The Art Institutes misled students about the value of its programs and job placements, said Tom Miller, the attorney general of Iowa, whose office helped lead the states’ investigation. In some cases, The Art Institutes charged students for vocational programs that lacked the accreditation needed for them to get a license and add their field. For-profit colleges are private schools where students who seek a degree pay a high amount of tuition fees. This often means removing many thousands of dollars in student loans with high interest.

They differ from traditional public and personal schools because typically a university or university doesn’t take advantage of their programs. the value of tuition goes towards paying professors and administrators a group rate, and operating the essential programs of the varsity .

For-profits, on the opposite hand, have a CEO or board of directors who profits from what the institution makes. Therefore they need more incentive to charge more and attract more students with fewer qualifications. Last summer, House Democrats accused Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos of helping Dream Center avoid culpability. They claimed that officials at the Department of Education helped the franchise regain its accreditation, while it kept its students within the dark. The department denied these allegations and deflected the blame onto the upper Learning Commission, which stripped the network from its accreditation thanks to poor academic standards.

In October of 2019, former students at the Art Institute of Colorado and therefore the Illinois Institute of Art sued the department and DeVos during a Colorado court. The court documents showed that the department continued to supply aid to the school network, although it had been ineligible to receive federal aid after losing its accreditations.

However, student loans stand as a significant problem in the way. Once you solve the obstacle, then building up career turns out to be more accessible. In this way, Ashford university student loan forgiveness comes forward as an incentive for borrowers to solve the problems. At the same time, they should be aware of what they are doing.

To apply for the art institute loan forgiveness through the discharge program, you need to get the necessary documents and information ready and visit the federal student loan aid website.
NOTE: The link takes you to the official government website and is reliable. Also, remember to watch out for scams and fraudulent websites. Avoid these websites and apply at the link above.

Below Are the Steps to Apply
Step 1
Download the application from the link.
Step 2
Complete it by providing the right information for all the different fields.
Step 3
Submit the filled form to your loan servicer.
Step 4
In case you don’t know who your loan servicer is, it is the same company that you make your monthly student loan payments to.

Remember, every student loan servicer may have their procedures in place for working on your Closed School Discharge application. Therefore remember to contact them for more information and clarification on the matter. For students who do not qualify for art institute loan forgiveness under this program, consider the Borrower’s Defense Against Repayment. You can find the details below.