Online casino games attract millions of people. Slot games are prevalent among them. Every day, millions of transactions take place in the online casino industry. Gamers spend more time in casino slots online. But what makes them so accessible? What are the basic features of online slots? There are some critical primary features we will look at in this article. They are what you should search for if you want to play a decent game. And by decency, we mean quality, reliability, and entertainment.

It is impossible to neglect technological developments in the last decades. That refers to online games too. Casino games, and with them online slot games have developed dramatically by any means. Casino game software has created a lot of brilliant games in recent years. Today, we have online slot games with unbelievably real effects. You may not even differentiate them from the real slot machines. Some graphics and animations may leave you speechless. All these have come about due to programming technologies. And we should not forget the advancements in modern computers. 

How to determine the best casino slots online? 

There are some features of the slot games that are incredibly vital. Not for the gamers and reviewers, but also the game development companies. Because the more they fulfill these demands, the higher the quality of their products will be. If you want to build a decent slot game, your basic features should differ from technical to topic-related ones. Let us start with the technical ones.

Design & game screen

Since their inception in 1990, the software providers have come a long way to this day. We should note that we see more reels with multiple paylines in the casino slots online. They do it because of a reason. With more winning combinations, it pays to play the highest number of paylines. 

On any spin, there can be from nine to fifty paylines if the game has five reels. 

But we do not often talk about the outliers with nine or fifty paylines. It is because a lot of them have nearly twenty to twenty-five paylines. And on any spin, you should pay more for betting if there are more paylines. If you ask the reason, there is a simple answer to this question. You pay for each payline, that is why you pay more. For instance, let us assume that there are twenty-five paylines. When you play the maximum number of them, fifty cents for a spin means two cents for a payline. So, on a casino slot, the number of reels and paylines matter. If the company fits in the world standard in these criteria, it will attract more players. 


casino slots online

Another critical factor for the slot game is the symbols. They give the player the first impression of the game. That is why we can not neglect the importance of them. Now, in the casino slots online, there are usually five symbols on each reel. In the past, the symbols mattered less than now. But now not only the games have more symbols in amount but also type. There are special symbols in the best slot games. They include scatters, wilds, and many other symbols.

The symbols often match the theme of the game, because the symbols aim to make it more interesting. They attract the players, make them emotionally satisfied. For example, for a book lover, there is nothing more enjoyable than playing a book-themed slot game. So he will spend hours playing a game based on a Dan Brown book, for instance. If you create an online casino game, the symbols are significant. They may be in the old fashion if you want to make the gamers feel nostalgia. Because now more and more people want to get this feeling in casino slots online. 

Bonus Features

We know that there are differences between old and recent slot games, which should be. Some of them are technical details like symbols, as we mentioned about them. The others are about bonuses and prizes. In the past, slot games had a narrow idea about the gifts. They ended up giving the player more free spins at the end. However, now bonus round features in the casino slots also have changed. Currently, there are extra incentives in new games, in the form of bonus multipliers. They pay the multiple of the initial bet in bonus rounds. 

The best casino software takes care of bonus multipliers beforehand. Because sometimes they are the only and the most vital feature that motivates players to play more.

There are some differences in the bonus multipliers too. How they work depends on the game you choose to play. The bonus multiplier will offer a symbol that multiplies your bet. It can be 2x, 5x, 10x, or even 50x your original bet. 

With bonus features, there is another significant factor in casino slots online. In some games, there is an additional wild symbol. This symbol can replace any other symbols in the game. So, the result may be in favor of the gamer. Because commonly they increase the chances of getting a winning combination.

And in most cases, these symbols will be unique in the theme of the online slot. If the game is about a novel, this symbol may be the main character of it. Most people get excited at the idea of having special wild symbols. So, it would be better to include this feature in the game. And if you are a gamer, you should check out the symbols of the casino slots. 

Progressive Jackpot

progressive jackpot

If we look at the gambling games as if they are lotteries, this would be easy to understand. Because it is what the most significant prize means in the lottery. It is an old school feature for the best slot games. But if the new game developers should take care of it too, if they want to enter the online gambling business. It is one of the biggest drawcards to online slots. The jackpots can be hundred thousand of dollars. At their prime, they may even make some people millionaires overnight. You should keep in mind that the biggest prize is always the most attractive. 

The jackpots can be network-wide. This means that everyone that plays the game may contribute to the jackpot. The more players join and help, the faster the jackpot pool grows. The most popular game developers in the world have already created these pools. Microgaming, Real Time Gaming, NetEnt, Playtech, and many others do this for years. Their progressive slot machines are worth playing. After all, who rejects the chance of winning a million at one night?

These were the key features of casino slots online. Those features if the games have them, can make them favorite of millions of people. But we should keep in mind that there are some stable principles too. Graphics, sound effects, reels, paylines, and all that technical details change. And they will continue to change in the future, which is inevitable. But the only vital thing that keeps its significance is randomness. Since the first slot game to today, the winners will always be random persons and should be. There was no actual skill to use in land-based slots. And there is not any now, in casino slots online. That feature is the most important one.  

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