Gambling software companies stand for companies that provide various types of games available in an online casino, and there are many providers. There are several leading providers, including Microgaming, Playtech, Cryptologic, Skillmine, etc. Nowadays, online casino software considered more complicated than in early times. During the last decade, we can observe a significant increase in the number of software companies providing the online casino with their unique features. As due to the users’ requirements, the graphics became the way better along with sound effects. Each company tries to have a different style of their games to attract players as well as retain the existing ones. 

What to consider?

However, there are several aspects necessary to consider while choosing the company that best suits you. First of all, the companies should develop as many platforms as they can so that the gamers can afford to play on any device they want. The reason is that the users prefer to use one company that has all of their favorite games in on place rather than looking for different companies with a single game provided. In most of the cases, the existing programs offer to have separate software downloads for players who wish to enter poker rooms. 

Another concern for players is the availability of a simple user interface to easily understand the features of slot management to come back again. However, in addition to a simple user interface, it is preferable to have some unique and impressive adjustments like blocking the deposit or setting a timer. Therefore, an attractive design plays a crucial role in gambling software development.


gambling software companies

Security is one of the primary subjects raised before engaging in any activity. As there are still some issues related to cybercrime, the key to have a safe and secure game is to choose top-rated and more trusted casinos in the leading places.  For instance, with providing a trustworthy game, the company increases its rating along with its players as everyone avoids suspicious games. Therefore, apart from the quality, software providers should take into consideration the importance of reliability as well.

Banking is one of the common characteristics used in online casinos; however, the methods can change depending on the used platform. For instance, all casinos offer credit and debit card options to deposit money. There are other different primarily used payment ways, including e-Wallet services as well. Therefore, for convenience purposes, players choose the software where they can easily and quickly make transactions. So, it is preferable to have multiple payment options, including the functions of multi-currency support, risk management, fraud detection, etc.  

Importance of graphics

As in today’s society, not everyone has enough time to visit a real casino, it is preferable to have an online casino which seems more realistic. High-quality animations, along with great sound effects will give users a feeling of being present inside the game. Therefore, to achieve a large scale of players, gambling software companies offer to have a better experience with advanced online technology. Accordingly, high-quality graphics is another factor which affects the popularity of online casinos in a positive way.

Loyalty and Retention

Nowadays, gambling software companies are striving in a highly competitive market. As to have a successful business, the companies should have a qualified, trusted, and well-designed software for users to have a great experience. With all these mentioned, the company can continuously have loyal players and attract new ones.

Which methods are used in gambling software companies?

gambling software companies

There exist some loyalty and retention programs offered by some companies. For instance, Frequent Player Points is one of the methods used to give bonus points for frequent players and make them come back for additional new points. Another technique is called VIP loyalty programs and designed for the players with a manner of high spending. Moreover, Notifications are meant to be an open channel between the company and its users where an automated system finds out its frequent players and sends them some reminders to be engaged in the game. Bonuses for seasonal events, new players, deposit bonuses, free bets, and many more are just examples of the available programs that are used to retain existing customers. 


Microgaming is one of the largest and top-rated online gambling software. To begin, Microgaming is one of the founding members of e-Commerce and Online Game Regulation and Assurance, standing for the online gambling market’s leading organization to check and ensure the safety,  transparency, and fairness towards all its players. As Microgaming was the first company that offered online and mobile casino games platforms, it has evolved a reputable character among all other software providers in the market.

With providing high-quality games to its players, Microgaming became one of the most frequently used companies by the best casinos. Moreover, it supports the largest progressive jackpot network of the world, having players who have already won over $400 million in the prize. The games of this software are available in 44 different languages, making it easier for the users to find their favorite casino games in their mother tongue.

One of the main purposes of Microgaming is to make their games a little different by adding some innovations and changes to the regular ones to attract new players. Microgaming software is attractive to use with its released novelty in the provided graphics as well as sound effects making its games more realistic. To be more precise, here are some factors that distinguish this software company in the market:

  • High-quality graphics
  • Popular games from leading software providers
  • A mobile app version of the online casino
  • Wallet security and bonuses
  • An endless variety of entertaining casino games

Bonus Offers and Wallet Security

gambling software companies

Among online casinos, there are different methods used to gain bonuses, and in Microgaming, there is a free welcome bonus point. Just for registering in any game, you can have a chance to spin the wheel and win a cash prize that you should use at the casino during the next two days and keep up to $500 from your winnings.

The reliability and safety methods used by Microgaming are considered one of the most powerful in the market. It uses various platforms for slots payments for completing the transaction. Also, digital encryption is another benefit for the customers to be sure of the level of their safety. To provide users with necessary paying methods, all leading credit and debit cards, including Visa, VisaElectron, MasterCard, Maestro, and e-wallets are available with secure transaction ways for this software. Another privilege given here is a method of Apple Pay, which lets the user use his mobile device(iPhone/iPad) to make payments.

Taking all of the points into consideration, it can be said that Microgaming is an ideal destination for those who look for a wide selection of table and card games with security and safety provided.


Playtech is one of the largest online gaming software suppliers in the world, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange and has many competitive advantages. Since its establishment, the vendors of the company are focused on its development and continuous update to make the content and products more magnificent and powerful. Due to a high demand in different platforms, this software can be fully integrated into any necessary one allowing players to access it using a single account.

