As we know, gambling has an ancient history. There are many proofs and symbols on the stones and on the surface of the other historical places to say this fact. Since then, gambling has developed in many ways. As a result, now we have the casino industry which has been growing for a long time. High-technology has an essential role in this tremendous improvement. If you ask “How?”, Of course, with the help of online casino software! Online casino software caused the casino business to move to the internet. Now every single casino has casino software to reach progress. Now people can also play games on their smartphones! If you have a casino business too and are in trouble with finding software, we can help you! Skillmine Games is what you need. This company is an internet cafe consulting and sells superior gaming technology that will satisfy you.


Virtual Reality


Headsets and VR stations take us to the new world each time whenever we use them. Wait a minute. What is Virtual Reality or in other words VR? It is a computer technology which makes use of multi-projected environments or VR headsets. VR sometimes generates sounds, realistic images, and other sensations. These features make the user feel like in another physical place. Virtual Reality is quite popular and rage right now. In the past when Virtual Reality came out, it was bulky and costly. Its graphics were undesirable and basic. As technology develops, Virtual Reality also shaped up. At present, people love spending time playing VR games and since VR technology incorporates online casinos, playing those games in online casinos is more exciting thanks to the cheap headsets. In casinos, players stand merely inside of a casino instead of being motionless. You can stroll around the machines, other players, and the casino.


Augmented Reality



This technology, also known as AR is like VR, but the main difference is that perceptual information generated by computer “augments” the real-world objects. You did not understand anything, did you? Let us separate this expanded definition for you. AR takes your reality and mixes it with the game. The virtual overlay makes it seem like real life. This characteristic brings many new properties to the casino world!

Other than that, imagine that you sit in your armchair and start playing against hundreds of people and the best part is you can turn around 360-degrees! So, what makes it possible? Of course, Gambling software! The best example of Augmented Reality games is Pokémon Go.  As is in other slot games, Virtual Reality pastes you to a real experience whereas AR brings you a one. Punters who are fond of an online casino might delight AR because it has the power that can fetch the online casino directly to your home due to online casino software provided by hi-technology.


Skill-based games


As its name suggests, in these games the first matter is the player’s skills. With the aid of this skill, the gamer may get success and proceed to further levels. What do we mean by these skills? Dexterity, logic abilities, fast reaction, strategic thinking and so on are among those skills. Generations had been interested in the casino games which are based on luck entirely before skill-based games came into the picture. Now people like playing skill-based games because of a high winning chance. Skill-based casino games combine casino games and video games. Video Gambling Machines, also called as VGMs assisted the coming of skill-based casino games. As an example, “Danger Arena” game is the most well-known one among the other players. In this game, players can earn big winnings with a little bit of effort more than luck. Video Gambling Machines, developed by Gameco provides interesting characters and perfect graphics creating new stories for those who enjoy playing it.


online casino

E-sports Betting


E-sport gambling has been popular in recent years. It is a newer type of gambling if we compare it with other ones. This industry might gain 1.5 billion dollars by 2020. We specify it here, because E-sports still have a limited number of fan-base, but 1.5 billion dollars is quite a vast number. This limit is that people have not heard about E-sport gambling yet. E-sports Betting is the result of successful online casino software.

E-sport gambling is an ambitious video gaming and used in place of great electronic sports. However, the point you have to know is how this type of gambling is a significant business! The truth is that E-sport gambling contends itself too, but involving money and professionals make this gambling severe enough. At present many people select their favorite E-sport gambling out of the hundreds of options and start playing all day.




E-sport gambling falls into five genres:

  •        Catchall genre: this type is also known as casual games. The first feature of the catchall genre is how more natural it gets played. You do not need to have experience.
  •        FPS genre: FPS is the abbreviation of “First-person shooters.”  You can play this game with groups, teams or individuals. The reason is that they are combat games like Call of Duty, Global Offensive.
  •        Fighting games: this one is a classic genre and is quite popular in online casinos.
  •        MOBA: You may play Multiplayer online battle arena with your team and the opposite one. Two teams are fighting with each other. Examples are Defense of the Ancients 2 and League of Legends.
  •        Sports recreation/simulation: This genre distinguishes itself with its variety. It can recreate existing sports games such as FIFA or incorporates with some features of physical sports.




Many players are addicted to the online casino games out there. All of them are aware of all the risks and dangers of online gambling such as fraud nowadays. Therefore, those people prefer to trust some payment methods like Paysafecard and PayPal to make their deposits. Those casinos which are thriving on what they are doing, offer alternative payment ways. For example, traditional and alternative. What can be an alternative? If they support phone bill payments or Bitcoin money, people can make use of them. These methods are newer than others. Therefore, the minority of players applies them.

Other than that, the different ways to pay are cryptocurrencies and zimpler. Since they recently appeared, many casinos do not approach them currently. However, like others, they will get rolled out by time passing.

Here what we want to mention is bitcoin. It is the largest and first cryptocurrency. Of course, there are many ways for players to make use of making a deposit. Today’s SSL security is 128-bit as a standard of the industry although we do not doubt enhancing of that standard in the future years. Each year hacking happens again and over again, and it makes the science of encryption thrive more.

With the help of casino software, you can play games in your house in the feature. Here as we know rivaling people and playing games is not a new thing for you. But accomplished online casino software is for making gaming environment more thrilling. Hi-technology and prosperous online casino software are the future of internet cafe casino. Since the company Skillmine Games knows this, regularly update itself and gives the best products to its customers.