Over the last decade slot machines for sale have become one of the most popular online gambling tendencies. Guess what? It was not always like that. Throughout the course of gambling history, the slot machine games for sale were mainly overlooked, and most players did not take them seriously at that time. 

The target audience of the slots were considered to me elderly people and women. Starting from the middle 1980s, the popularity began to grow as new versions of the slot games occurred. Those rapid changes lead to growth in the overall gambling industry. After digitalization of slots and other kinds of gambling games, the industry literally took off. 

If you have an interest in gambling games and especially online slot machines for sale, this article will grab your attention. In this post, we aim to cover the interesting facts about slot machines and their effects on people. So, let’s start with the first one, which is about time on device (TOD) metric.

Importance of Time on Device (TOD) metric for both casino operators and game developers

For those of you who do not have in-depth knowledge about this metric let’s briefly explain the TOD (Time On Device) The TOD is considered as the first metric that online casino software providers are concerned about. Why is it so important? Over time as the number of players who use online gambling for entertainment increase, the casino platform owners, as well as slot machine providers, discovered that profitability of the game could be measured through vTime on Device metric.

The meaning of the term as you can guess from the name tag is about the average amount of time that the user spends on their device while playing a certain game. If a particular slot game has high TOD, it means that this game can hook the player. Thus it is very profitable to provide customers with that model. For developers, that means if they produce more games like this, the casino operators would love to work with them as those types of slots had higher TOD’s previously.  

Opaque Odds- The difference between Slot Machines for Sale and Other Casino Games

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As most of the online gambling players would tell you, there are actually two important things that you need to know in order to calculate the house edge of the game. What are those?

  1.   The payoffs that you pay for each bet
  2.   The odds of winning on each of those rounds

There is a clear difference between most of the casino games and slot machine games for sale. That is about the calculation process of the house edge and the percentage of winning. As you may know, most of those casino games are either played with a deck of cards or some pair of dice. These attributes are used to produce random results that will eventually lead to your losses or wins. In those games, it is easier to calculate the digital house edge.

For example, let’s take a simple blackjack game. Imagine that there are 52 cards in the electronic deck, what are the possibilities of getting the card you want? It is 51 to 1, other probabilities can indeed be calculated if you use some logic and know the make-up of that particular deck. In another example, let’s take a simple dice in a craps casino game. The dice has 6 sides, so it should not be a problem to calculate the odds of your winning because there are a finite number of possible combinations.

Why Slot machines for sale differ?

On the other hand, slot machines for sale are too complicated when it comes to these matters. Let’s break down the system. In casino slots, you have certain symbols that pay off the particular amounts in a certain rate while you can make a combination. The winning combination may vary but most of the time it is considered as putting the same symbols in a line. However, players cannot calculate the outcome with their bare hands and mind or even with the calculator while playing slots. The reason for that is the number of possibilities and the unknown house edge. You cannot examine the Random Number Generator system and find out the possibilities. That is why, online slots have the most opaque odds of all the casino games.

You would never know if you play the slot game that has five or twenty-five per cent of the house edge. That makes them risky but also entertaining. Some of the online casino platforms show the certified results regarding the payback percentages. If you would like to know them, check the website of the online casino and see what the house edge percentages are for each of those games and act accordingly.

Slot Machines are making 85% of the average Revenue

In the early and middle 1980s, the casino industry started to change. At that time, slot machines were a useless game for most of the audience as well as casino operators. They used to distract the women whose husband or boyfriend were playing so-called “real” casino games. SO, it was a marketing strategy back then rather than the actual game. The slots did not get enough respect at that time and in most of the classic casinos placed them in the hall near the elevator.

The reason for that to free up space for other ‘valuable’ games. Over time, the popularity and functionality of online slot games recovered that aspect as right now they are one of the top trending games in the overall gambling industry. Forbes published various researches stating the rising dominance of the slot machines as they argued that according to the recent stats, online slots are making up at least 80 per cent of the online casino’s revenue annually.

Current Slot Machines have little in common with their ancestors

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Originally slot machines for sale consisted of few mechanical parts such as hoppers, coin slots, levers and reels. As time passed, the modern hi-tech slots became more complex, and right now, they have over 1200 individual components. Modern slots are so innovative and have multi-functions that even Charles Fey who designed the first-ever slot machine cannot recognize those games right now. Some of the essential aspects regarding modern slot machines are bill validators, RNG, touchscreens, VR 3D and machine cabinets. In the early stages, real money slots were very straightforward. Right now, they offer hundreds of various functions that users can utilize for their benefit.

Final Thoughts

Most people may argue that slot machines for sale are not a complicated matter. Guess what? They are absolutely wrong. There are lots of aspects of the slots that need to be analyzed and comprehended. An enormous amount of money is generated through these games, and worldwide there are millions of players who cannot go without playing them. That is not a coincidence because online slots are actually very fun and have an addictive nature.

As a player, you need to be aware of the lining aspects behind slot machines and continue to discover the trends for success. From casino operators to the game developers, they exactly know what people want from video slots, and they make it that way in order to become appealing for the audience. As a player, you need to be aware of those aspects too, and our aim to write this post was exactly about that matter. Hopefully, this article will help you to understand the slot machines for sale better and have wonderful gaming experience.