Internet cafes or cyber-cafe today are very popular. Many web users are well aware, because the number of such cafes is growing steadily, and now not only residents of capitals can get the desired access to endless Internet resources. Initially, cyber cafes were formed like ordinary cafes, in which about one to two dozen computers connected to the network were installed. In other words, at first, there were ordinary coffee shops, and only then the Internet. This is probably why the sale of coffee, tea, and other similar products brought and still brings quite significant profits in the West. Then with further progress of Internet Cafes, online internet cafe games became very popular.

For online internet cafe games, businesses also need Internet cafe software. In our understanding, everything is somewhat different: visitors come to the Internet cafe, first of all, just for the Internet, and a cup of coffee or tea is just a nice addition that is far from being interesting for everyone.

Existence of Cyber Cafes

But, one way or another, cyber cafes exist both in the “Far West” and in Asian countries as well, for example, and their number, by the way, contrary to numerous predictions,The number of its users is steadily growing: for example, today, according to research company Harris Interactive, the US Internet audience is 66% of the adult population of the country, reaching 137 million people. At the same time, 20% of Americans use the World Wide Web from the computer classes of schools and universities, as well as from Internet cafes.

And according to the results of a study of the Internet audience analysts, it turned out that 41% of users have access to the Internet only from work or place of study. So people prefer to play online internet cafe games and enjoy them a lot.

Users of Internet Cafes

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Percent interest, but, nevertheless, it is quite a logical question of how these Internet cafes are in demand in the world. After all, it would seem how much easier it is to connect to the Network from home or from work and much faster to find all the information of interest (after all, it will not be necessary to leave home or work in this case). It is natural to assume that everyone who has such an opportunity will take advantage of it. But there is a large proportion, first of all, of young people who have no free access to the Internet (not everyone has computers with access to the Internet at home), and, therefore, may well play the role of a potential cyber cafe customers. Yes, and quite intriguing atmosphere of Internet cafes, as practice shows, attracts young visitors like a magnet.

In addition, as of today in America, a rather limited contingent of moving (being, for example, on a business trip or on any other trip) employees working in different areas of the business belong to mobile users in the full sense of the word. This means that, at a minimum, they may regularly need to send and receive correspondence, search for any information necessary for making a decision, etc.

In other words, the second potential group of visitors to such cafes is made up of those who are away from home or office, and for whom the Internet has long become an integral part of their lives. It was for tourists and businessmen who make business trips and who want to have the opportunity to check their mail from anywhere in the world and at any time, and in 1999, hereditary billionaire Stelios , the owner of an entire network, made a bid and the world’s flourishing internet cafe easyEverything.

Roles of Cyber Cafes

Do not disregard the fact that cyber cafes can also become the first starting point from which the journey begins to the all-consuming world of the worldwide computer network. After all, those who do not have access to it, either at work or at home, from here can lift the veil into the mysterious world and decide how necessary the Internet is, for example, for home use.

In other words, as a global goal, most Internet cafes place attraction under their auspices of everyone who needs the Internet, work with a computer and various peripheral devices.

Possibilities of Internet Cafes 

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If we are to be precise, then all these computers and electronic devices have long been necessary attributes of the equipment of a normal workplace in various business areas. Therefore, cyber cafe, at first glance, does not provide anything that, for example, many ordinary employees of various companies would not have at work. But this is only at first glance. In fact, Internet cafes have a number of undeniable advantages. I would like to point out two, from my point of view, fundamental. This is a good quality of communication through dedicated fiber optic channels and the availability of the most modern and diverse computer equipment.

It is also important that the vast majority of cyber cafes provide visitors with a wide range of services. That services are not limited to a cup of coffee and access to the Network, also they have sweepstakes Internet cafe games. The information found during the search can be copied to any of the mobile media or printed.

Internet Access Points

At the same time, Internet access points are increasingly appearing not only in cafes but also in other public places. It is not uncommon when people can look into the Network in gaming clubs, computer hardware stores, hotels, in parking lots, at airports, etc. The world’s largest companies create Internet cafes, hoping to increase the efficiency of their business. In this case, for example, in computer stores, visitors can get information about the product they are interested in not only through the sales assistant, but also through the Network, and in the end, it is possible to make a positive decision regarding the planned purchase. Providers, opening a cyber cafe, also count on a possible increase in the number of customers. In some cases, on the basis of Internet cafes are held various advertising campaigns.

Development of Internet Cafes

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As a result, Internet cafes in the world today are one of the most popular ways to access the Internet, especially among young people. The very first similar cafe with the sonorous name “Cyberia” appeared in London in 1994. From this point on, it was already possible to speak of cyber-cafe as a new type of business. Today, Cyberia-branded Internet cafes are already operating in 30 countries of the world. In total in the world, there are about 4 thousand officially registered such cafes.

