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Modern technology changed the gambling business rapidly. Starting from the late eighties to the early nineties, online casino games came to this industry. One of the kinds of online casino games is slots. Nowadays, we have slot machine games that are accessible through various electronic devices. For example, we can play slot machine games with our personal computers, tablets, IOS, and Android devices. Does the experience feel the same when we are playing slots on desktop computers or mobile phones? Let’s find out. 

Aren’t we all fortunate enough to experience the golden age of online casino games? We have so many options regarding a variety of games, online casinos, gaming styles, and of course, device availability. We can choose whether or not we want to play our favorite games on our desktop computer, laptop, or our mobile device. It is great to have both options, but are they giving the same energy? Or a similar experience? Are there any differences or similarities between those two concepts? Let’s separately explore each of them so that we can make a reasonable conclusion.

Desktop Slot Machine Games

Ever since the late nineties, online casinos have been slowly integrating into our daily lifestyle. They are huge factors that accompanied internet gambling and flourished along the way. Online casinos are websites that have gambling on them, including slot machine games. They are offering both free slot machine games online and for real money. Before getting into the differences and similarities, we need to make sure that the concept is clear to all of the readers.                                                                   

As an alternative to an online desktop casino, mobile online casinos have become one of the critical trends for the gambling industry. It comes to the business as a result of the global use of mobile phones. The online casino market found it suitable for these platforms; thus, it became the next significant step in online casino development. Nowadays, players have the advantage of playing their favorite slot machine games by just using their mobile phones, tablet, or any other device. You can play anytime you want if you have stable internet connections. 

That is considered as the main advantage of mobile online casinos because they do not require any facility, and they are keeping battery live longer than laptops. There are two various ways of playing mobile slot games. The first one is downloading an app on the app store. Gambling apps are online casino software that players need to install on their mobile phones. It is easy to play and enter online casinos through apps. 

Another way is just using search engines and clicking to an online casino link. The most crucial aspect of mobile gambling is that you can continue favorite slot games after you leave the house or if you do not have your computer with you. In post offices, supermarkets, long queues can make you tired, and slot games are a great way to cope with these types of problems. You need to click on the app or web browser from your phone, and there you go. 

Compared experiences while playing desktop/mobile slot machine games 

slot machine games

While you put two various experiences side by side and look at them. You will notice that there are some slight differences between slot games for pc and mobile devices. Players are going to use the same account for playing both mobile and desktop slot games. Though the unique experience is the target that we need to focus on. Convenience is the main advantage of mobile casino slots. That is the difference that needs to be considered while talking about experiences. In mobile casino, games are feeling like in your pocket, and players can easily play them wherever they want.  

Slot machine games variety 

The downside of the issue is that in mobile casinos, you would not be able to enjoy as much variety compared to the desktop casinos. The same range of online slot games is impossible to duplicate to any mobile app for now, and that is why there is a chance that you cannot find your favorite desktop slot games in the mobile phone app. The reason for that some games did not create a way that they can be translated into mobile app software, and they are developed for an only desktop mode of online casino. In that sense, we can see that desktop devices have a slight advantage in mobile casino games.

Small touch screen VS desktop screen 

Some players argue that it is a lot smoother to play with touch screens rather than a mouse or keyboard. So, it means that in that category, the advantageous side is mobile online casino games. Overall control and shortcuts are more comfortable to operate in mobile casino games rather than desktop ones. On the other hand, the small touch screen seems to be a disadvantage for online gambling players. Even though game developers are trying to provide customers with the highest quality graphics, it is noticed that many players are not enjoying slot machine games in small screen devices. Visual exposure to the game can be affected by playing in small screen devices that is one of the main reasons why some players still coping with desktop casino games. 

Payment options

payment options

In payment options for both desktop and mobile casino slots, there are some differences. For instance, it is a well-known fact that the desktop version of online casino offers more payment options than free ones. Even if the app and web site has the same producer that will not change the result. In a desktop, online casino, chances are higher to find the debit card, credit card, e-wallet, and prepaid card options for payment. However, in mobile slot machine games online, most probably, your options will be reduced. That is one of the reasons why people choose desktop casino games over free ones.

Ads & Distractions

People always praise mobile casino games because ad banners are not as mainly featured in them in comparison with desktop casino games. Screen space optimization plays a huge role in this case. As much as it is convenient to play on bigger screens of desktop computers, the reality is that the bigger the screen, the higher the possibility of having many pops up ads on it. Flashy gifs, marketing banners, and many more distractions come with the desktop screen. That is the main reason why so many people choose to play slot games online on mobile phones rather than desktops.  


Both mobile and desktop slot games have their advantages and disadvantages. As a whole, the desktop platform for slot games is known for offering a great selection of games. Therefore, mobile casino games are having great features such as portability. In the end, it comes down to personal preferences. We cannot say that this one is good for you or you need to choose the other one. 

It is all up to the person who is going to play that specific games on a particular platform. Players can enjoy slot machine games for pc while also using mobile devices for their gambling adventures if you are one of those people, who do not hesitate to play slot games from different platforms and decide which you prefer.