Nevertheless the fact that not so much time has passed since the establishment of the first online casino, according to the online gambling statistics, we can surely say that it turned into an integral part of the daily lives of people. However, there are still enough people who think that online gambling is just a new way of cheating and keeping profits in the pockets of their creators. Therefore, there were created a thousand ways and techniques to check the honesty and reliability of the online casino. To avoid mostly negative stereotypes, we gathered the most interesting facts about online casinos.

How did online casino appear?

Gambling sites started to work on the Internet in 1997, and Microgaming was the first one among others. Their first casino was named “Internet Casino System Version IV.”The contradictors argued that online casino could not become popular and usable for people. However, both the employees and employers did not give up and continue to work to make their entertainment portal affordable and good enough. After a while, the number of people using and attending Micromaning has increased in a great volume and now, it is considered one of the most popular and best online gambling companies in the world. Additionally, the percentage of players who prefer to play in an online area reaches 90%, and only 10% of them remain loyal to regular casinos and slot machines.

To continue, we would like to give you some information regarding the number of men and women playing online casino. According to the online gambling statistics, we can undoubtedly emphasize that men like online gambling more than women. The percentages show that the players consisting of men reached 84% of all the players. Psychologists explain this by saying that the representatives of the gentle half of humanity are considered fewer gamblers by nature. However, according to statistics, the number of female gamers is increasing day by day. Moreover, it is interesting that the first license for a legal casino was given to Mayme Stocker (woman) in 1920 for a Northern Club, and was issued in Las Vegas.

What are the impressive facts?

online gambling statistics

Even though you may be surprised, but the UK is recognized as the largest gambling country in the world. Despite the fact that the residents of the UK are known for their composure and prudence, according to official online gambling statistics and facts, there are 3 million players. Often, the gamers there play bingo or poker.

Also, in online gambling you can certainly win a sufficiently large amount. Here, the beginners are indeed really lucky and this is not a fairytale. The largest amount recorded on the Internet winnings was assigned to a guy who was new to online gambling. To continue, we can emphasize the biggest win in an online casino was 17,800,000 euros. A lucky guy was from Helsinki, Finland and he just made a bet in PAF.

Afterward, he chose a Mega Fortune machine and won almost 18 million euros. The game lasted for 30 minutes, which is also impressive as most of the players think that you need more time to understand the strategy and become a professional playing the game. Besides, we can say that online gambling statistics gives good chances to gain an enormous amount of money. Apart from that guy from Finland,  a resident of Sweden, won 5.3 million dollars, and a Norwegian resident 11.7 million euros.

More about online gambling statistics

online gambling statistics

Another fact about online casino can be found in the Guinness Book of Records. Phil Laak from Ireland, spent at the poker game 90 hours, and during this time he managed to earn seven and a half thousand dollars.

Аlong with traditional online gambling, you can see lotteries as well. According to existing online gambling statistics, lotteries are even much more popular among people of all ages. Also, it was found out that every second person in the world played the lottery at least once during his lifetime. We can show you a percentage reaching 55% of the lotteries profits among the online gambling industry if we look at the online gambling statistics. 

Main expenses of an online casino

Apart from earnings, the owners of online gambling have some expenses. We have created a list of items of expenses for which the sweepstakes software companies spend their money:

Taxes – a significant amount of the received income goes to this field.

Wages – the companies need many workers who always monitor and check the stability of processes going on the online casino. Therefore, a considerable amount of money goes for the payment of employees.

Advertising – in order to have a high income, it is necessary that the number of players coming to play in the online casino grows continuously. Thus, regular advertisement and website promotion are required to gain new players in the vast Internet.

Facts about bonuses

Unlike regular casinos, in online casinos, users can enjoy various bonuses provided by the game. There exist two types of bonuses in an online casino, which are no deposit and deposit bonuses accordingly. 

  • No Deposit: The first one offers bonuses to their players absolutely free. This means that an online casino with a bonus does not force the player to deposit a certain amount of money into his account to get his bonuses. But there is a point which asks the players to use them during the game fully. 
  • Deposit: As says its name, you get bonuses for making your first, second, and following deposits according to online gambling statistics and an online casino which you choose. 

An online casino has the right to cancel your casino bonuses and winnings, as well as confiscate all funds on the account or even block an account in case if they see an action of dishonesty violating the existing rules. Therefore, make sure to read the terms and conditions regarding the bonuses offered by an online casino.


microgaming online casino

What are the most favorite and reliable online casino providers in today’s world, according to online gambling statistics? Let’s start from Microgaming. Microgaming is one of the leading аnd large software developers for online casino. Its catalog contains more than a thousand games that are designed not only for playing both on computers and mobile devices. We can highlight slot machines, table games, video poker, bingo, roulette, poker online, and many more games provided to the players. Due to nonstop attempts to fit in high standards and always produce qualified and reliable games, the number of users preferring this company is increasing. 

The employees of Microgaming always try to do their best to keep the company in the leading pedestal. Today, Microgaming is known as a company whose games have high-quality graphics which are compatible with various operating systems, and can also be played on mobile devices and computers/laptops.

Other points emphasizing its honesty and reliability include regular inspections of the RNG as well as the percentage of payment ratios, and the quality of customer support service. Because of these facts, the customers playing games of Microgaming feel themselves in a secure and safe environment. 

