There is a lot of money in the gambling business but unfortunately, it is not permitted in most of the states, and not everybody can get a license. The good news is you can open an internet sweepstakes games cafe which does not necessarily classify as gambling if we look at it from a legal perspective. The main difference between sweepstakes cafe games and gambling is the role of “skills.” Players either win or lose depending on their skills in a particular type of game. They do not bet money by putting cash inside a machine; instead, the customers pay for a time behind computer screens. This is the primary reason why there are lots of internet sweepstakes games cafes around the country, and they are growing.

These computers are full of games which theoretically does not rely on chance, but skills. The law bans “games of chance,” not “games of skill.” The idea is not much different from McDonald’s Monopoly promotion. The only difference is that 99 percent of the people are not coming for “burgers” but prizes. For McDonald’s, it is just a marketing strategy, but for you, it’s the backbone of your business. Therefore, some people noticed the loophole in the law and took the opportunity to make lots of cash. 


How Much Profit Are We Talking About Here?



In order to give you a rough estimate of profits from sweepstakes cafes, we can tell you that each machine can get for you from $300 to $1500 depending on how busy your sweepstakes cafe business is. That means if you had a hundred of those slot machines (or regular computers with the right software) you could make 3 million US dollars a year which is staggering. Now, if you found this article on the web that means you are probably interested in owning one or maybe several of these sweepstakes cafes.

You also most likely have seen some news articles about confiscated internet sweepstakes machines and closed internet cafes. Yes, there is a ton of money in this industry, but everything comes with a bit of a challenge. If you were to open an internet sweepstakes games cafe, you would have to deal with some legal problems from time to time. Most of these cafes are doing just fine and keep making a fortune. We do not know what the future will bring, what changes will be made to the law but for now, you can be one of them who exploits the opportunity. I will show you the necessary steps to opening a successful sweepstakes cafe and giving you some essential tips along the way.


Planning, Planning, and Planning…



The first step towards setting up a sweepstakes cafe business is planning it thoroughly with all the details in mind like location, finances, services you want to offer and the reason why people will choose to come to your internet sweepstakes game cafe to play the games. You also have to understand the profit that you can make and the profit you want to make. This is the time to realize your plans! The primary thing for your plan is to have realistic purpose and aim.

The second step is controlling the applicability of the plan. A plan is just the opening of your thoughts. The plans you made should be put down on paper, so you know what loopholes you have to mend and the changes you need to bring about. You will have a written document where your plan was written practically and vividly. It would make a great first impression on the people you approach.

The third step is arranging finances. After all, refinement is finished and when you recognize the plan by heart, then you will be able to visualize things and work towards them. If you don’t think you have enough money to start your sweepstakes cafe business, you might borrow some from a bank.


How To Get Started?



A business needs brick and mortar for its physical presence. The primary concern would be the location of your internet sweepstakes games cafe business. Find the place where there is high traffic of people who might need the services you have to offer. Common establishments that you have to look out for are public markets or convenience stores. You will have to either rent or buy a place for your cafe.

But before actually doing something you have to make sure that you exactly know what you are doing and learn about the Gaming laws of your state, so you DO NOT BREAK THE LAW. This is only a simple guide to give you an idea of what it’s like to be in this business. If you want to get started, you should consult professionals on this matter. Sweepstakes company not only provides hardware and software but also consults entrepreneurs along with the partnership who are new to this business.


Choosing The Right Hardware



Take a note that your choice of equipment would have a direct impact on the type of services your internet sweepstakes games cafe can offer. You will need multiple computer sets for your cafe. For starters, you can begin your business venture with only 10 to 20 computer units. The great news is that they don’t have to be high-end PCs because there is not much graphics going into the screen. You should consider the type of games you will be running on your platforms in advance, so you know what sort of hardware you need to get. Our company offers software that could be run on the low end or medium type computers even with a poor internet connection, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the internet lines.


Choosing The Right Software



Choosing the right software for your internet sweepstakes games cafe is a critical decision. The right hardware equipment is not enough. You will need software to exploit the machinery to its full capacity. Your software will consist of different types of slot games which your customers can play. They usually look a lot more like casino games, but the difference is that the skills of a player will have a significant impact on the outcome. With the software, you can monitor each of your computers from one computer.

If by any chance you also provide your customers with beverages while they are playing, you can take orders by computers. The customers can order some of your drinks without saying a word. Although most internet sweepstakes games cafes do not heavily use this system, it is a software option, and you decide whether to use it or not.


Should you get into this type of business?


 You should know by now whether this is the right business for you. If you are motivated to become a sweepstakes cafe owner where lots of customers are waiting in line to play the games you offer and possibly win something, and your goal is to make a lot of money, then that is something you might consider doing. But remember that motivation is not the only thing needed to pursue this dream. You will have to put some time, money and effort to get things done. This is not something peculiar to this business but every other business. Every business comes with a challenge just like this one, and there is no easy money. You can consult professionals of Skillmine Games and ask questions by contacting us any time you face uncertainty.

There you go! Now you have a basic understanding of how internet sweepstakes games cafe work, how owners and customers make money off it.

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