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Casino sites are building their brands on high-quality games. One of those highly demanded games is online slots. Currently, slot machines are becoming bread and butter for many online casinos. Recently online slot machines began to get recognition. A couple of decades ago, casino managers did not like slot machines, and they were thinking that this type of game is targeting women and older people. That is the main reason why those casino managers were not including slot machines in their casinos. From the middle of ninety eighties and during ninety nineties, online gambling started and changed the industry as a whole. We can safely say that now, many online casinos are dominating the business because of online slot machines. This article will focus on interesting facts about slot machines. 

Online Slot Machines Have an Infinite Number of Results 

In almost any online casino game players need two variables for calculating the possibilities of winning. They are a payoff for each bet and odds of winning each bet. Online casino games are using card decks, dices, and such figures so, by using simple math, you can count the possibilities in those games. For instance, Blackjack is a card game in an online casino that players use fifty-two or thirty-six cards to play. In this case, the probability of getting one particular card from the whole deck is equal to fifty-one to one. More specifically, we can take dices. As we know, dice have six sides, so the probability of getting one side of that dice is finite. In the online casino slot machines system works differently. 

Calculating odds on any given result is very hard for slot machine games. The reason for that is the gaming mechanism of online slot machines for real money. In these machines, players have particular symbols that pay differently in specific rates when you match certain combinations out of given symbols. That is why you have no way of calculating results and determining in which situation your odds of winning the game will increase or decrease. That leads to the point where players cannon know what the house edge for a particular online casino is. Which is precisely the second fact that we are going to discuss? 

House Edge is Unknown in Internet Casino

While gamblers play Blackjack, they know that this online casino game has, for example, zero point five percent house edge at minimum. The maximum house edge for that type of play is equal to four percent in many popular online casinos. Though, in online slot machines, players cannot get information about the house edge. If you would like to experience this, you can buy slot machines and try it for yourself.

In general, the house edge for online casino slots is five percent, but you cannot tell whether an online slot machine has a house edge of thirty percent or just five percent. It is impossible to examine the odds because slot machines are working with Random Number Generator principles. There are also online casinos who are posting payback percentages on their sites to attract users. Though, for a fact, unfortunately, players are unable to learn exact odds of winning percentages while playing online casino slots. 

Slot Machines Have Common Features with Skinner Boxes

Dr. Skinner was a behavioral scientist that used animals for experimenting with different subjects. One of his experiments is about boxes. In that experiment, Skinner found out that animals are more responsive when they are getting rewards; in that case, meals partially rather than as a whole. Periodic rewards are more satisfying rather than consistent ones. The implication is somewhere, similar to online casino slot machines. For instance, if a player wins on every spin, they will lose motivation. Though, if they occasionally win, their motivation for online slot machines, real money games will not get damaged. Slot machine software designers are using several tests to know hit frequencies. While doing so, they are focusing on time on device figures and comparing different slot machine games. 

These tests help them to identify in which hit frequency; players are more likely to continue the game. In the testing part, experts are making one online casino slot game’s hit frequency sixty percent, and in similar slot games, they are changing it to seventy percent. By doing so, they are finding out in which hit frequency players tend to continue online casino slots. As a result, they are configuring slot machine software accordingly. If you could buy a slot machine or play at an online casino, you will see that there are similarities between the two above mentioned concepts. 

The Progressive Slot Game Jackpots

progressive slot game is the one that prizes grow through every spin, and many players are contributing to it. Progressiveness in those slot machines can be standalone type, the local area, and comprehensive area types. With all due respect to the lottery rewards, it is safe to say that some progressive online slot machines have even bigger prizes at stake. For example, in a wide area, progressive online casino slots, players have the chance to earn up to ten million dollars. 

In this type of casino game, the jackpot starts at a particular amount, and it grows until some lucky player hits it. Odds of winning a progressive casino slot are higher than winning an actual lottery. Though it is doubtful than you will get to that point because to play in mega progressive slots, you have to deposit a certain amount to an online casino base. 

There Is No Tracking Record in Online Slot Machines

online slot machines

Many people believe in the myths that online slot machines can get cold or hot in cases. Though, it is not true because there is no tracker for that in slot machine software. In other words, slot machines do not know how many jackpots it paid out or anything like that. Random number generator in online casino software makes sure that every result is arbitrary. So, while playing online casino slots, a player can win the jackpot, and in the very next spin, he or she can win it again. That is the beauty of online casino games.

Online Casino Slot Machines Are Now Legal In Forty-one States of the United States

Since the creation of online casino slots, the United States government is working on gambling laws and their restrictions. Two decades ago, online gambling slots were allowed only in thirty-one states. Though, right now, online slot machines are allowed in forty-one countries. Besides, legal, licensed online casinos, many illegal online casinos are serving to gamblers. So, the demand for online slots is very high in America, as we can see from the facts. 

To finalize, there are many unknown facts about online casino slot machines because they are still getting popular. False perceptions make people think that online casinos are rigged, and it is impossible to win in those games. Though as we indicated as one of the fun facts about online slot machines that results are all generated through random variables, and there are millions of people who are winning at online casinos around the world. If you are an online casino player or have an interest in this business, this post will be helpful for you to learn the unknown sides of online casino slot machines.