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When it comes to online gambling, there are some particular types of casino games. Casino lovers show an eagerness for some of them more than others. The perfect example for them are slot games. Top online slots attract more and more people on online platforms. Therefore, there are billions of transactions happening in these games. As slot games have been gamers’ favorite for years, it is no wonder. The excitement and joy of guessing the proper lines for the big prizes seem appealing to most players.

Top online slots on Skillmine

If you are a gambling lover, this is the site that you should try. Because aside from being safe, the site is full of brilliant games. For slot game lovers, it is an unforgettable experience. Among these mentioned games, you will see some high-quality slot games that pay real money. Other than that, different unique features of different games will make you a fan of these games. No matter your gaming taste, you will always find the match that suits yours. If you are eager to play games with historical background, there are a dozen of them. If you want to play classic slots that will give you a sense of deep nostalgia, it is the right address. In this article, we will look at some of the top online slots on Skillminegames. If you are an amateur gamer, it will be like a guideline for you.

Arising Phoenix

For the people that wish to be a slot game pro, this game is the best choice. It may be a quick distraction in your free time. Other than that, this online slot may be accommodating for your probability skills. But still, you should understand that you will never have a magic strategy that will help you win all the time. The game has an excellent atmosphere and background. And you may study or train without any other real players. 

If we ask people why they love the slot games, the answer would probably be the big prizes. The jackpot of this game is a realistic one to win. And about the game, it is a standard five-reel game where all you have to do is anticipating the winning lines. You will come across some high card icons in the game. The aim of having them is to make the numbers up towards the end of value icons. 

There are fifty paylines, which is a decent number. This kind of slot games usually stick to 3 reels, that is why you should evaluate it. These simple features put this game among the top online slots. 

Buffalo Thunder

top online slots

When you are all about high returns of the game, this game is worth trying. Buffalo Thunder has gained a reputation among top online slots for its percentage of payouts. All professional gamers know how significant that is. It is no wonder that this gambling game is breaking ranking records out there. If you are interested in slot games, you already know the actual significance of volatility. To be among the best slot games, the game developers try to avoid it. And in the case of Buffalo Thunder, the number is deficient. And after five spins, you may win big prizes from only one of them. The RTP of the game is more than 90 percent, so there is no reason to ignore this game. 

Fifty different possible combinations may earn you money. One of the most critical factors that make a slot game unique is the symbols in the game. And here in Buffalo Thunder, you will see valley animals. People who like this type of logo will adore the game. As we see from the name of the game, there are buffalos, vultures, and lizards. These are not the only symbols in this top-rated slot.

But in comparison, they are less valuable in the game. Buffalos are the highest paying characters. And the others come after them. When it comes to free spins, bonuses, and progressive jackpots, the game is one of the best online slots. That is why you should give this game a chance if you have not already. You will see from your personal experience that the hype is real. 

50 lions

If you check out the most played slot games online, you will probably this name in the top 20. Among the best online slots review, you may see only positive opinions about this casino game. In 2019, it has been one of the most popular games out there. Like Arising Phoenix, the game has five reels. There are more than fifty winning combinations in the game. The name reveals a lot about the game. If you are a gambler that loves wildlife, this will be a fantastic experience for you. The symbols are animals again, alongside lions, there are zebras, wildflowers, and giraffes. 

One of the essential features of the game is about your winnings with icons. You have a chance to win two times in a row with the same image. In the development of the games, creators choose one symbol with the highest paying numbers. In most cases, this symbol’s name appears in the game’s title. And it is no exception in 50 lions. Lions are the highest paying symbols, and the others come next in order. And the wildflower is a primary symbol in the game that will make the gameplay even more enjoyable. If you love big prizes, bonus features, and fantastic experience of playing a high-quality game, give it a try. 


top online slots

As we have mentioned before, some people love the historical background. Then what may be more amazing than a game related to Columbus? The slot machine has five reels, but in comparison with others, there are fewer winning combinations. The maximum number for this is ten. That is why to win in this game; you should know some tips and tricks that may help win. The volatility that determines the time between payouts is also high. That is why most people start to think that this game is not worth playing with all these features. But players with experience know that the real deal is winning in these types of games. 

When we talk about the positive features of this game, we should mention the free-spinnings. There are dozens of them that you will see more often in comparison with other best online slots. Other than that, the symbols are as entertaining as in any other game. In top online slots, the main character is the symbol with the highest payout. In this case, logically, it is Columbus. Other icons come next, lowering accordingly. 

Pharaoh’s Ring

The last top slot game in our senior online slots list is Pharaoh’s Ring. Again, the historical theme makes the game unique. It is not about West, but Africa, Egypt. As it is one of the most mysterious places in the world, the game also attracts a lot of people to itself. With five reels and 20 paylines, the game is among the best online slots according to casino reviews of people. More specifically, it has been the seventh most popular game among the top online slots. So if you are a slot game lover, these were one of the most popular and high-quality games that you would enjoy.