A lot of people especially in the United States love to play Internet Cafe Sweepstake Games. If you are someone who lives near an internet sweepstakes cafe, you might notice that there is a lot of traffic to the area. Cars are coming and going, in and out. Some sweepstakes cafes cannot deal with the demand for a massive number of people. You may see lines outside internet sweepstakes cafes in the weekend. Just because there are some challenges to opening internet sweepstakes cafes, there are fewer of these cafes left which makes them crowded. People are coming in with cash, some return home a little bit (or a lot) richer or poorer. What makes people play different kinds of internet cafe sweepstake games? What is the primary drive?

An answer might differ. For most people, it is money. They play such games hoping to win a jackpot because everyone is feeling lucky. Such internet cafe sweepstake games are also very thrilling. Are you going to win a prize or are you going to lose the bet? These questions excite people in a particular way.

1. Win/loss ratio


  There are different sorts of games in internet cafes. Most of those look very similar to traditional casino games. The working principle is also, but there are a few differences. Conventional slot machines are mechanical, sweepstake games are all digital which means the admin can keep an eye on every computer in the cafe. What that means is that an admin can control the win/loss ratio. Chances of losing are always higher than winning, but it is different by how much. Players usually don’t know the likelihood of winning, but the ratio affects the number of customers nevertheless. For example, if the win/loss ratio is 0.8 the cafe is more likely to have a decent number of customers. Usually, after gaining some customer satisfaction at first, these cafes drop the win/loss ratio which brings more profit to the cafe leaving more people dissatisfied. Just because people have won some money in the past makes them always feel lucky even when they lose numerous times in a row.

2. How your gaming skills can affect the outcome?


The second thing you should consider is that internet cafe sweepstake games involve “skills.” What that means is that it might not be a game of chance after all. You are not pulling a lever spinning various pictures and hoping to get lucky. However, all that is in theory. Very few people truly know how to put all these skills into use. Even they lose a lot of money in the process. If you were to open an internet sweepstakes cafe, you would control everything. The house is always the winner after all.

3. What are the rules of these games?

No one knows how these games work. When I say no one, I am talking about the majority of the people that play them. If there were two or three types of sweepstakes games in internet cafes, we could sit and try to understand the working principle of such games. There are lots of algorithms going into those games. In the past, there were only mechanical slot machines which were easy to understand. You would pull the lever and wait for the pictures to line up in a specific order. If five or six identical pictures would line up in a slot machine that would mean a jackpot. If not you would lose the bet. Nowadays, it’s not that simple. There are lots of different types of sweepstakes games in internet cafes, and they all work differently. If you want to make some money in sweepstakes cafes, target one game and try to master on that, don’t be a jack of all trades thinking you can beat every game in the cafe.


Focus on one and try to learn it. At first, it might seem confusing because there are lots of algorithms. You spin it, all the lights shine bright, and you don’t know what is going on. Are you winning? Are you losing? Maybe that is the thing what excites people the most about these internet cafe sweepstake games — not knowing your chances of winning. Perhaps you should not even try to learn these things after all if it keeps you excited. Naturally, it is more exciting for people if they have no idea what is going on and no control over anything. Once I went to the entertainment park and sat in a roller coaster. I am not usually scared of heights. I thought it is all safe and everything should be fine. It turned out the roller coaster was old, and it didn’t have all the safety equipment. I thought that I am going to fall off the roller coaster and it made the experience immensely exciting and scary.


4. What about online casinos?

  Payout percentages of internet cafe sweepstake games are slightly lower than online sweepstakes games. This is because cafes have more expenses than internet-based casinos. They have to pay for rent, electricity, the cost of computers, tax, etc. On the other hand, online casinos pay nothing other than taxes and website hosting services. This means that the win/loss ratio is over 90% on such platforms.

5. Can I win?

It depends on what kind of game you are playing. If you are playing table games such as Blackjack, the chances of winning and losing are continually changing. When it comes to slot machine-like internet cafe sweepstake games, things are a little bit different. The house sets the payout percentages. Imagine, you had a regular two-sided coin. Each time you choose a side and flip it, you have a 50% chance of getting it right. In the long run, let’s say you flip it 100 times, you will probably have the results of 50 heads and 50 tails. In internet sweepstakes cafes though, the chances of winning will be determined by the house (or cafe in this case). If you continuously go to these cafes, you are probably going to lose money in the long run. It is all set in favor of the house, and there is no way around that.

6. Randomness


RNGs also are known as random number generators are put inside the slot machines. These RNGs have the ability to make fast mathematical calculations. Approximately two thousand times a second to come up with a result. When you push the button or pull the lever, it makes the computer chip to stop at that instant to choose the combination displayed on the screen. What that means is that the computer chip has already generated the combination while you observe the screen.

In the real world, the slot machines would not screens to display whether have won a prize or lost the bet. But it is indeed super interesting to see spinning reels on the screen. The range of interests will vary depending on machines and manufacturers. But it is usually pretty standard in the industry to offer chips that payout from at least 85% to 98%. Higher the denomination of the machines, the more it is set to pay back. Internet cafe sweepstake games work with the same principle. It is even more accessible for the owner to modify the software setting and change the payout percentages.