After a harsh hailstorm, it’s a bit nerve-wracking to uncover your eyes and take stock of the damage that your vehicle has endured. As you shake your fist at the sky and prepare yourself for the cost, one thing is clear – it’s time to visit the body shop. Or is it? The truth is, many people associate hail damage with the need for bodywork, but few consider paintless dent repair as an option for restoring their vehicle to its rightful condition.

There are pros and cons to both, so should you choose PDR or body shop for auto hail repair?


Which is Better? PDR or Body Shop for Auto Hail Repair?

Paintless dent repair is much less invasive than body shop repairs, but there are several other reasons why it has become the top choice for many after a hailstorm leaves its mark.

Turnaround & Convenience

In order for a body shop to repair hail damage, they will need to apply filler, sand it down, and paint the repaired surfaces. If an area can’t be repaired this way, the part will need to be ordered in and replaced entirely, then primed and painted. This process can take several weeks while waiting for new parts to arrive and dealing with multiple steps and coats of paint. PDR doesn’t involve filler or paint at all (hence the name) and instead is conducted using speciality tools that enable technicians to work out the dents without replacing, sanding, or waiting.

Verdict: Paintless dent repair gets your vehicle back on the road faster and is more convenient than body shop repair.

Car Resale Value

As soon as your original factory paint is altered, it will never be the same. Body shops do a great job of matching paint colours, but it is never exact, and you may even be able to tell which panel was replaced by comparing it to other areas of your vehicle. If you’re planning to sell your vehicle, this could negatively impact its value and detract from the amount you sell it for. With PDR, your factory paint remains untouched and thus the value of your vehicle (and its paint) is protected.

Verdict: Paintless dent repair will give you better resale value over body shop repairs.

Range of Hail Repair Needed

If your vehicle was hit heavily and requires extensive repairs, do you choose PDR or body shop for auto hail repair of that magnitude? Unfortunately, there’s a chance that PDR won’t be able to save your vehicle from needing replacement parts and paintwork if multiple areas such as the roof, hood, trunk, fenders, and side mirrors are all severely damaged. If this is the case, it will be necessary to have a body shop to review the damage and order replacement parts before completing a professional paint job to fully restore your vehicle. At American Auto Hail Repair, we use trusted body shops in these situations and check their work meticulously to ensure that your vehicle is as close to factory condition as possible once repairs are complete.

Verdict: This is a stalemate – PDR when you can, body shop repair when you can’t.


If you’re paying out of pocket, there’s no sugar-coating it – body shop repair is going to cost you. If you have full insurance coverage, your body shop should help you with your insurance claim, but you may still be on the hook for your deductible amount when you get your car back. With PDR from American Auto Hail Repair, we’ll pay $1,000 towards your deductible, arrange a rental car for you, detail your vehicle inside and out, and handle your claims process.

Verdict: Paintless dent repair will save you money.


At American Auto Hail Repair, we believe in protecting your vehicle and keeping it in factory condition for as long as possible to preserve resale value, save you money, and make things more convenient – so when it comes to PDR or body shop for auto hail repair, we choose PDR!

We’ve helped over 3,000 customers in the Denver, Greeley, and Fort Collins areas since 2014, and we are ready to help you whenever hail strikes. We have three convenient locations to serve you, and all are backed by excellent reviews from our customers. Contact us today to restore your vehicle with American Auto Hail Repair.

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