Moreover, a real cyber-cafe industry has emerged, entangling almost the whole world with its networks, because, probably, only the Antarctic owners of Internet cafes have not yet made a springboard for the introduction of network services. And even in the Amazon jungle, the first Internet cafe appeared – a Peruvian charity company that delivered a computer, an electric generator and a satellite dish to the leader of the Ashaninki tribe (albeit, prefers to keep silent about it).

Guide of Internet Cafe

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An approximate idea of ​​the distribution of cyber cafes by countries and continents can be obtained from the Internet cafe Guide online directory (by the way, the paper versions of this reference book are also in use). The reference book is oriented, first of all, on tourists and businessmen. And you can find the nearest cafe there, being practically anywhere in the world: in Peru or Nepal, in Iceland or Australia, in Cyprus or in Malaysia.

However, it is necessary to recognize that in reality, the total number of cyber cafes is much higher. Yes, this is understandable, because only officially registered points that have the required license fall on the directory pages. And for a number of countries (including, for example, many countries of the Southeast region) this is by no means the norm. For example, only in Bangkok in reality, there are about 4,000 cafes, which exceeds the total number of cyber cafes listed in the directory.

Today, the directory contains about 3800 cafes in 165 countries of the world. The world leader in the number of Internet cafes is the United States, where there are 482 such institutions which has online internet cafe games. In Europe, the number of cyber cafes is dominated by their homeland, the United Kingdom, which has 319 cafes with Internet access, and 75 of them are located in London. Next among European countries are Germany (184), Italy (176) and Spain (145). The undoubted leader in Southeast Asia is India (232), the number of cyber cafes in the world is second only to the United States. If you try to compare the number of such establishments in the main world regions, Europe will take the first place, North America gives it 2 times, then South and Central America.

Different types of Internet Cafes 

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In general, there are two main models of Internet cafes: small and cozy, aimed at holding business meetings and conversations like “Cyberia”, and huge monsters capable of serving up to 8,000 people a day like “easyEverything”. The first ones are designed for 10-40 computers.They often amaze with a huge assortment of drinks and online internet cafe sweepstakes games. Cafes provide more than 20 varieties of coffee.

The second ones are huge halls for 200-300-500-800 workplaces, designed and equipped with the latest ergonomics, convenient for work (for which they, strictly speaking, are primarily intended) and resembling huge conference halls, where not to find that coziness, characteristic for small cafes like “Cyberia”. In the latter, access to the Internet represents only one of three whales. First of all, such cyber cafes are coffee houses where you can sit, have a good coffee or tea and socialize. In the second – workplaces where there is an opportunity to use standard office applications. And only the third – this is the point of access to the Internet.

However, it is worth noting that the ideal from the point of view of profitable profits should be considered large Internet cafes, which are at least 50 computers. Only in this case, they will be really highly profitable and will be able to bring great profits. Moreover, the founder of the cyber-cafe easy. Everything series was the first to think about the huge prospects of this type of business. Traveling a lot, he drew attention to the fact that Internet cafes often work at a loss, and the reason for this is the fact that they are designed for a very narrow category of visitors – mainly for gamers. The widespread use of email and the Internet in business made it possible to dramatically expand the orientation of such institutions.

History of Internet Cafes 

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 Having grasped this idea, Stelios opened the first cafe of a new type in July 1999 in London, which made a real revolution in this area of ​​business. Over the next 2 years, the result was the opening of 21 cafes in the largest cities of eight countries: London and Paris, New York and Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Madrid and others, and an increase in the status of Stelios itself due to profits from cyber cafes several times. Today he is recognized as one of the fastest growing richest people in the world.

The results of the network of its Internet cafes are literally impressive. New York cafe, for example, began to make a profit within a few months after its opening, while according to generally accepted data, cybercafes belong to the business sector where the planned revenues appear no earlier than in a year and a half. Open 24 hours a day, easyEverything Café serves today 2.2 million visitors per month and brings about $ 55 million in revenue per year. In this case, the payment of access to the Internet gives only half of the profits. A lot of Stelios earns on the sale in the Internet cafe of soft drinks, as well as related products – CDs, postcards, stationery and so on. 18% of revenue comes from advertising, which is constantly spinning on unoccupied computers.

World’s Largest Internet Cafe

As for the dimensions of the cyber cafes themselves, the world’s largest Internet cafe is considered the easyEverything cafe in New York, where 800 computers are installed, and the attendance is up to 8 thousand people per day. According to all data, in the near future, it is this cyber-cafe that will be honored to be on the pages of the Guinness Book of Records. 

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