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Living without a phone, even for a few hours seems impossible. We use our phones to call our loved ones and keep in touch with friends and the world itself. We scroll through our social media news feeds or play games when we wait for the bus. Since the demand for mobile games is growing, mobile slots are becoming trendy and most of the leading developers focus on them. Online casino software developers started creating mobile versions of very famous slot games. You can play your favorite sweepstakes from wherever you are and bet on real money as well. If you are a newbie or you are an investor looking for industry insights, keep on reading. Let’s get going and find out which are the best mobile slot games of 2019!

Real Money Slots

Real money slots mostly refer to online casino slots. Most of the time, you can only bet with tokens, a form of a digital currency set by the platform. Usually, a set of hundreds of symbols cost only a few dollars, so players have the liberty to choose what fits their budget. However, if you win the grand jackpot, you’ll receive it in tokens as well. Therefore, online casino software developers introduced real money in the slots industry. You can now transfer the currency of choice to your account and bet with how much you want. Of course, it can get risky at times, but you get the chance to win incredible amounts of money. 

As technology advances, this type of slot is available for smaller screens as well. Mobile-friendly versions of mobile slots for real money are available on most online casinos around the world. Not only that you’ll get the same gambling experience as you would normally do, but is safe as well. You shouldn’t worry about the money you invest, because these platforms are very secure, especially when it comes to mobile slots on real money. If anything goes wrong, most websites refund the amount you transferred in less than two days. Also, you can choose your preferred currency and banking partner. 

Another new feature available for mobile slots is cryptocurrency. Most people nowadays choose this payment method because it has better rates, and it’s safer. Cryptocurrency in general works on a blockchain system and data is even more visible for players. Therefore, if you select this option, you’ll use real money tokens. However, because this is a newly-released feature, find out information about your online casino. You can easily avoid a blacklisted website. Safety is vital when it comes to the online casino world, especially when you gamble with real money. 

Mega Fortune mobile slots 

mobile slots

Mega Fortune is one of the best mobile slots of 2019 that uses real money as well. This slot game belongs to NetEnt, one of the gambling software all-time leaders. The game has five reels and 25 paylines, so it follows a classic structure. Besides, it is a progressive game, so if you are lucky, you can win a huge prize. Mega Fortune’s popularity appeared because of its Jackpot Wheel of Fortune bonus game. This extra feature rewards you with 15 free spins and plenty of multipliers that will get you closer to the jackpot.

As everyone expected, the company developed a mobile-friendly slots version, that offers the same benefits. You will enjoy the same audio and visuals at the same performance. The massive rewards and the quality of this slot game brought it to the top of the list. 

Vikings Go Wild mobile slots 

Vikings Go Wild is a slot game developed by Yggdrasil and belongs to the Viking Go X series. This is the first game of the franchise, and it gained a lot of public attention because of its features. This game’s developer is well known for its attention to details, and they didn’t fail to disappoint us. The graphics and animations present in the theme stay close to the original story. We love a good storyline, and this game has what it takes. You’ll meet plenty of feisty Vikings in their rusty armor ready to help you win the jackpot. Vikings Go Wild has an original soundtrack that has the same high-quality in the mobile version as well. The mobile slots RTP stands firm at 96%, and it also has lots of bonuses and extra features. This mobile slot is worth playing at least once.


In conclusion, mobile slots have a promising future ahead. Not only that you get the same gaming experience, but sometimes it gets better. Some online casinos offer rewards if you download their mobile app and play their games. You’ll get bonuses such as free spins, sets of tokens or exclusive demo versions of popular games. You can play these games everywhere you go and much more comfortably. Mobile friendly game versions are available for smartphones and tablets as well. 

Today’s technology makes these gaming experiences 100% safe and virus free. This fact is crucial, especially now, when you can bet with real money. This type of slot games is gaining more attention day by day because of its rewards. Not to mention that most games have progressive jackpots, that makes them even more famous. Each player contributes to the grand pot with a small amount of credit, and the total amount continually increases. Because you are using real currency, the final amount usually stops at around 1$ million dollars. These slot games are tough to resist, but they are effortless to find. Every online casino has a mobile casino section and a real money slots category. All there’s left to do is to pick one that you might enjoy and wish for the best. 

Skillmine Games

mobile slots

If you are looking for mobile slots for real money, you need to make sure that the regular games are high-quality. Our pick is Skillmine Games, a professional gaming technology developer that offers many more services. They work on a scalable hi-tech platform that supports high-quality gaming experiences. Their slots offer state-of-the-art 3D graphics and sound effects mixed with exciting themes. You can browse through a game collection that counts more than 20 games of different styles.

If you are willing to open an internet cafe or online casino, they are your first go to. Not only that they offer excellent gaming experiences, but they will help you through the business process as well. Skillmine Games will support you with consulting services and marketing strategies. Opening a business never sounded so easy, especially when you have 24/7 assistance and technical support. Besides, as a manager, you are in full control of your company through a performant control panel. 

Through this feature, you can extract crucial business data and statistics that show how the mobile slots perform. Also, you can adjust the volatility settings for some games, the gaming layout, or the payment services. Not to mention that every game you choose comes with a mobile version. Skillmine software enables comfortable mobile gaming experiences for your customers from everywhere in the world. You will enjoy amazing graphics and sound effects, no matter if you are using Android or iOS. This software suits both platforms, and it holds the same usual options. Because of their multi-currency options, the players can also choose which payment method suits them best. Also, you can customize most software features and design patterns. The mobile slots on your online casino will surely be a hit if you collaborate with this gambling software developer. Diversity mixed with high-quality services describes Skillmine Games perfectly.