What is RiverMonster

RiverMonster is a term used to refer to large, freshwater fish that inhabit the rivers of the world. These rivermonsters can be found in all sorts of habitats, from fast-flowing mountain streams to slow-moving river estuaries and deep lakes. They are usually predatory species, meaning they hunt other animals for food. Some rivermonsters are even known to attack humans who enter their watery domain.

Examples of river monsters include sturgeon, catfish, pike, muskie and gar. Each rivermonster has its own unique set of characteristics which make them special and a fascinating part of the underwater world. For example, the sturgeon has a long body covered with bony plates for protection; catfish have whiskers for detecting prey; pike have a long and slender body for speed; muskie are ferocious predators; and gar possess sharp teeth to hunt their prey.Looking to go rivermonster fishing? Make sure you do your research on the species first! Knowing its behavior and habitat preferences will give you the best chance of catching one of these unique river dwellers.


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