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Slots have been around for as long as we can remember. We can find them in land-based casinos and also on online platforms. They come in different styles and themes, but also with different jackpots, bonuses, and rules. Progressive slots are some of the newly appeared sweepstakes games out there. They took the world by storm with their grand pots, and everyone is looking for them. However, not everyone knows what they really are and how they work. Most of these slots are available online, so we will show you where to find the best of them. Gambling is entertaining, but it is also more effective when you have the right piece of information. Keep on reading to find out what makes progressive slots so unique and how. 

What are progressive slots?

Progressive slots are the gems of any casino. They represent the most significant attraction because they hold the biggest amounts of money. Therefore, the most important factor is the jackpot. It is called progressive because it grows over time, as more gamblers play the game. So, each player contributes with a small percentage of money to the big pot. However, these slots are still games of chance, so you never know when you will win. When eventually one player makes the right combination and wins, the amount will reset. If you are the lucky winner, you will gain everything up to that point. 

You can find progressive slots on online casinos and also in brick and mortar ones. However, they work a bit differently when played on online websites. Most online casinos choose to become partners when it comes to some progressive slots. This determines a remarkably increased jackpot that rises at faster rates. Sometimes, there are hundreds of casinos linked together for the same pot. So, if you are a slot lover, you might try your luck and win one of the biggest prizes available in the gambling industry. 

However, we have to remind you that this type of slot works on the same general principle-the RNG. If you play the same progressive slot game over and over again, it won’t help you much. The random number generator works the same for all slots so that casinos can maintain fair rules. Besides, progressive slots have an extra set of rules that changes from game to game. For example, some slots require you to accept the jackpot manually. The good thing is that you can opt for different types of progressive jackpots and also find out information. Following, we will go through some examples of progressive jackpots and explain them. 

Types of progressive slots

progressive slots

Local progressive slots are the ones that first emerged on the market, and you can still find them now. However, they are more present in land-based casinos because the area they cover is small. Local slots will gather money from players that gamble only in that specific casino. You can find ten to twenty linked slot machines, depending on the location. 

Standalone progressives are also a primary form of progressive jackpots. They still reset when someone reaches the limit and wins. However, all bets belong to the same game or the same machine. You can easily spot these so that you may try your luck and gamble at the same game a few times. These jackpots rarely reach 10,000$ dollars.

Wide Area Network progressives are the slots we all know and look for. These games describe the following definition perfectly, and you can find them everywhere. If we are talking about the United States of America, you can bet with people from the same state. Several casinos create partnerships and manage to develop astronomical jackpot values. Usually, grand pots start at few hundreds of thousands of dollars, and they often reach one million dollars. Research says that this kind of progressive jackpot reached even 10$ million dollars in the U.S.

Best progressive slots online

If you want to find the best online slots with the biggest jackpots, you need to search for the popular ones. You can start with the games produced by the giants of the gambling industry and try your luck there. However, many popular online casinos collaborate with those software developers. If you need extra guidance, you can always scroll on a ratings and casino reviews page that will give you plenty of details. You can also read comments from other players to see how some progressive slots perform. Besides, online websites always display progressive jackpots and how fast they increase. Checking the same online casino a few times might give you an impression of a specific game. We highly recommend online casinos if you want to play progressive slots. You can reach information faster and win bigger!


In conclusion, progressive slots are trending in the online gambling world. Most of these games are high-quality, so they pose excellent 3D graphics and sound effects. Even if they have their own set of rules, you should never feel insecure. These games bring huge profits and new players every day, and they are updated. Therefore, expect highly secured firewalls and multi-currency and multi-denomination features.

Nevertheless, don’t forget about the skyrocketing jackpots. You can check their growth rate and overall game review if you are not sure of your pick. You can find progressive slots everywhere, and some of them might seem too right to be true. As long as you are informed and you bet on licensed and approved online casinos, you shouldn’t worry. This kind of online slot games are even more fun than the regulars, and they consist of massive amounts of money. Don’t be afraid to try your luck while you have this excellent gaming experience. 

Skillmine Games 


If you are looking for progressive slots software developers, Skillmine Games is one of them. This company specializes in gaming technology and gambling software products but offers many other services as well. If you are an investor, willing to open an internet cafe or an online casino, Skillmine is the way to go. They provide consulting, marketing and branding services and management solutions. Not to mention, their internet cafe software is one of the most affordable on the market. 

Everything they develop comes on a scalable hi-tech online casino platform that’s easy to understand and manage. High-quality is a must when talking about Skillmine, especially when it comes to their gambling games and slots collections. Regular and progressive slots come with state-of-the-art 3D graphics and surreal sound effects. The Skillmine experts analyzed the market over time and found out what the people want. Therefore, their sweepstakes possess everything you need for a successful business.

Nevertheless, you can modify and customize the platform and the slots after your own wish. Your vision is vital for your future ventures, and putting it in this company’s hands is a smart move. Not only you’ll see your dreams turning into reality, but you will also receive guidance. Skillmine Games offers 24/7 technical support for you and your customers but also a full control panel. You can use this interface as an administrator and get essential insights into the progressive slots. You can have access to charts and statistics but also to gaming data. Some slots are adjustable so you can control the game layout depending on the trends. Having access to these features but also the liberty to choose and decide what’s right for your business is very important. Choose Skillmine Games as your online casino software provider today.