It is possible to identify thousands of online video slots in the network. It is an arduous task to make the right choice for the gamblers who intend to play online video slots for the first time. At times, you don’t even have to create bets and spend personal methods, as there are charity spins and no deposit bonuses! The choice of favorable online casino video slots is a tough task, since the selection is enormous, several thousand options!

Let’s start with this, that all the slots have two kinds: traditional (3-reel) and video slots (5-reel). Every 5-reel slot has its theme, and, probably, it’s just on the topic that it will become easy to select them. If you like nature or the Irish civilization, it will become the panacea to you. And if you are in love with ancient mythology, there’s no place better in the world than Skillmine Games. Playing on the Internet online video slots that Skillmine Games placed on the top lines of our rating is a perfect way to relax everyday work afterward and enjoy the gameplay in the manner of Las Vegas without the desire to go leave your home.

List of the best online slots

Between the more famous online video slots, Pharaoh’s Tomb occupies a unique space. This game takes you to Ancient Egypt, where the ruler is ready to share part of her untold wealth. From the same series, the Zeus gaming machine, the impact of which takes place in Ancient Greece: here the player has every chance to win big money!

Rainbow Riches is one of the most popular slot machines related to the Celtic culture. Its leading feature is luxurious graphics, and the fascinating thing from a practical point of view is the big jackpot. Siberian Storm is a connector, the theme of which connects the unbridled Siberian tundra, where the creators placed the most elegant snow-white tigers for exceptional beauty.

More about online slot games

Naturally, every popular slot has sequels from time to time. Incidentally, players adore online video slots, where there is no need to wait for their turn, to dig with cash, since the greatest pleasure is possible to get in touch with the game without leaving home.

The computer version of online video slots, as a rule, contains three, 5, 6 or 7 leading spinning reels. They reveal a different number of winning ranks, increasing the chances of payment for any composition. Winning images and bonus badges have every chance of being seen diagonally, in the form of a diagonal, or many other combinations. They still have every opportunity to launch exciting clips, effects, and interactive bonus online casino games. This data set reveals an entirely new and exciting virtual universe of the Internet leisure industry.

There are a large number of differences between the styles of the game, the number of bets, and different bonus games. Dealing with all these qualities is much more comfortable in the free version of the game. In the end, the whole point of the game is to rest, relax, and enjoy.

Pros of the online video slots

online Video Slots

The pros of the online casino video slots are the convenience and a rich collection of them. The principle of Bitcoin play is the confidentiality of all actions and operations of guests; as a result of this, we chose Bitcoin cryptocurrency for our operations. This virtual currency unit allows performing currency transactions confidentially, and no need for personal information during transactions. This operation runs with discretion, and the banks and authorities do not have the slightest impact on your methods. It is enough to own a bitcoin wallet, and a non-hazardous game, and getting a win will become available to you. Naturally, this does not mean that scams at the tables never happen. This is false.

However, there is an excellent way to avoid online casinos – it is to register only on reliable websites. We publish our reviews to help you with this. Apart from everything else, trust your instincts. If the casino help desk does not answer your questions for you, and it takes a few months to cash out, including a couple of months, then you can put your funds on account of another website.

Pieces of advice

To profitably play online video slots, you must take into account the advantage of the institution, laid down by the manufacturers in all game models. “Giving” devices are those in which the theoretical return exceeds 96%, and the rest is an advantage for the club. Furthermore, slot machines with bonuses, prize levels, free spins, jackpots open up more chances for success.

For beginners, all the information for acquaintance with the rules is set out in the Information slot or INFO in the game window, experienced players will be interested in getting acquainted with a great many new additional features presented in new games. The game for cryptocurrency Bitcoin can be both at the minimum 0.01 and high rates. Also, you can control the size of bets by denomination. For example, at 0.01 denominations, the sum of 100 mBTC will be posted as 10000. At 0.1 denominations, the amount of 100 mBTC is displayed as 1000. By controlling the sect, you control your funds and winnings in the game.

Bitcoin casino slots

For the comfort of your game, online slots are equipped with sound volume control, up to the shutdown, you can change the size of the game window. On the other hand, you can enter any amount into the game in the CASH window. Do not worry, if the connection to the Internet resource is suddenly interrupted, the “Disconnect Protection” implemented in the games will return you to the same point in the game when the connection is lost. 

The extensive Bitcoinplay bonus program provides the visitor with a various deposit, personal and no deposit bonuses, increasing the chance of winning. Also, you are guaranteed CASHBACK – the return of 10% of the amount of the lost deposit. So, if you have 0 on your account, do not worry, you have an excellent chance to win by activating CASHBACK.

And, of course, you can use the free game if you want to test the machines or find a match that suits you. To do this, click the “Free” button on the video slot you like.

The times of cowboy pubs and the Italian mafia have passed, as well as the times when the only possible way to “go out” and indulge in gaming joys was an evening in expensive casinos! So make the foundation of your own Las Vegas at home.

The popularity of Video Slots


Nowadays, we have a world of possibilities. That is why video slots are becoming so fashionable today! Also, the most attractive for players of any level is the Skillmine Games online casino, where all kinds of games and entertainment, which are the most popular all over the world.

The online casino video slots have players from all over the world who can get the most out of using all the functions in the system and will help you to gain profit.

Online Casino Skillmine Games is challenging to refuse. Indeed, the temptation to receive the coveted prize or the desire to win a significant victory in an honest “battle” causes an unrealistic surge of positive emotions! But at Skillmine Games online casino the sky is the limit!

