Just Jewels

If you love your slots to be serious treasure games – then you will love “Just Jewels” the ancestor to the incredibly successful Deluxe version. This slot machine plays exactly what it’s instruction says on the tin. You have to spin the wheels and line-up jewel figures such as sapphires, rubies, amethysts, and emeralds to gain some huge prizes. Okay, so you can also win 6-figure awards for spinning in gold blocks and piles of cash (no complaints there), while there’s a 7-figure highest-prize up for grabs for settling bejeweled crowns on the wheels. There are even some Scattered Euros to increase your bank balance you can head over to the Double-Your-Money Gamble Button.

Game Rules

We can’t guarantee you’ll spin-in the crowns symbols on your very first spin – but all prizes are granted randomly. Other winning combinations you can expect provides up to 30,000 coins for lining-up emeralds and amethysts, and up to 40,000 coins for sapphires or rubies. Then it’s up to 100,000 coins for piles of cash or gold blocks. However, line-up five crowns on a played payline, and you could gain up to 1,000,000 coins. Also, watch out for the Scattered Euro Figures as these can also grant big immediate wins of up to 100,000 coins. The big news about the Scattered Euro though is they don’t to be all on the same line to win, why they’re the slot game‘s Scatter figure – because you can, however, succeed if they’re spread all over the wheels!

Playing The Just Jewels

Just Jewels will also enjoy the chance to gamble their money on the Double-Your-Money Gamble Button, and you can decide to collect any prize or try and double it by picking whether an active card will be black or red once rolled over. You don’t have to end at doubling it once either, with the opportunity to double your prize up to five times.