make these transactions in less than two days. Overall, real money slots are entertaining, especially on these websites. Players need to feel comfortable and protected. By ensuring great game varieties and enforced security, sites will turn new players into loyal clients right away.

Skillmine Games

If you are looking for real money slots games, visit Skillmine Games. Our company specializes in state-of-the-art 3D casino games. Therefore, we offer outstanding graphics and sound effects quality on a stable and safe platform. Our company provides businesses with an impressive game selection. Besides, our games are available on smaller screens as well. We care about our customers, so we modify our sweepstake software accordingly. We want to reach our client’s expectations and even more. So, we stand by our partner along the way, helping with tips and solutions. Our platform is user-friendly and comes together with a fully-controlled administrator panel. On top of that, anything licensed under the Skillmine Games name has full license and is 100% percent safe. Contact us or visit our website, we are eager to help you.

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