Santa Strikes Back!

We want to introduce Santa in this Christmas-themed online slot game, he’s back, and available for compensation in the Santa Strikes Back Slot. To reflect the entertaining Rudolph’s Revenge Slot is the ideal slot to spice up the festival season, giving hours of action-packed revenge on everybody’s choice reindeer.

Game Rules

Introducing two popular slots together, the Santa Strikes Back Slot mixes fun from both interfaces – Rudolph’s Revenge Feature and The Santa Strikes Back Feature. In the Santa Strikes Back Feature 7 bonus games are granted when Santa is successful in 3 or more scatter actions after a spin. The same fits for the Rudolph’s Revenge Feature, if Rudolph gains 3 or more scatter battles after a spin 7 bonus games will be granted where each game will be doubled, plus the number of Santas that perform on the wheels.

Playing Santa Strikes Back

Help Santa take back the authority of the North Pole as you play through 5-wheels of Christmas surprises on action against Rudolph the red nosed deer. Your name is promised to perform on The Nice List connected with a treasure of exotic prizes after helping Santa on his journey for revenge in the Santa Strikes Back casino slot.