Online games have become one of the most significant parts of our life. We play games in our leisure time when getting bored or gather with our friends. Every person has a different taste of the game genre. Someone could love sports games, and others could desire to play war games. In this article, we will mention the ten best video slot games in 2019. There is a massive amount of game types, and people are free to choose whatever they like.

Casino games are a specific type of games that players can both enjoy the game and earn money. Slots are familiar to most of us at least from movies. You put a coin inside a machine and spin the reels. Technically, there exist two different slots; traditional reel slots and video slots. You can both enjoy the game and earn money from slots. But you should be strategic to make good deals. 

Magic 81 – Leader of Video Slot Games

Do you like traditional slot game designs and searching for real money slots? Magic 81 is what you are looking for. This fruit slot has a classic slot game structure. As it is evident from its name, Magic 81 has 81 possible winning combinations with four reels. If you prefer slot game with additional bonus or other features, Magic 81 may not meet your demand. Because, as we mentioned, it has a simple classic slot game structure. Anyway, you will taste the indication of vintage casino games.

Nothing is confusing in the gameplay of Magic 81. You should choose your bidding amount and purchase coins in exchange for these coins. Then you should bid some amount of coins per spin and push the start button. You can offer coins from 40 to the maximum amount you have in total. But you should be strategic while choosing your bidding amount before starting the game.

How to win a video slot game?

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To win, you should bring one of the characters at least three times in a row. When one of the fruits; plum, cherry, lemons, oranges, and additional bar character have come three times in a row, you will earn 1x profit. This amount is the lowest winning in the game. Four bars in a row will give 2x benefit, while four any fruits in a row have 4x winning. Additionally, there exist watermelon, grape, and Seven icons which have considerably high returns.  You will earn 40 times when you bring four grapes in a row, 60 times with watermelon, and 160 times with four seven icons.

One symbol left behind is “Wild” symbol which is Magic 81 logo in this game. It plays bridge role for all symbols. When Magic 81 Character comes between the same two fruits, it is considered as the same three fruits in a row. Magic 81 icon even has a multiplier effect. If you would win 4x from any winning combination, Magic 81 will increase it to 8x.

How to win at Video Slot Games like Magic 81?

Magic 81 is as rough as having straightforward and convenient gameplay. Because its traditional slot game structure makes winning possibilities so strict, so you may be so careful while starting the game. Otherwise, you may face with misfortune and become out of money. Therefore, there are some online casino tricks you should better to apply while playing Magic 81.

Volatility: Variance of paying out to players is significantly high in Magic 81. It gives high-value winnings rarely. This characteristic of the game should influence decision making in the bidding amount. Spending a lot of money in this game is very risky if you have the desire to increase your winning. Start bidding lower payment from 0.20 to 1. In this case, you will end up a positive balance with high probability. Technically, your balance should be 1 thousand times more than the amount you want to bid. Make your calculation according to this rule.

Several spins: Interestingly, online casino software pays attention to the number of spins in Magic 81. After playing a while, winning possibility increases, and volatility decreases. If you start playing Magic 81, make sure you have enough time to play at least 450 spins. The long duration of playing experience increases your winnings. 

Buffalo Thunder

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Are you in search of the slot with the high return? We know what the name is of the game you want to play. This game is Buffalo Thunder. With its significantly high return to player percentage, Buffalo Thunder breaks the playing records. There are some special reasons why Buffalo Thunder have become ga on of the most played video slot games in 2019. The slot has very low volatility. You will observe to win some amount of money in one spinning out of five. Additionally, its RTP percentage is very high. You can barely fall your balance down from the initial bidding value. The game gives you at least 4- or 5-times multiplier combination in 50 spins.

The gameplay of Buffalo Thunder: Buffalo Thunder gives you 50 possible combinations to earn money. This slot game will meet you with different characters of valley animals. The set contains characters of buffalos, lizards, and vultures. There are additional characters of numbers and letters which have a comparatively lower profit. The highest paying characters are buffalos. In this game, one special icon exists for bonus spinning. This icon is a colorful buffalo. If you bring unusual buffalo three times in a row, you will earn four times of your bidding amount. Additionally, you will get five free spinnings as a bonus.

Tips to win at Buffalo Thunder

Gambling tips to increase winning: Since Buffalo Thunder has low volatility and high RTP, you can bid the highest bidding amount per spin. But initially, you better start with low biddings to check the winning performance of slot at that particular time. If you observe constant winnings, increase the bidding amount even to the maximum. Furthermore, there is a choice feature in the number of line combinations. You may choose 1, 5, 10, 20, and 40 possible winning lines. The best choice is to select the maximum one. In this case, you will increase the possibility to win.

Wild Respin

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Are you looking for video slot games with creative design, but you are tired of traditional style? Wild Respin could be the best option for your desire. This game differs from other online slot games with its specific types of structure. Wild Respin has two part of the gameplay. The first part is a traditional slot game. You select the total bidding value, make some private choice in combination numbers and bidding per spin, then start the game. You may either face with winning combination or not.

If you have a winning combination, you move to the second part of the game. The game offers either to take whatever amount you have won from a mix or to play the second part to increase your winning. In case of choosing yes, the second part of the game starts, which is called risk game. In the second part, you play 25% winning possibility game. The process is to choose one color of the card suit. If the choice is correct, your winning amount two times or 4 times increases. With its unique playing experience, Wild Respin became one of the most loved video slot games and contributed many deals to the online gambling industry in 2019.