Realtime gaming

realtime gaming

RealTime Gaming is an American company which was founded in 1998. Even though in the beginning its main office was located in Atlanta, Georgia, later it was moved to Costa Rica. According to online gambling statistics, nowadays, it is considered one of the demandable companies providing upstanding software for online casino. There are many reasons for this company to become popular among players, but one of the crucial points is that the provided software is licensed by the Gaming Commission of Curacao. Therefore, the security and reliability of the software make people believe in the honesty of the offered games and direct them to come back again. Furthermore, the availability of this platform allows customers from most countries join the games and even US users who often have problems with getting access to their favorite online games, are permitted to use the services of RTG.

RealTime Gaming can display the high speed of its software, and it is especially visible in the card games. For example, when playing American Poker cards are dealt with instantly, and because of it, you need to think carefully and then make your choice.

RealTime Gaming offers the possibility of playing in the browser and on the computer as well. The total size of the application constitutes 150 MB, which makes the whole installing process almost at lightning speed. Apart from the factors mentioned above, we can add that the choice made from RTG will have a good impression on you, providing a huge number of games with different genres and thematics to fit in your field of interest.


Novomatic games

Firstly, Novomatic was founded in 1980 by an Austrian guy Johan Graf, and it was distributed for its ground-based gaming machines. The name itself came to Johan’s mind by accident. At first, he planned to call his company Intermatic, however, later while walking through Vienna, he noticed an advertisement for a hotel called Novotel. Consequently, he decided to combine these two terms and got “Novomatic” at the end.

After a while, Novomatic became a company specializing in both creating gaming software for online casinos and providing gaming machines for land-based casinos. You can find its available branches in all European countries, as well as in the CIS, South America, and even Africa. Nowadays, it is considered of the popular providers of online gambling due to its early explosions in the field of online casino. Today, there exist more than 232000 slot machines in land-based casinos full of slot games and more than two hundred online casinos provided by the company as reported by online gambling statistics.

Why is this online casino so popular?

The workers of Novomatic always try to follow standards and find modern solutions by taking into account new trends to meet the expectations of their customers as well as attract new ones. Another point which makes Novomatic one of the best companies is the innovative design, high-quality graphics, and animation of the provided products. Availability of different promotions and bonus points during the games are also outstanding features for the players choosing Novomatic.

Evolution Gaming

evolution gaming

Evolution Gaming came to the field of online gambling in 2006 and made a mini-revolution here. It is famous for the development of live casino games for online casino. In the beginning, the company offered a standard set of games: roulette, baccarat, and blackjack, but after a year it had signed some agreements with such online casinos as William Hill, Blue Square, Gala Coral, PartyGaming and others. With the development process of their existing and new games, the company started to develop the mobile versions of the online casino. In 2015, the company’s shares were listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. In 2016, for the seventh time in a row, Evolution Gaming became the best supplier of live casino games for online casino.

Especially, the players from the countries who cannot play in a real land-based casino can take advantage of this casino. The reason is that the enormous popularity of games in online casinos with live dealers is gained in countries where land-based casinos are prohibited. Accordingly, gamers can enjoy their favorite games without violating the laws of the country just sitting at home and playing casino online. Also, Evolution Gaming allows you to have access to high-quality live-games, make use of the simple interface, get support from a friendly and professional customer support service team, etc.

What else?

Apart from all of these reasons, we can emphasize an interesting fact regarding the games of Evolution Gaming. Here, you have an opportunity to communicate with the dealer in a live mood, so that there is a voice, and in this case, you do not even have to press any buttons. 

There exist different languages available for the players including German, Italian, Swedish, and Spanish. Some functions of Evolution Gaming can make the gameplay more comfortable for you. For instance, if for some reason yous stopped playing, there is a direct link sent to your mail. Moreover, you can play in four windows at the same time which solves the timing problems. The two things are required to run your favorite games using Evolution Gaming. The first one is the latest version of Adobe Flash Player and the second one the available Internet access on your device. Apart from the licenses given by Great Britain, Alderney and Malta, Evolution Gaming has all the necessary online gambling statistics tools to provide a secure environment for players. 


online gambling statistics

Skillminegames is another online casino software which includes all the necessary aspects of a perfect gambling software company. To meet all the customers’ expectations, Skillminegames offers several features, including the following:

  • High-quality products
  • Simple and accessible interface
  • Security and reliability
  • Original design, excellent graphics, and perfect sound effects
  • Rich bonus systems 
  • Different payment systems 

For the players to have a feeling of playing the game in real life, the company unified an extraordinary design with perfectly qualified images and impressive sound effects. Despite these great privileges, Skillmines provide you with the supporting services available to help you with any queries that you may have in a professional way.

The speed of the performance is also important for players while choosing the company and accordingly, the game. Therefore, high-speed performance is provided to users to meet their needs while playing the games. Apart from this, you can find their games which are compatible with any of your devices, including computers/laptops and mobile devices along with tablets.

There exist some possible bonus features and progressive jackpot for the users’ profitability. It is necessary for the users to feel their importance by getting in touch with reliable supporting service and available rewarding activities like bonuses provided by  Skillmines as well. The last but not least, we may even say that the most important aspect for all the players is the security of provided online casino. Here, Skillmines provided a secure and safe environment for the players to feel comfortable and sure while playing their favorite games.


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We tried to describe the most exciting and important online gambling statistics. Also, we decided to include a list of the most popular and safest online casino and its companies where you can spend your free time and enjoy the process of the gameplay. It can be noted that the real verification of security and honesty of an online casino includes not only licenses or certificates, but also their reputation among customers. However, if you are still looking for online gambling statistics to play for real money, first get to know better the software providers presented on the official websites of your desired online casino.

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