The online casino industry is one of the fast-growing sectors of the gaming industry. The most popular games of the online casinos are slot games. Players love and enjoy spending their time playing online slot games. Slot games have made large progress in the last decade. Online casino games development companies develop vegas slots online every day. The reason is that vegas slots are one of the most demanded online slots for real money which gamblers play. All these online slots have many things in common, but they all are different.

Hot Diamonds

Hot Diamonds is the slot game that makes the whole online casino exciting. This game will bring you a lot of joy and entertainment. Rules and the policies of the game are very simple. User-friendly interface and flexible navigating panel differentiate this game from other vegas online slots. It will make your gaming experience incredible. The interface of the game consists of five reels. Hot Diamonds offers you ten pay lines. The flexibility of the game offers you a wide choice of gaming strategies. As a result of what you will be able to adjust and control your risks. You will have a chance to minimize your risk at a given point in the game. This will help you to maximize your gain and increase your money. 


Hot Diamonds is that type of game that will not bother you with hard instructions. All you need for starting to play is register in an online casino and start playing the slot game. This game is very easy to play. There are five reels on the interface. You can see different characters on each reel. The reels on the interface will spin, and you will get three different characters on each of the five reels. You will earn money for the combination of matches of the characters on the reels. 

The matches of each character will increase your money by different amounts. So the goal of playing online slots for real money is to get more matches and increase your profit. Before starting, you should bet on each pay line as in other vegas slots online. After betting you can click the start button and make reels to spin. Moreover, a smart navigating panel of the game will offer you an auto start button. With the help of that button, you will not need to press the start button on every round. However, you will still be able to adjust your bets while playing. 


Starburst is one of the bright examples of the new wave of online slot games in Vegas. This online slot game will make your boring hours exciting, and you will shine like a star. The slot game is very easy to play. In line with simplicity, this game offers a wide range of bonuses and rewards. Therefore, this game becomes very popular among online gamblers. Also, the video effects and graphics of the game are high-quality. The bright and stylish design of the interface makes players addicted to this slot game. Comparing to other vegas slots online, Starburst offers a high return to player ration. It means that players can earn a significant amount of money by playing this slot game.

This game is very fresh among its competitors. Starburst entered the market with the help of the game development company Net Entertainment. This game is the mix of old-school slot machines, with the sound and effects of a new wave of online slot games. This mixture of retro and new-school makes this slot game unique. Bright and catchy jewels on the reels of the game make this game more fascinating. Each jewel on the reels has a different color and different value. 

By spinning on the reels, this jewelry symbols would organize a combination. More complicated and rare combinations of on the reels will earn you a large profit. The five reels on the interface will spin and make combinations with jewel symbols. You can bet coins with the value from ten to hundred per each pay line. This will help you to control the game and minimize your risk as in other vegas slots online. There is also a wild symbol feature of the game. This wild symbol would help you to gain a significant amount of money. 

Wild 7

Wild 7 is the classic example of the fruit slot games of the casinos of Vegas. Slot machines of the Vegas were very famous among gangsters and the kings of the streets of twentieth. If you want to feel like one of those gangsters, Wild 7 is all that you need. The colorful and stylish design of the game, comfortable music developed by online casino software will help you to feel as in Vegas. Feeling the increase of adrenaline in your blood by risking and increasing your money will make you addicted. This gets will be your first treatment from getting rid of stress. Playing Wild 7 will be your first activity after your routine and boring working hours. You can enjoy playing this slot game in Vegas-X online casino website or in the application. 

Moreover, in the interface of the slot game, you can see five reels and three raws. You will play this game on ten pay lines. It means that for starting the game you should bet a certain amount of credits per each payline. However, you have a chance to play with less than ten paylines. The decision of how many paylines to play depends on you. Also, this is an interesting part of the game, comparing to other vegas slots online. This feature of the game enables you to control and adjust your bets in online gambling. If you see that you are doing well, you can increase your bet and decrease the number of pay lines. Vice versa, you can decrease your bet and increase the number of paylines. 

Merry Fruits

Merry Fruits is one more representative of the online slot games. This game has a unique design and reminds the slot machine of Las Vegas casinos. Catchy fruit symbols on the reels of the game attract online casino players. This game offers you large gains and bonuses. Matching fruit symbols on the reels will help you to make large gains. 

The rules of the Merry Fruits are very easy. You need to set the bet for each pay line of the slot game as in other vegas slots online. For doing this you need to click on the bet button in navigating panel. The choice of the bet is very wide. You can set the bet from 0.01 to 0.25 credit per each pay line. The slot game will multiply the value by ten and that number will be the cost of each spin. After assigning your bet you need to click on the start button to make these reels spin. This game offers you an alternative auto start button. The rounds of the game will start automatically as in many popular slot games