50 lions

50 Lions is another most played video slot game in 2019. It has quite a simple playing structure. The game has five reels, and it creates a chance of 50 possible winning combinations. As it is evident from its name, it has wildlife design with safari animals such as zebra, lion, wildflower, and giraffe. Furthermore, there exist tribal people icon, landscape, and high card letters of suit and 10.

One specific advantage of video slot games like 50 Lions is to have a chance of winning from 2 same icons in a row. The lion is the highest paying icon in the game. Other animals and local characters follow the lion with winning value. Symbols of the card suit are the lowest. Diamond icon plays a wild card role in this game and creates a connection between the same characters. The wildflower is bonus gaining character. If spinning results have three wildflowers in a row, you will both earn money and will have ten free spinnings. With such simple design, 50 lions hit the playing statistics in 2019.

All Ways Win

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Regular gamblers are always in search of the online casino games with the highest return to player percentage. Those players already have information about “All Ways Win” slot. This game almost gives winning to any player. Players have a chance to increase their winning from the slot. Because All Ways Win has 243 possible winning lines. In additional gambling feature, you play the risk game to double or 4 times increase your winning. On the other hand, this slot has a very low volatility rate. It is not guaranteed to get the jackpot, but you may even get some bonuses in every spinning. Bidding amount starts from 1, and the maximum is 500 points. So, it is possible to earn some good rewards with betting the maximum amount.


This slot game has a more historical design; therefore, history lovers mostly play this video slot. Although Columbus ist 5 reels slot game, the maximum pay line combination number is 10. Therefore, winning chance is a little tricky in this game. On the other hand, its online casino software keeps the volatility high, which increases the duration between two payouts. However, the player faces with free-spinning often, which makes the slot more enjoyable.

              Logically, Columbus character is the highest payable icon in the game, and you win the jackpot with five symbols in a row. Following the Columbus, Queen Isabella, necklace and sextant characters give bonuses according to their queue. There are three ship icons which have a bonus spinning role in the game. If you catch three ships in a row, you will have ten free-spinning bonuses. Letters of highest cards in the suit also exists in this game.

Pharaoh’s Ring

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What would you say about going to Ancient Egypt and playing slot game for the sake of Pharaoh’s Ring? It may seem crazy, but this slot game will give you even crazier times. Pharaoh’s Ring is the most famous among the ancient Egypt slot games. However, jackpot seekers may have disappointment from this game. Because Pharaoh’s Ring does not like to give big payouts. Its simple gameplay design may also be annoying for players. But this video slot is ideal for classic slot game lovers.

 Pharaoh’s Ring gives you 20 paylines and five reels. If you bring 5 Pharaoh icons in a row, you earn jackpot and take 5000 times more than your bidding home. Mentioned Ring plays a wild symbol role, and gives ten free spinnings if you bring it three times in a row. With its historical and straightforward design, Pharaoh’s Ring takes the seventh place among top video slot games in 2019.

Arising Phoenix

Probably you have heard the tale about Egyptian firebird – Phoenix. It had reborn from ashes to represent the soul of wars. But today Phoenix has come and demonstrated its power among video slot games. With its high return to player percentage, Arising Phoenix is one of the most playing slot games. It has five reels, which is usual among slots. You can choose winning combination numbers from 10 to 40 lines maximum.

Jackpot is very high in this game; thus, you can earn 2 million coins if you bring 20 phoenix girl character at the same time. The highest-paid icon is also this character. Head of phoenix bird is the wild symbol of the game. If you bring four same characters in one reel and phoenix head, the free spinning feature is activated. All in all, Arising Phoenix gives an excellent chance for slot lovers to win good deals.

Wild Diamonds.

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We already talked too much about popular slot games with historical design. Let’s come back to traditional fruit slots. With its high paying out the algorithm, Wild Diamond is another most loved and played video slot. It has a simple fruity design and five reels. Spinning price starts from 1 coin, which creates an opportunity for the people with a lower budget. Jackpot icon is a diamond symbol, and its value is 2 million coins. Diamond is also a wild symbol in the game, and it substitutes all other symbols.

The game has a traditional design with fruits such as lemons, cherries, oranges, grapes, and watermelons. Highest paying characters are a diamond, 7, and bar symbols. Fruits are following them with lower winning values. To gain some amount, you should bring at least three same symbols in a row. Generally, Wild Diamond is one of the best traditional video slot games in the online casino, and it creates a joyful experience for classic slot players.

Miss Kitty

We conclude the list with a little bit simple game. Miss Kitty has cat lovers-based structure with special characters such as Miss Kitty herself, a ball of yarn, a bottle of milk, the moon, a bird, and a toy mouse. Naturally, this slot also has card letters from 9 to ace. The game has traditional five reels and 50 possible winning combinations which give players up to 95 percent of return. Miss Kitty plays a wild symbol and connects all other characters. It only appears in the second, third, fourth, and fifth reels. This slot game also provides players with free-spinning thanks to moon symbol. If the game gives you moon symbol in the first three reels, you will get ten free spins chance. The cost of each spinning is 0.10 coin per line, which is quite affordable for any player.



We can continue this list to the hundreds of slots. But this list covers the best slots according to their characteristics such as monthly player amount, user experience quality, return to player percentage, volatility, etc. These features have a significant effect on playing statistics of all video slot games. Today, players mostly care about winning the chance of play. Because it has almost the same playing structure anyway. According to this fact, casino software developers should pay attention to the demand of players and avoid common mistakes in a gaming cafe. As a result, they will take advantage of huge earnings, since the gambling industry has a very big portion among entertainment sectors.

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