Mermaid’s Pearl

This fantastic slot game is about the miracles of the deep sea and the creatures that live there. There are 20 paylines which are covering five figures on each wheel. It is a quite standard feature but still has the capacity for plenty of fun.
Moreover, the gameplay itself has lots of surprises and entertain even the most skilled players. Let’s take a look what the way to the jackpot looks like on the reels.

Sealife, and Lots Of Fun
As seen on games name – Mermaid’s Pearl, it should be clear that we will have to deal with a lot of water creature as a design element. It is far from the first marine-themed slot game we have seen.

The background design is certainly a uniform of deep blue color, positively portraying the bottom of the ocean, with a hint of light behind the game’s logo on top of the screen. An attentive focus will spot some bubbles here and there, and also on the wheels too.

Game Rules

There is a total of eleven various basic figures in Mermaid’s Pearl, which can be split into two approximately identical groups in terms of value: The sea creatures and the classic game cards-inspired figures.

The second group classifies from a number 9 to the Ace, in rising order of value. Lining up at least 3 of them on an actual payline will make you a winner. The sea creature group plays the same way and includes amongst its members the Sea Horse, the Puffer Fish, the Lobster, the Fish, and finally the Sea Turtle. Once you’ve picked the number of paylines you wanted to activate and the amount of your bet, it’s time to click the Start or the Autoplay button for endless fun! Once you’ve got a winning combination, you can gamble with your money: it’s a 50/50 win-or-lose game, which can make you the prince of the seas.

You’ll find both Wild and Scatter figures on the wheels, which is excellent news, but it has more. Both symbols bring a little extra into the game as well.
Let’s start with the Scatter figure, which is a treasure chest sitting on the deep ocean. Beginning in 2 figures performing on the screen and you’re a champion. What’s more, exciting here is that 3 Scatter symbols will get you 40 Bonus Spins, four will get you 50, and five will get a total of 60 Bonus Spins. Moreover, those bonus spins are increasing: get extra Scatter combinations as you play and the Free Spins will go on and on…

Playing Mermaids Pearl

The Wild figure is a beautiful, red-haired mermaid holding a large pearl in her hand. Not only does it replace for any other symbol except the treasure chest, but it will also increase the wins of any combination formed like this. Combine this with the high possibility to win a lot of Bonus Spins, and you’ll see how interesting Mermaid’s Pearl can get. If you handle to line up five Mermaid figures, then the jackpot is the purity and perhaps absence of work on the background mean that spinners must keep their eyes open for the spinning figures on the wheels. Also, there is quite a difference in terms of visual quality here: the design is like a cartoon, the lines are curvy, the colors are soft.