People who love gambling have always been interested in slot games. Because they are easy to play and depend on luck the most, there are millions of slot lovers. Most people play slots for fun, while others try to aim big and win jackpots. The excitement and joy people get from guessing the winning combinations make them even more ambitious. And once you become addicted, it is hard to give up. That is why most people lose the balance between enjoying the game and trying to win money. In this article, we will look at the slots that offer you both: fun and big money. Our list includes games that have the highest RTP rate. But that is not enough. They are also among the most popular slot games in the world.

Be Careful When You Play Slots for Fun

A lot of people have some issues here. They make the same mistakes again and again. First of all, you should know some basic casino slot features. They include the principles that you should apply, even if you are a beginner or pro. For example, you should try to bet your maximum if you are eager to win the biggest prizes. But while doing that, you have to keep track of your money. The players better have some budget for the games, and in case they lose, they should not pass over this budget. Another thing about the slots you have to know is that no specific principle applies to all the slots. While people play slots for fun, they may believe that some slots are hot, while others never get you prizes. But that is a wrong assumption. 

The fact that you won or lost the last time in a particular slot has nothing to do with the next games. While playing a slot game, you should understand that it is all about luck. You may win or lose several times in a row. But you should also know that some slots are very hard to beat in comparison with others. They have fewer offers and no free spins, no demo version, etc. But they are the ones that in most times offer the most significant wins. Before we go on with our list, we recommend you also search for the slots on the Web before playing. If they have positive reviews and comments, give some of them try. People who play slots for fun online would also recommend that.

Mega Joker

play slots for fun

RTP is one of the most critical factors when we are talking about the slots. It shows how eager the groove is to pay you if you win. In real money slots, the reputation of them should have more than 90 percent RTP. This game has 99 percent. That is one of the most critical factors in the game. 

There are three reels and five paylines, while most games have five and twenty, accordingly. NetEnt has developed the game in a way that, despite fewer winning combinations, the game is hard to give up. There are no free spins and no bonus games. These make the slot hard to succeed in, but there is a progressive jackpot that grows.

Most people notice the pot more than anything in a slot game, and that is the only motivation for them. But when you play slots for fun, it is not the best game on our list. Because the game has only three points out of ten in Fun to Play ScoreScore. 

Monopoly Big Event

The game has an iconic name and theme. This online slot will give you a sense of nostalgia if you are a Monopoly lover. And when it comes to fun, the game has a better rating than Mega Joker. If you play slots for fun, this is a game we would recommend as it has six points in fun rating. RTP of the game is also brilliant, from 96 to 99 percent, that will make you want to win continuously. Barcrest developed the game several years ago, and it is gaining more popularity year by year. It has five reels, twenty paylines, free spins, and bonus rounds. Overall, the game has everything you want from a slot game. Monopoly Big Event is like a mix of fun and excitement of winning. It has big prizes too, so why not try it?

Ooh Aah Dracula

In-game development, the name of the game is crucial. It gives you the first impression of the game, and Dracula does it funnily. RTP of this game is also above 95 percent, and the game has a lot of features to praise. It has bonus rounds, free spins, progressive jackpots, and a lot more. With five reels and ten paylines, it is behind the Monopoly, but the fun ScoreScore of the game is higher. When you play slots for fun online, the game delivers. Because it has seven points out of ten in Fun to Play ScoreScore. There is also a bonus game that will keep you addicted to Dracula. Many casino slots online do not offer a bonus game, so it is worth giving a chance. 

Blood Suckers

The theme of the slot game is also another crucial factor in the game. Some people love thrillers, while others hate it. It also affects their approach towards the slot games. This one is for thriller lovers. With 98 percent RTP, Blood Suckers is an excellent example of keeping the balance of everything in it. NetEnt has developed this video slot, so the name of the company should be enough to try the game. Probably you will not be disappointed. There are scary five reels and twenty-five winning paylines. The graphics, sound effects, symbols- everything you will notice is perfect. Also, the game has eight fun rating out of ten. So if you play slots for fun, this game should be on the top of your list. 

King of Chicago

king of chicago

Another top game in our entertaining game lists is King of Chicago. While you play slots for fun, there is no chance you will neglect this brilliant game. It has eight Fun to Play ScoreScore. RTP of the game is 97.80 percent and among the best video slots online. There are an equal number of paylines and reels in the game, which is very rare. There are free spins, but not the bonus rounds. The graphics, visual, and sound effects are on the top level. 

50 Dragons

This online game in Skillmine is one of the best around the Internet. The slot machine offers everything you wish. If you play slots for fun, you will be fascinated by how brilliant this game is. The effects of the game are on the top level, but that is not the best feature of 50 Dragons. While you may hear the dragon voices that feel real, you can enjoy playing and winning in it. 

There are five reels in the game, which is a standard number. But the number of paylines is what makes the game one of the best. There are fifty of them. And the symbols of the game make it even more enjoyable. You will have a Golden Dragon symbol in the game that will help you to win steadily. So, the game is the perfect example of fun and gain balance. While you play slots for fun, do not hesitate for a moment to lay 50 Dragons.

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