The company has a lot of slots, with a different number of tracks and drums. Various functional and plot decisions. There is a quick view function in games, which tells us that their software is well-developed. The graphics in the games are impressive quality in HD. There are harmonious music and soundtrack in the game, on which special sound engineers work. In the market, they offer games from classic slots to various board games. Moreover, they all have extremely attractive gameplay.


  • First and foremost it is the fair play that is strictly observed here. More than 80 of your favorite video slots are presented in virtual Casino Skillmine Games. All slot machines are licensed and performed by the most extensive world company. They certainly know a lot about their business and is ready to give any guarantees!
  • Secondly,  Casino gives the player the right to choose in which mode his game will be played: with registration or, in some cases, without it, for real bets or for conditional ones, that is, without any cash investments.
  • Thirdly, online casino video slots offer excellent opportunities to learn how to play classic games. They have conquered all casinos in the world without investing any money in it.
  • Finally, the virtual gambling platform is an excellent opportunity to realize your talents. Because here, the player uses a lot of resources: emotional, mathematical, psychological, and logical! All of them develop and lead to the improvement of the player’s abilities.

Well, and do not forget about the abundance of acquaintances and new friends of interest who are instantly worth only to prove himself as an active and interested player!

Skillmine Games

Skillmine Games invites loyal fans of slot games to dive into the realities of a fantasy world. Anyone has the opportunity to choose prettier slot games, play roulette or fight poker with other players. Also, a casino with funds cannot be assumed for yourself without playing Merck Jack and poker, a large number of their types and options. As a matter of face in online casino slots for money – exactly the same strict criteria work here, an intelligently worked out system of committing money acts and all kinds of limits that are necessary to achieve the greatest productivity in the game!

Thrilling games and attractive winnings – all this is achievable for anyone who has discovered this powerful system and is ready to experience its unimaginable capabilities! Discover your abilities!

Online Casino contains a personal system of fees and prizes. We have a rating system for Guests, and you better read the reviews before playing at online casinos for money.

Online Video slots

Video slot, “Century.”

If you prefer classic video slots, you will like the retro feeling that the Centennial video slot will give you. Playing this game with typical signs and inconceivable bonus games, you go to the past any time you spin the drum!

Video slot “Life of a megalopolis.”

Do you think that you can overcome the harsh realities of a city of many thousands? Play the online video slot “Life of a megalopolis” and see if you can win the crooks and seducers of this exciting video slot. You can lose to these cunning, but you will also be able to win back your own funds in the special bonus of this game of the video slot “Life of a megalopolis”!

Power Slot video slot

Perfect baby! Return to the simple-minded 60s and play this color video slot. If there are few traditional colors for you, you can play the game “Costumes of the 60s” and win auxiliary prizes by creating a catchy suit. Naturally, this looks old-fashioned, but despite all the above, you will get a lot of pleasure playing in money slots like this one!

Funny fruits

Did your mother declare to you that you must eat fruits and vegetables? Help yourself while playing Lotos “Funny Fruits” video slot. Enjoy colorful colors, earning a large number of prizes, and playing bonus games of the Funny Fruits video slot. You will not find online video slots tastier.

Video slot, “Tarot Hidden.”

Tarot cards in this video slot portend wealth and prosperity for you. Find monotonous Tarot cards and play in 2 promising bonus games. Who could imagine that Tarot cards have every chance to smell of profit?

Video slots, “Knights and women.”

Naturally, in the Middle Ages, there were no video slots, but this game about knights and ladies will cast thoughts on gold and castles on you. Cruel checks await you in bonus games, but if you overcome them, your wealth will be yours!

Video slot “Around the world.”

Wander around the world playing this travel video slot. Exotic bonus games give you the chance to increase your winnings, and the expertly crafted vestibule gives you the feeling of flying!

Prestigious Snooker video slot

Drive eight balls into a corner pocket while playing a snooker-themed video slot. Play with the experts and enter the bonus round.

“Yellow Goal” video slot

online Video Slots

There is no penalty in this game, but playing in the “Yellow Goal,” you will find yourself in tough situations! If you think that you can win the goalkeeper in this game one-on-one, play the bonus game “Currency Cup”. You can definitely increase your winnings in this online slot!

Video slot, “Pharaoh’s Tomb.”

Go to Egypt, playing in the video slot with the pyramids. Run through the labyrinths, try to find the road to the bonus game “Tomb with Treasures” and win fabulous prizes from the mysterious pharaohs! Open the safe and be magically rich.


Each gambler has a chance to hit the jackpot and withdraw a large sum. The only thing you need is a fraction of luck. However, you can not only hope for a sign of fate but also help her give you prizes. To do this, you need to follow these steps:

  • use of strategy. There are several dozens of casino game tactics, you can choose any, test and apply in slots, poker, roulette, and other slot games;
  • selection of high-return online video slots. To increase the chance of winning, you should run the machines with a return ratio of 97% and above;
  • a game with high payout video slots. Preferred machines, where the maximum prize is from 5,000 to 10,000 credits;
  • selection of online casino slots with bonuses. Manufacturers include prize features in the gameplay – additional rounds, prize symbols, jackpots and more, which allows you to win more.
  • You should spend time choosing a strategy to win in online video slots, studying the functions and features of machines, then the chance to win increases. Also, do not forget to participate in promotions, competitions, and tournaments. In the case of victory, the institution will pay a large amount, which, unlike bonuses, will not need to be worked out.

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