What is a custom slot machine? How do you design a slot machine? Just like in any business, your online casino business must stand out from others. If you are planning on launching an online casino business, it is best to provide slot games that are unique. In order to do that, you need a customized slot machine. Some casino software providers design a slot machine that suits your needs. As a matter of fact, customized slot machine software makes this possible. Skillmine software provider for online casino business makes it possible for you to obtain a customized slot machine tailored to your wishes. Such customized slot machine software enables you to stand out from other competitors, obtain players, and increase their loyalty to your online casino business. Let’s discover the ways of a customized slot machine in detail.

Custom Slot Machine: The Essentials

Just like any ordinary slot machine software, your custom-built slot machine software must include the essential features. Here are some of those features:

2D and 3D Custom Animation

A quality slot game animation is a must to attract gamblers’ attention. Your custom-built slot must be created using advanced graphics technology. Online slot games must be offered in high-definition quality such as 720, 1080, and 4K.

Unique design

Your custom-built slot machine must come with unique designs that are special to your online casino business and none to others. Games must be new in their soundtracks, themes, and gameplay.

Background music and soundtrack effects

The soundtrack must all be adapted to the gameplay. Meaning your games and its sounds must match each other. 

Mathematical model

 Online casino games must be entertaining in nature. Meaning your games must make sense to gamblers.

Flash and HTML5 technologies

Having flash and HTML5 technologies in your online casino enables your gamblers to enjoy your custom-built slot machine games on their preferred smart devices.


Custom-built slot machines must also include the same services that exist in an ordinary online casino slot machine. Here is a list of services:

  • 24/7 live support for the casino and the gamblers
  • Secure servers and connection for smooth gameplay
  • Bonuses must be included in your slot machine for the enjoyment of your gamblers.
  • The slot machines should have promotion features enabled in the software for your gamblers.
  • Gamblers must be able to create an account to save their game and progress data in your online casino.
  • There should be a lot of e-payment systems for your gamblers, including the option of cryptocurrencies.

The process of a custom-built slot machine creation

custom slot machine

Firstly, the software provider must present general information about the custom-built slot machine creation before the process begins. The duties of software providers are a lot; for instance, the provider must not only create the product, but also provide its services into the platform, by supporting and maintaining the core updates. Only a few software providers have such experience, so it is best to do thorough research before settling with a software provider. Companies such as Microgaming and NetEnt have good expertise and experience in this area, and they provide software companies like Skillmine the necessary tools that are available in order to design a slot machine and create custom slot machine software.

Skillmine is a leading developer and software provider, and works together with the best developers in the gambling industry. Skillmine prefers to center its attention on the embodied client approach. The company administers many services of growth and integration, additionally, support of the custom-built slot machine creation. Skillmine customers are given the freedom to change and upgrade their slot machines at any time. The casino owners have the ability to change features and creative elements, thus continually remaining on the online casino trend. Also, it is not that difficult as it looks, for the software provider to build a custom slot game.

The pros and cons of custom-built slot machines

Before indulging yourself in creating a customized slot machine, you have to understand a few pros and cons. The main advantages are:

  • Stand out feature. There are a plethora of slots machines, but your gambler will enjoy the fact that he or she can choose how To Build Your Own Custom Slot Machine unique special slot.  
  • What to consider in the slot games. You, as a casino owner, will have the chance of setting the game’s technical characteristics such as the return to player ratio, the payout, and the volatility. Having the best software provider goes a long way.
  • Advertisement treat. Do you know what having a customized slot machine means? You have the upper hand when it comes to promoting your products and attracting many great gamblers.
  • Financial advantage. When you design a slot machine, it means it belongs to you. So you don’t have to pay an annual fee or pay some percentage of your income to anyone. In fact, it literally means that you are purchasing a slot game. 


There are no disadvantages to creating your own customized slot machine games. Nevertheless, having the required set of skills and knowledge is a must. Yes, your chosen software provider will take care of the job, but that does not mean you should not study the area.

Marketing advantages

custom slot machine

When creating your own slot machine, you have the opportunity of advertising and public relations campaigning. This will enable you to attract new users and retain old ones. This will increase the loyalty of your users and make your online casino business more identifiable. In addition, operating a new slot machine in your online casino means having new specialties that you can showcase to media resources. 

By having customized slot machines in your online casino will have distinctive features that no other online casino possesses. This means attracting players who are curious and grabbing their attention.

You can easily customize your slots and design various themes, gameplay, soundtracks, and interface. This will attract gamblers who are sick and tired of the same old slot machine games. For instance, slot games nowadays are the same in their themes and gameplay; they offer fruits or the same mummified Egyptian Pharaohs. Why not change that into something else? You can easily include any figures, celebrities, or just about anything that you think will grab the attention of the gamblers.  

What is explicitly required?

Nowadays, many software providers provide slot games on a by-order basis. This means having slot games that most have played and experienced. Before you choose your online casino software developer, you need to find the answer to the question Why do I need a customized slot machine? Will my expectations come true?

To answer these questions, you need to find your target audience. Meaning your customized slot machine must be compelling to that specific target audience that you are aiming at. Therefore, you need to first discover in yourself what kind of business approach you are planning on taking.

In conclusion

If you ever watched the Courage the Cowardly Dog (famous tv-show from 1996), that means you know whatever monsters Courage faced, he easily defeated them. Well, creating a custom slot machine software might not require defeating a monster, but it sure does require one to have Courage. Build your custom slot machine and have Courage and believe in yourself.