Pharaoh’s Gold lll

Scientists have spent ages trying to understand the secrets of the ancient pharaohs of Egypt and their associated graves. Now you will join them and collect the treasure for yourself while playing Pharaoh’s Gold III, a brand new game from the author of the original Pharaoh’s Gold III slot game.
Just as you assume from a slot machine centered around Ancient Egypt, it’s your job to find treasures which include cats, the jade scarab bugs, the Sphinx, golden birds, and, of course, the pyramids. You then exchange in these treasures for some fabulous prizes.

Game Rules

Pharaoh’s Gold III has nine paylines to play here. You can pick as many as you want. If you get tired of pressing the spin button then just set up the autoplay option and watch as the reels spin themselves for you. The wild figure of the Pharaoh’s Gold III is the head of Tutankhamen. This figure can replace any other symbol on the wheels and doubles winning amount from any combination that it makes.

Everybody needs to win the Pharaoh’s gold, and this slot game has some grand prizes for you. The huge wins include 25,000 coins for the cats and scarab beetles, 40,000 coins from the golden birds, and up to 75,000 coins from getting the pyramid or sphinx. Of course, the major figure is Sarcophagus. There’s nothing better than the 900,000 coin super jackpot won by the Sarcophagi. They can use the power of the Pharaoh to replace another symbol and double your winnings during play.

You should also be watching out for The All-Seeing-Eye symbol. Getting this icon can trigger bonus spins where you gain triple your prize and a delightful bonus of 450,000 coins.

Playing Pharaoh’s Gold III

As a game loaded with several payline bet combinations, there are lots of great bets to be performed here. You can pick up to nine paylines to bet on with a chance of between 1 and 100 coins relevant to each line. So the greatest bet in this game is a massive 900 coins which are perfect for high rollers. Meanwhile, the minimum bet is just one coin, which is excellent for newbies. Simply put, there’s no need to pay a ton of cash to fund the journey into Pharaoh’s Gold III, as betting starts as low as one coin per spin.

This game is an extremely deluxe development on an already famous slot machine series, as Pharoah’s Gold III especially does take matters to new heights. Excellent graphics and excellent prizes make this game a real gem and one not to pass over.