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vegas7games pro

What is Vegas7games Pro?

Vegas7games Pro, which has no connection to the casino game website at the same URL, is a program designed for viewing multimedia content. It includes an integrated player that can be opened by clicking on any supported file. A third party browser may also be configured to open HTML documents with this application automatically via the configuration menu.

The application was last updated in November 2014, but it is unknown if this version is malware free. The player has been flagged by some security products as a possible threat because of its tendency to open potentially harmful content. This may happen without user permission. However, no incidents have been noted so far since the offending behavior was corrected.

Vegas7games Pro is not typically bundled with any programs or files on your computer; it will only be installed if you download the program yourself and select its installation path. It may also come attached with third party applications like codec packs, video previewers, etc., which install the application on your computer along with their own apps. Since Vegas7games Pro does not require installation, you can launch the program by running its executable file.

However, there is no guarantee that this application will be safe to use. It has been observed to open questionable content on its own without your consent. If you see the same behavior when using the player, it may be malware in disguise. You can avoid these problems by getting an updated version.

It was once observed that Vegas7Games Pro is capable of hiding its shortcut in the Windows startup folder without user consent, which makes it run automatically on system start-up. This may possibly be used to launch the program at every boot without your knowledge or consent. It should be noted that the shortcut is placed within an encrypted folder that may be used to hide executable files.

It was also observed that this application does not have a visible window on its own, which means you cannot launch it without opening another file in its player directory. This is exacerbated by the fact that there is no uninstall command dedicated to Vegas7games Pro, so you cannot remove it from the list of installed programs.

You should not have to install Vegas7games Pro on your computer yourself because it is not a necessary system utility. If this program was attached to a package that you used, avoid using potentially harmful third party apps in the future to prevent more malware from being downloaded and installed automatically without your notice.

Tech support scammers are known to use these kinds of programs as tools for their schemes, so be wary if you ever receive pop-up messages that recommend the installation of this application or similar ones. If you believe that Vegas7games Pro is associated with a scam or any questionable content, it would be best not to interact with the program in any way.