Plenty of Fruit 40

If you like Plenty of Fruit 20 Hot and Plenty of Fruit 20, then Plenty of Fruit 40 will undoubtedly be of interest. Providing double the possible winnings and double the pleasure, Plenty of Fruit 40 jumps up the stakes to levels rarely seen before.

As is shown in the name of the game, this slot game is a new chapter in the Plenty of Fruit franchise. In Plenty of Fruit 40, the stakes are indeed established, as players can bet on as many as 40 various paylines through per spin of the wheels. Players hunting the big prizes will (and already have) flocked to this game, as it carries the popular framework from Plenty of Fruit and ramps it up quadruple.

Game Rules

The primary color used within the icons of the game and background is a bright blue that will work to open up sleepy eyes. In many ways, the game’s interface perfectly describes the aspect of the title, and that is indeed as good as it gets when it becomes to online casino gaming.

In this variant of the game, spinners can bet as many as 40 coins on per spin, which adds to the excitement and the fiscal risk at hand. The biggest prize the game returns is 1,000 coins. With the smallest bet of only 40¢, this game is affordable for both amateur players and experienced professional. Just as visually exciting as other versions of the game, but financially more powerful, Plenty of Fruit 40 carries things up a notch.

The colorful graphics and impressive gameplay provide those playing Plenty of Fruit 40 a reason to smile. Spinners can easily fall themselves in this game, particularly when they decide to activate the autoplay button that allows the wheels to spin themselves. Talking on the features of Plenty of Fruit 40, all additional elements in other versions of Plenty of Fruit are also available in this version of the game.

Playing Plenty of Fruit 40

Plenty of Fruit 40 can be performed online without having to download the casino software, so spinners can use their web browser to enter the game at any time of the day. This kind of access to the game has maintained it become a favorite choice with many players. Expressing the very best that Plenty of Fruit game franchise has to offer, Plenty of Fruit 40 is an online slot game that certainly shouldn’t be passed over by any spinner.