In a world where most things happen online, it’s quite natural for people to seek entertainment on various websites. This trend led to the very first online casino opening, way back in 1996. The site had only 18 games, and some of them were slot machine games. Since the website’s establishment, other online casinos have emerged on the internet as well as slot game companies. Slot game developers are the ones that changed the way slot machines work and look, and they are a big part of gambling history.

The software doesn’t only change the way a gambling game works, but it adds many spectacular design elements and sound effects. This business kept on growing in the past years, and obviously, so did the competition. In this article, we’re going to talk about the top 5 slot machine manufacturers and slot game developers. In addition to that, we’re going to show you how exactly the best gambling software companies stand out of the crowd. 

Gambling Software History

Once upon a time, there were only land-based casinos and mechanical slot machines. Once computers emerged, the story of gambling turned into a fairy tale – software products playing the part of Cinderella. As we already mentioned, the first online gambling platform premiered in 1996, but the whole current actually started in 1994. 

In that year, Antigua and Barbuda passed a law allowing licenses for online casino establishments. Long story short: everyone could have their own legal online gambling platform, if they had the software. Around that time, one of the giants of slot game companies released their first products, while others focused on becoming slot game developers exclusively. 

In 1999, we all witnessed the release of the first multiplayer online gambling games, that paved the way for live table games. Four years later, gambling software developers released the first live poker game, and they often made improvements ever since.

Today, we can access thousands of sweepstakes games on various websites, but how do we know which one is worth it?

Signs of a Great Casino Software Product 

 Slot game developers
  • Interactive, user-friendly interface
  • Multi-Currency options
  • Game variety and responsive game design 
  • Smooth server experience
  • Customer Support

You can keep this little list of ours saved in your notes, because you are going to need it every once in a while. Maybe you already signed up on a gambling platform, or you are still browsing the online casino scene. Regardless, top casino slot developers and online casino software companies ensure full experiences. 

The first thing you see when entering an online casino is the actual website page and the game lobby. No matter how experienced you are as a player, we are sure that you are looking for a user-friendly site. You should see all the options you need right in front of you, reachable within one click. All games should work properly and display the same graphic quality throughout the whole gaming experience.

Second of all, the premium online casino software should come with multiple options regarding payments, currency, language, and other features. All online websites should reach people from all around the world, this being the central philosophy of the internet. Online gambling sites should follow the same idea, because they do reach players from all around the world. 

Reliable slot game developers also ensure technical support for all of their gambling software products. Therefore, there’s always someone you can reach in case of troubleshooting or other problems. 


Microgaming is among the top 5 slot machine manufacturers and slot game developers all over the world. They were the first to develop online casino software and a mobile casino app back in 2004. They produce a lot of gambling games, but they sure are among the leaders of slot game software developers. As a matter of fact, their progressive jackpot network is the largest in the world, and players can win up to 1$ million dollars. 

They made an impact through the quality of their games but also the care, attention, and fair play they show towards their users. 

Yggdrasil Gaming

This company made its way among the best casino slot developers due to its outstanding graphics and special effects. They have provided software products since 2013, winning many industry awards since then. In the past seven years, they launched many popular slot machine games, out of which some featured famous series or movies. This company focuses on the gaming experiences they offer, and that’s why most users look for their products on online casinos. Their gambling games are fun, with exciting and diverse themes, and nevertheless, they have a high-quality design. 


Another pioneer of slot game companies, NetEnt, has been around for 20 years. They stand out because they came with many improvements and innovations every year, making all of their 200 games very popular. Most reliable online casinos prefer NetEnt casino games and sweepstakes software products, because they are very well executed, safe, and accepted globally. 


 Slot game developers

Novomatic is actually the number one position of top 5 slot machine manufacturers, because they first started producing it in 1980. When the internet became popular, they naturally moved to software products and online gambling games. They are now present in over 2000 locations worldwide, standing out through their famous slot games. Sweepstakes like Book of Ra or Sizzling Hot are now legendary and known by every gambler out there. Look for this gambling software supplier when choosing an online casino. 

Play N Go

This Scandinavian company was the first one to develop mobile slots and online casino apps. They are relatively new on the market, and their portfolio comprises 80 games. However, they release new slot games regularly, and their mobile apps get great reviews from players. Their mindset made them popular, and due to the same reason, they keep on excelling and winning prizes. Go to Google Play or App store right now, download their apps, and try their games.

What Makes Slot Games Popular

Now that we listed our top 5 slot game developers, we should talk about what makes a slot game great. As we already mentioned, the software is an excellent part of this topic, because it establishes safety measures and other practical features. However, players access gambling platforms to gamble and win prizes. No user will get far in a game unless the slot is challenging and runs smoothly. Therefore, these are some of the main conditions every slot game should meet. 

Background themes, graphics, and sound effects are also essential because they give a personal touch to every game. Most gamblers seek diversity and adrenaline, and a great slot game should give them that and even more. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, slot game companies came a long way since the premiere of online casino websites. The slot game developers that kept up with technology and offered innovations and updates constantly, were the ones that stayed on top. Online slot games are very easy to play, and most gamblers find them very entertaining. Slot game developers have to come up with something new every day, but more importantly, the graphics need to improve too. Before signing up on any gambling platform, please take a quick look at our short reminder list and make sure you access only premium websites.