Riverslot is one of the smallest developers of online casino gaming software, but they’ve got a sizeable collection of HD slots which are available in an impressive range of genres. The games come with particularly detailed themes for immersive gameplay, and exciting bonus features to maximize your chances at winning big!

1. Big Winners, High Stakes

With an impressive collection of games that are available in HD quality, there’s one thing to be sure of when you choose an online casino with Riverslot software for your gaming experience – the graphics will be crisp and clear so you can savor every detail on screen. That means no more squinting at your screen – you’ll know that the fruits, bars and bells are all there for a reason! Better still, they’re not just clearer to see – they’re also more detailed in appearance too. This has the advantage of making them seem slightly larger on screen, even if they don’t actually take up any additional space. That means more chances to win a prize, with a larger payout for you!

2. Big Bonuses and Collectable Free Spins

Two of the most popular aspects of slot games are their free spins bonuses and multipliers – but  knows that you want more than just standard spin variations on those features. That’s why they’ve developed some pretty special bonuses in recent years, including the Inferno Bonus in which you play a card game with a devilish twist. You can also expect some genuinely intriguing multiplier effects that change up your prize dramatically for just a little extra effort in spinning the reels.

3. New Releases Every Week

If keeping up to date with the latest arrivals is important to you when you choose an online casino, Riverslot won’t let you down. Once a week they release another new slot machine that brings you into the world of one unique theme – it might be a new twist on classic fruit themes, or something completely different like snowboarding or NASCAR – and there’s sure to be at least one release every single month! With this fresh supply of slots you can be sure that the casino is always full of exciting new options to play with.

4. Double-Up Anywhere, Anytime

Riverslot has an innovative approach to the concept of double-up – so if you’re all about keeping your bankrolls safe at any point in time, just say the word! With this feature you can lock in a bet, win or lose, and then wait for that specific amount of money to be doubled. That means you’ll have a chance to play with maximum stakes at any point, even if you’re on a budget. This one works discreetly so it doesn’t disrupt the gameplay – but it’ll definitely give you a brand new experience!


5. Personalized Loyalty Scheme

The days of being an anonymous face at the online casino have come to an end, with riverslot giving you a unique opportunity to create your own loyalty scheme for gaming action. Once you’ve started out on this course, each game that you play will start unlocking special personalized rewards, prizes and bonuses as you go. You’ll find that the scheme has no maximum limit on how much you can cash in – just keep playing and keep collecting!

6. Wide Range of Table Games

Table games are a great way to round out your casino experience, especially since you can expect some impressive graphics and gameplay from this collection of titles. You’ll find that their expertise in slots has carried over to roulette, blackjack and other games that give you the chance to act against your opponent – whether it’s another player at the table or just some clever computerized odds!

7. Unique Bonuses for VIP Players

TheVIP scheme is a true innovation in online casino gaming – because it’s not just an improved loyalty deal for your action, but a whole new experience. By applying to join the VIP club you’ll be privy to some awesome exclusive prizes and offers that change up your standard gameplay with extra free spins and bonuses. You can even get automatic price adjustments on all of your favorite games, so you’ll always get a bigger reward for your action!

8. Top Security and Banking

Although Riverslot is an online casino that may be relatively new to the international scene, it already has a safe and secure reputation in its home country of Malta. All transactions are encrypted with the SSL protocol to keep even the most sensitive information private, while the company’s focus on customer happiness means that you get a hassle-free experience no matter which platform you choose – PC, tablet or smartphone.

9. Offers for New Customers

Riverslot wants to make your first experience with the casino extra special, which is why they run some awesome offers in various different promos! Take, for example, the full welcome bonus that can be used across any of their platforms – to play your first few rounds you’ll get a 100% cash match on top of your initial deposit at slot.

Overview of Riverslot

River Slot was founded in 2008 and has a competent team of software developers, art designers, business managers and support staff. A few years ago started building an online Inferno slot machine game. The development process passed multiple stages before it could be finished; beta testing is currently taking place.The next step for this will be to develop and release Inferno Slots on mobile platforms such as Windows Phone 7, Android and iOS.

The rich feature list of Inferno slots will keep players occupied for hours:

– Detailed graphics; every symbol is animated in HD quality.

– A lot of symbols; there are 18 different ones in total including wilds, scatters and bonuses.

– Betting options; players can wager small or big stakes.

– A choice of number of lines; this option gives the player more control over the size of their bet. The maximum amount that can be wagered per line is 100 coins.

– The game’s RTP (return to player) percentage is 95%. This percentage is high enough to generate excitement but low enough so that players are not discouraged from playing.

After testing the game in closed beta, riverslot decided to release Inferno slots online in open beta. This will give everyone the opportunity to play the game and provide feedback for possible improvements. People can find out more about on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.