Having an internet cafe that runs sweepstakes casino games could be a profitable business for those who know what to look for. It could be a great source of fast-growing income, but it could also be a flop if you do not understand what you are doing. It is not as easy as buying some computer hardware and opening up shop. Since the industry is ever-evolving, you will need to keep up with modern trends such as a play from home sweepstakes, recent slot games, etc. 

Some industry professionals recommend that newer business owners should opt for sweepstakes software providers. These software providers will give you the complete package so you can get started with your business and not have to worry about finding individual service providers. Depending on the type of business you want to open, you could even be interested in opening an online casino network in which you will need the help of online casino software. This software, like the one mentioned above, also helps you gather all the tools you need in one place. You could just be looking to open an internet cafe, in which an internet cafe software is a norm for any business. It could even be that you are just an independent gambler looking to find the best service provider. Whichever the case, you will need to innovate and do your research. 

The best play from home sweepstakes

So this is what you are here for, the best play from home sweepstakes games. The games mentioned below are from Riversweeps casino software providers. Riversweeps has become a notable name in the market throughout the years and is slowly becoming the norm for any independent player and online casino owner. These casino games can be played right from the comfort of your home, anytime and anywhere. 

50 dragons

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The first play from home sweepstakes gambling game is 50 dragons. If you have ever played the game 50 Lions, then you will feel right at home with 50 Dragons not literally but figuratively, because that would be terrifying. The slot game consists of 50 lines and five reels, hence getting the name 50 dragons. One pleasing aspect of the game is that it is full of entertaining sound effects. When betting a golden dragon symbol, for instance, you will be surprised with dragon sounds. The game has a wild figure and a scatter symbol.

 50 dragons’ wild figure is the Pearl icon. You can see this wild figure on the fifth, fourth, third, and second reels. The scatter figure, on the other hand, is the depiction of a gold ingot icon. Winnings from both scatter symbols, and free spins bonuses are all added to all of your awards. You will activate the free spins bonuses in 50 dragons if three scatter symbols appear on the reels. The bonus games in 50 dragons will give you a chance to receive ten free spins. 

One of the main aspects of the game that keeps bringing players back is the wild icon that is added to your reels with each free spin bonus that you use. Unlike other slot games, the goal of 50 dragons is to give you a higher probability of winning. The top graphics quality and superb sound effects of 50 dragons make it one of the most exciting slot games to play. Make sure that you are entertained while you win.

Big red

Riversweeps games have blessed us with one of the best play from home sweepstakes games known as Big Red. This game is sure to perform outstandingly on any of your devices. It comes with many bonus games that raise the odds in your favor. The Big Red slot game has been more notably famous in Australia and other parts of the world. This gives the game a massive fan base. Players seem to appreciate winning big, and the well-designed backgrounds of the game. 

One of the best aspects of Big Red is that it has one of the highest Return to Player (RTP) than any other online casino games. The RTP is around 97.04%. Imagine all of this return to player coupled with the max amount of winnings will guarantee you walk home with big winnings. Though, no need because this is a play from home sweepstakes. Big Red is comprised of five reels and three figures on each reel. The minimum amount to bet is 1 cent or pound, it all depends on your country and currency. The prizes you earn are rewarded regarding the credits times the line bet that you might have set on the reels before.

 The game design and layout is based on the Australian outback. This becomes apparent soon as you enter the game, and take a look at the characters and the design. Some characters are animals from Australia like crocodiles, trees, dingoes, eagles, boars, and, of course, kangaroos. But regardless, the payouts of the game will be enough to keep you hooked!

Dolphins Pearl

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Dolphins Pearl is another play from home sweepstakes slot game that presents players with one of the highest payouts. The game is made up of five reels, three rows, and the best of all nine flexible paylines. The gamer is given a chance to manually select the number of rows that will be active before making a spin. If a manual isn’t your way, you can choose the Auto-spin feature that will play the round with the equal amount of turns mixed with the same bet amount until the end of the round. If you are wondering about the maximum amount you can bet, it is 500 coins for each line. With this amount, you will be limited to 4500 coins for each spin. 

The wild figure in Dolphins Pearl is the most paying figure. You can cash in a payout of 9000 coins for a combination of five. The game can be viewed as one of the most rewarding because of all of the free spins that are given to the players three times for each bonus win they achieve. All of the winnings amounts can be increased massively thanks to the wild figure. The trick is to use the Gambling icon to fold amounts up to six times. 


Thanks to riversweeps online casino service, you can enjoy all of the play from home sweepstakes games. Through the offerings, you can play rivers at home without needing to go to physical casinos. Your choice of game will depend on your personal preferences. Each game’s core design is the same; the graphics and layout of each game are what is different. So when choosing a play rivers at home game make sure to go with the one that is entertaining for you, because gambling is not only about winning like with any sport, it is about having fun!

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