In contrast to some gambling software companies, Playtech offers its software with different languages provided, including English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Danish and some others. Moreover, this company has a wide range of possible fantastic games developed with more than 500 casino games and continues to generate approximately 50 games per year. Even though the fact that each game was created in 2D, PlayTech is evolving its games in 3D. There are several leading games available online along with online casino, bingo, poker, casual and fixed odds games.

Here are the undoubted advantages of this software

  • High-quality sound
  • Ability to customize the interface
  • Support for multiple currencies
  • Multi-language support
  • Different payment systems

Security and Payment Methods 

In most of the cases, users are worried about the security aspects as they are afraid of the possible personal information propagation. Due to the usage of specific data encryption guidelines, the users feel assured with their data being confidential. As this gambling software platform takes into consideration trustworthiness, honesty, and meets all international requirements, it is considered a secure one proved by several existing security certificates. Additionally, there are several payment methods used in PlayTech which include the electronic money system (Yandex dengi, WebMoney or any other), the usage of various banking cards (Visa, VisaElectron, MasterCard, etc.), transactions via SMS or operations through banks.

There are no issues with depositing or withdrawal of money. However, the withdrawal process may last for 2-3 days, and the information regarding this process is specified in an appropriate casino. One more thing to consider is that the administration may ask a player for some personal data to ensure the personality of a player done for security purposes. Regarding the transaction, the players themselves decide on the amount of money to deposit with a minimum amount specified in the deposit field as well as maximum one which is not limited in most of the cases.


Cryptologic is one of the best online casino software providers amongst the various companies in the market. The well-known privileges of this company are security, contemporary technology, stunning sound, excellent graphics, and many more. Furthermore, the focus of Cryptologic on innovation and non-stop incline of the development process to enhance itself in a better way always make players to expect more considerable entertainment experience. The company always tries to keep online casino software up-to-date to meet its customer needs and expectations. Other priorities for Cryptologic to save the status of the famous software company include high quality with modern solutions and fairness toward its gamers. Therefore, while playing the users stay satisfied due to updated graphics along with innovative sound effects and reliability during the gambling. We can mention the different advantages of this gambling software company:

  • Safety and security
  • Compatibility with devices
  • supporting staff
  • Bonuses and jackpots

Compatibility with devices and safety

As Cryptologic is considered one of the oldest gambling software companies, it can be emphasized that before it was not available for all the platforms. However, with development stages, it had to adapt to new technologies and platforms and therefore, became available to play in the gamers handheld devices as well.

Another vital factor which worth mentioning about this software company is its attitude toward the safety and fairness of the games. To be concrete, Cryptologic uses Random Number generators to have a completely random and not pre-known outcome of each game.

Supporting Service in gambling software companies

An indispensable part for any gambling software companies to be successful is efficient and professional customer support service. The duties of support service of Cryptologic include reacting to questions and requests from its players, handling their problems and bugs, making payouts to players, recommending new games and announce any current promotions and many more. Obviously, all players appreciate attention invested in their concerns and needs. As a result, the Cryptologic establishes and gains a more reliable relationship with its customers by meeting their expectations regarding their problem resolution.

Bonuses and jackpots

Moreover, we can highlight two more advantages of cryptologic that make it more popular, including jackpots and bonuses. To begin with jackpots, a full range of jackpots is offered, starting from low amounts like thousands to several million-dollar payouts. It is listed in the catalog as one of them easily and quickly payout jackpots without any additional trouble. Secondly, there are welcome bonuses proposed to newcomers, which make it more attractive. Additionally, there is a possibility of a mixture of some welcome bonuses with percentage-based deposit offers in addition to non-deposit bonuses.


Skillminegames is another online casino software which includes all the necessary aspects of perfect gambling software companies. To meet all the customers’ expectations, this software offers the following features:

  • High-quality production and efficiency
  • Accessibility and simplicity of the interface
  • Reliability and safety due to secure servers
  • The originality of design, graphics, and sound
  • Rich bonus systems and progressive jackpots
  • Availability of popular payment systems and transaction transparency

Simple and Attractive User Interface

As mentioned above, it is essential to have an attractive and simple user interface at the same. To have an original design and excellent image quality of the software serves as another crucial factor for users to be engaged in the game. Skillmine combines all of these features and allows players to have a good understanding of the interface and experience a little feeling of excitement at the same time.


High-speed performance is another great privilege that distinguishes this software gambling company from other vendors in the market. Moreover, the available games are scaled on any monitor and any mobile device, including iOS and Android operating systems.

Apart from this, the support service of the website is always ready to help its users with experienced professionals 24/7.  In this case, a relationship established in a reliable way is another key to have loyal customers. 

Possible bonuses

Apart from the great functionality of the software, there are some possible bonus features offered by a company. Progressive jackpots and rich bonus systems are also differential factors of Skillmine.


The software developers have taken into account the importance of the safety and reliability for the users. As a result, the secure servers are used to provide gamers the desired safe and secure environment to play in.


All of the companies mentioned above are the best known and most widely used gambling software companies. Obviously, a crucial part of all online casinos uses software from one of these companies. Since online casinos have been developed effectively over a short period of time, companies must always have constant efforts to maintain high standards and keep their customers fully satisfied. It can be concluded that players in their turn should take into account our advice of being sure to check and look through the reviews of the software company to stay safe. However, if they encounter any of these gambling software companies, they do not have to worry about anything except the ways to win while playing online games.

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