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The main secret of the popularity of any online casino site is a quality casino provider. In our case, we talk about the sweepstakes software providers. Players primarily rate the gaming content of the sweepstakes software. Specifically, the players are most interested in namely the variety, quantity and quality of the games provided. After all, visitors come to the site to enjoy the game and have fun. Is not it? If you decide to engage in gambling, after creating the site and obtaining a gambling license, you will need to choose a provider and software for the casino. And it’s not at all necessary to dwell on one gambling provider. This will be a losing step. Therefore, our theme will be devoted to the sweepstakes software providers.

It all starts with the provider!


Sweepstakes software for gambling projects is usually made by specialized companies. Since the sphere itself is monetary and profitable, large streams of finance are constantly moving in it. This provoked such a situation that today the number of sweepstakes software providers on the market has become many. And this has attracted competitiveness among providers. This raises the question: which gaming provider can you choose for your online casino?

Do not worry! To begin with, casino software must be worthwhile. This is precisely the quality of the future success of your undertaking. Base sweepstakes software may cause malfunctions and delays in online casinos. And ultimately, the reputation of the gambling club will suffer as a result. As a result, revenues institutions and a blow to your pocket.

By the way, great software for online casinos is provided by Skillmine Games! You can order the installation of the sweepstakes software providers for the casino and enjoy working without failures! But about this, we will talk a little bit later.

Who is better?


The largest suppliers of software providers have a big name. For this reason, you can find enough information about them. This includes completed projects and their history. It is also important to mention feedback. They are both positive and negative.

In turn, we offer you a list that contains casino software providers that have a good reputation among users and partners around the world! Of course, we will not be able to cover all the sweepstakes providers in one single article. Therefore, we write only about a few of them. Also, mention their games.

Novomatic (Gaminator)


The Gaminator system is owned by Novomatic, which in 1990 created the Admiral network of clubs in Europe. Later, Europeans were joined by Americans who prefer the casino games of this brand.

Each machine is a “Gaminator” in its own popular public, and now they have successfully migrated to the World Wide Web and collect a huge number of players on their websites. Their casino gaming systems on the Internet operate in 80 countries of the world, and the number of online projects that use them exceeds 1,200 institutions.

Gaminator (Novomatic) offers software providers for casinos, which are exclusively for talented specialists – programmers, artists, designers, directors. Gaminator occupies a leading position in the world.

Let’s get acquainted with the main characteristics of these software providers:

  • high quality, fault tolerance;
  • cross-platform: the same game can be downloadable, browser-based and mobile;
  • Intuitive, customizable gaming display;
  • direct renewal kinds of slot machines;
  • high return rate – 90% and higher;
  • professional technical support 24/7;
  • great bonus game policy and big jackpots;
  • establish your own online casino;
  • International multilingual online casino platforms.

Particularly noteworthy is the popularity of Gaminator sweepstakes software video slots, made in 3D and giving the opportunity to play directly in the browser. Flash versions collect huge online gambling lovers, and familiar stories attract players of all ages. Users are offered beautifully built colorful plots about treasure hunters, adventure stories with brave heroes in the lead roles.


Lucky Lady’s Charm (“Lady Charm”), Book of Ra, Dolphin’s Pearl (“Dolphin Pearl”), Sizzling Hot (“Hot” or “Hot”) are among the most famous video slots. There is also “Safari”, “Pirates”, “Pharaoh’s Gold”, and this is not the whole list of great popular exciting flash slot “Gaminator”.

Today the Gaminator sweepstakes software providers have three great versions: G1, G2, and G3. They all found their player. The owners of online casinos working with this gaming system successfully increase their income and collect millions of audiences.

AMANET (Amatic)

This manufacturer of sweepstakes software providers has been working in the gambling industry for over 20 years. The company creates high-quality gaming machines for land-based gambling establishments and produces unique software for virtual casinos. The developer professionally performs the creation of turnkey software providers and regularly surprises the consumer with non-standard gaming solutions. Qualified personnel of the company makes every effort for its development and promotion of products in the gambling market.


The main office “Amatic” is deployed in Austria. AMANET is a special division of the company, specializing in the development of software providers for online casinos. Downloading slots of this manufacturer, users can see the name of this brand on the logo. Do not worry – this is not a fake, but a kind of pseudonym Amatic on the net 🙂

The Amatic software provider offers:

  • the high quality of the produced software;
  • the widest collection of popular games;
  • dozens of topics and fascinating stories;
  • high winning percentage;
  • attractive bonus system;
  • honesty and transparency of payments;
  • popular and reliable payment methods;
  • support for three major currencies.

Standard sweepstakes slots are typical for most slots: 5 gaming reels and about 10-20 lines for stakes.

That the participant of the software providers game could multiply the earned win in each slot machine provides unique bonus features and various bonuses. Mass-known sweepstakes games can be called Dragon Pearl, Casanova, Admiral Nelson. Each game has a “Gamble” function that allows you to multiply the prize amount.


riversweeps software

To summarize and give an answer to the main question of interest to all customers:

Actually, if we are talking about these software providers, then any slot can enrich your Internet cafes with the stated official rules.

In conclusion, we recall that the gambling industry is experiencing its rise today. And this is a very good business indeed. It all depends on you.

We invite you to discuss the topic in the comments. Share your views on any related issues. Advise players using the services of web software providers. Tell about your biggest victories and ask questions.

And further. Stay tuned for new products – Competition forces developers of sweepstakes software providers and gambling operators to produce fairly profitable gaming machines with good return rates. Do not forget to read reviews of new casino slots in our blog. And also do not rely on strategies – Betting systems will not help you overcome the mathematical advantage (house edge), embedded in the slots. In general, be reasonable, keep yourself in hand and listen to the recommendations of professionals.