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As the technology progresses, casino gaming is also progressing; it is now possible to play your favorite type of online casino game directly from your preferred Android device such as Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, HTC, and much more. It is no secret that more people are opting for mobile gambling than as opposed to PC or laptop gambling. The reason is simple; smart hand-held devices are now as capable as laptops or PCs. There are other reasons as well, such as the ease of use of a hand-held device. You can carry your mobile device anywhere, and the size of the smartphone is manageable in your pocket. Graphics-wise android casino games are improving and are getting close to the same level of gameplay as laptops or PCs.

Having the comfort of gambling anytime and anywhere is something that online gamblers appreciate and is another reason why most of the gamblers are switching from bulky devices to playing android casino games on their mobile devices. Statistics show that in the near future, about 80% of online gambling will be done through the comfort of a smartphone. In other words, Android gambling games will get better in terms of gameplay and will evolve. Let’s discover in detail why android casino games are more useful and how the gamblers can benefit from them.

Android casino games: why it is better
Online casino gaming has been around for some time now, and it keeps getting better. Gamblers now have the chance to play their favorite online casino games on their smart hand-held devices. Google play store has made it a lot easier for online casino owners from around the world to put their games on google’s platform. This changes everything when it comes to online gambling; gamblers now have easy access right from smartphones to choose their favorite android slot games. Although it is worth mentioning due to google play store policy, the casino games offered in the play store are all in demo mode. Meaning you can’t bet with real money.

Nevertheless, there is a solution, thanks to the Android open-source system. You have the option of sideloading apps from other trusted sources. Although Google discourages this option, it is relatively safe if the application is coming from a reliable source. You will be prompted with a warning screen; by clicking “allow from this source,” you then can proceed to install your preferred online casino application.

This option is only available in android devices, as mentioned before, Android is an open-source system by Google. If you have other smartphone OS systems, unfortunately, you are out of luck. iOS is a closed system, and it offers only online casino games that are in free mode. Meaning you can’t wager or invest in the game. Still, you will be required to make an in-app purchase to unlock a certain feature of the game, just like in any other normal smartphone games. There is speculation that in the near future, Google will accept gambling as in wagering in online casinos through the application. But as of now, it is not possible.