Slots have been around for as long as we know, getting all the attention from any gambler. These colorful slot terminals can take us from ecstasy to agony in the blink of an eye and by the push of the button. Their simple gameplay and tempting jackpots made them an all-time star of the casino world, no matter if land-based or online. Most people play sweepstakes games, but they don’t really know how to win at slots. Slot games have more to them than most people know, and we’re here to make it clear for you. Keep on reading to find out useful slots insights, excellent tips&tricks, and where to find the best online slot games! 

Slots Basics – Where Did It Start?

We all know that no matter where in the world we go, we’ll stumble upon slot machines. Whether its an online casino, an internet cafe, or you are browsing through gambling websites, there’s always a slot waiting. This is quite normal if you think about the fact that slots have been around since the mid-1800s. Naturally, technology evolved, and slots mechanics changed accordingly, but some parts remained the same. No matter if we’re talking about a classic slot machine or an online river sweeps game, both relate to two important factors. We’re talking about the RNG and the RTP, vital for both gamblers and entrepreneurs. 

The RNG, or the random number generator, is the core of all slot games and sweepstakes out there. This mathematical algorithm decides whether we get lucky or not, and by how much. Even though it works on simple rules, the RNG is invincible. Many scammers tried to hack it or beat it as years passed, but no one quite succeeded. However, you can use another parameter as the ace upon your sleeve. 

We’re talking about the RTP or the return to player percentage. If you are a gambling fanatic, you already heard about the house edge, an amount of money that goes to the casino. Sometimes it’s 4%, sometimes it’s 8%, but what happens to the rest till 100%? Well, that’s the RTP. Most percentages reach around 96%, which is good news for any player. For example, if you staked 1000$dollars and there’s a 96% RTP, you can get a return of 960$ dollars. Paying attention to the RTP value is a real help on the path to the jackpot. It might make you reconsider some slot games and choose others as all-time favorites. 

How to Win at Slots Based on Volatility 

how to win at slots

If you ever thought about how to win at slots in Vegas, you thought about the lurking trick. For all of our slot beginners out there, lurking is basically hunting a winning slot machine. However, you can’t do that online, but not worry; there’s a faster alternative. We just mentioned the RTP and what it means, but what if we tell you that it connects to another term called volatility. This is a game-changer because it can lead you straight to the jackpot. 

Volatility can help you win at slots online if you figure what type it is. Volatility is either high, either low, depending on the RTP percentage. Low volatility slots are also called loose, and they tend to pay out faster than others. The bad news is that they don’t pay out as much, the biggest jackpot raking up around 100,000$ dollars. These online slots are great for beginners because they are easy to play, and you’ll gain more gambling money very quickly. If you are interested more in winnings than we recommend high volatility slots. You can even win 1$ million dollars, but this means you’ll spend a lot of time in front of the same game. 

Another form of high volatility slots are progressive slots. These games are popular in online casinos because you compete with every single player playing the same game as you. Also, progressive jackpots rake up some percent from every player, so the outcome is quite impressive. These slots come with great graphics and sound effects as well, so we recommend them to every player, beginner or experienced.

Stick to the Basics

Most gamblers are already familiar with progressive jackpots because of their huge success among online casinos. If you play progressive jackpots you have the chance of winning incredibly high jackpots, but it might take a lot of time. If you are in it to win it, we recommend you to stay away from progressive jackpots and have fun while playing regular slots with high payouts. Progressive sweepstakes slots might seem very attractive but in the long run, there’s a high chance of losing your money. 

Free Bonuses and Demo Versions

If you’re not sure of a casino platform or a particular game, there are a lot of ways to try online slots for free. Most online casinos offer free demo versions on most of their slot games including the same quality and features. Demo versions are great because you can test the waters, see how well slot games perform, and what would be your potential winnings. This tip allows you to have fun and gain some knowledge without making any changes to your budget. 

Another great way to win at slots is to take advantage of the free bonuses and prizes. Online casinos offer free spins when you sign-up, on daily entries, special events or by playing other games. Internet cafe games online are famous for their bonus features and how much you can gain from them and we advise you to go even further and explore websites as well. Free prizes and bonus spins are one click away if you know where to look for them. 

Win by Respecting the Rules


Slots are games of chance, so you can never tell for sure if you will win or not and how much. However, you can know if you are playing on a trusted online casino. If you want to win at slots online, make sure you are gambling on an authorized platform. All you need to do is read their policy because every website has one. If the casino has an online gambling license, you’ll find it mentioned in one of the paragraphs or on a separate topic. Gambling regulations differ from state to state, and you need to know what you can and can’t do. Follow our information and useful gambling tips, and you’ll surely know how to win at slots, and where to play. 


In conclusion, it’s not that hard to learn how to win at slots. You need to understand a few terms and how they work. As soon as you do that, you’ll find it easy to play slots and use these features for your own benefit. Slot games are fun, especially when most features can be your lucky charms. Use the slot bonuses as pot maximizers and a better chance to understand the mechanism of the slot games. Other online casinos don’t require a deposit, and that’s exactly what you’re looking for. The online gambling world gives out plenty of chances to learn how to win at slots. All there’s left to do is to apply this knowledge on some great slots and win big every time. 

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