Online gambling is getting more and more popular due to the conveniences that players acquire. With online casinos, we can play casino games from our house, on the streets, and from various devices such as mobile phones, PCs, tablets, etc. Registration and payment services are also very convenient in online casino portals. These advantages helped online casinos to grow over time. Most of the land-based gambling games are available in online casino portals. We can play online casino games whenever we want in the current hi-tech environment. The quality of the casino games is increasing by adjustments such as video game graphics, 3D, VR, real-time strategy, etc. This post aims to cover various types of online casino games and give detailed information about them. So, let’s start with the first game, which is video poker. 


Our list of casino games starts with one of the most popular casino games – Video Poker. Video Poker is a casino card game that played though drawing five cards. It is a version of classic poker that optimized for console screens. In online casinos, players have the chance to play poker with millions of people from all around the world. In this game, building, logical strategies are an essential factor for becoming a good poker player. Video poker games are not different from actual poker. The rules and gameplay of the game stay the same. The main advantage of poker in an online casino is payout rates. In most video poker, payout percentage stands at ninety-nine point ninety-two percent that is higher than almost any online casino games that you can imagine. It is effortless to learn video poker, but it is hard to master this game. Let’s discuss the gameplay and rules so that you can clearly understand the scheme of the game.

As we mentioned before, the rules of video poker are easy. Most of the time, online casinos offer Texas Hold’em poker type, that is why we will talk about the rules of that online casino games. In video poker, every player gets two cards randomly at the start. After that, players are using those cards with the addition of five shared community cards that the dealer gives them. The objective in this online casino game is to create the most prolific five-card combination out of the tags that you have. 


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The winner of this online gambling game is a player that has the best hand or the one that gets other players to fold. In video poker, there are four rounds that players can bet. In each of those rounds, the player can put all of their chips on the table and continue to play. That feature is a little bit risky while you are playing in online casinos because the chances of you getting double or triple chips are equal to the chances of losing everything in the game. Video poker is an exciting game because players can use their winning strategies, number crunching, psychological aspects, and get the win with combinations of those mentioned aspects. 

Winning Combinations in Video Poker Online Casino Games

In Video Poker players can create various winning combinations that can help them get chips. Below, we will show you winning hand possibilities. 

#1 The first one is one of the simple combinations of video poker, which is Royal Flush. In this combination, players need to collect cards that all belong to the same suit. Sequence for these combinations can be A-K-Q-J-T.

#2 Second winning combinations is called Straight Flush. In video poker, if the player could collect any series of same suit cards, they will have the chance to win. For example, a combination of five cards in Straight Flush looks like this: Nine-Eight-Seven-Six-Five

#3 Third winning combinations in video poker called four of a Kind. It means that the combo includes four cards that have the same value. For example, if a player has four A’s in his hand.

#4 Fourth combinations for winning video poker game is called Full House. In this combination, the player needs to have three of the same kind of cards and one pair of tickets in sequence to win the game. 

There are also several combinations such as three of a kind, two pairs, pair, high card that can be helpful for you to win poker games in online casinos. 


Another online casino game type on our list of casino games is slot games. Slots are among the most accessible online casino games, and rules of the game include only rows, reels, and buttons. Players do not need to use strategy or anything to enjoy this casino game. Online slots have several symbols that portray mainly fruits, animals, myths, historical objects, some letters, and numbers. To play slot games, you need to make a deposit on pay lines and push the start button. 

Winning combinations for online slots depends on the symbols that are appearing on reels. If at least three of them are matching, players are winning that round. There are also particular figures, such as scatter and wild symbols, in slot games. In most of the slots, scatter symbols used for getting bonuses such as re-spins, free spins, and bonus rounds. Wild symbols are correspondent to activating multipliers and replacing other symbols so that you can form a winning combination


Baccarat is a very unique and exciting card game that players can also play in online casinos. The game does not require much skill because it is based on luck. Simplicity makes Baccarat very popular and widely known. Online casino games like Baccarat were mainly entertainment of royalties in the early centuries; however, now everybody can access this fantastic card game. 

Card Values in Baccarat

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Baccarat does not have standard features with other card games. In most of those online casino games, the highest values are given to Queen, King, and Ace, etc. In Baccarat, those cards are considered as lower value cards, and they are carrying only one point. Cards have values from two to nine, and they are taking the same amount as their indication number. Numeric numbers are significant while playing Baccarat. The suit of the cards is not essential for this game. For instance, spades, hearts, clubs, and diamonds all have the same values unless the numeric number of those cards differs from each other. 

Objective and Game Play of Baccarat

The objective of the game for players is to collect cards that have an overall value equal to nine. In that case, the player will win the game of Baccarat in online casinos. Play starts with two players, and they are getting two cards at the start. If those two cards’ values are equal to eight or nine, one player wins that round. If natural win does not happen, of card dealer bot gives players additional cards, and the game continues at this pace.

As we talked throughout the article, there are many types of online casino games. Some of them are based on luck, and others require skills to earn rewards. One common feature of all those games is entertainment value, which is very high in online casino games. If you are fond of casino games and want to learn about various types of them, make sure to read the article. Good luck!

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